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Chad Johnson


Evelyn Files for Divorce

8/14/2012 12:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chad Johnson
's wife of 6 weeks has filed for divorce ... TMZ has learned.

Evelyn Lozada filed legal docs moments ago in Florida, claiming her marriage is "irretrievably broken." 

The trigger for the divorce was the domestic violence incident over the weekend, in which Chad Johnson was arrested after allegedly head-butting her during an argument.

Evelyn claimed she found a receipt for a box of condoms in his car.

According to the divorce docs, the couple had a prenup -- but that won't be a big deal since the marriage was shorter than Kim Kardashian's.

FYI -- Evelyn and Chad JUST got married on July 4th in St. Maarten ... and the whole ceremony was recorded for a VH1 reality show (VH1 has since pulled the plug on that ... for obvious reasons).

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This (we pray) shall conclude Courtney Parker's, I mean Evelyn Lozada's horrific work of serial fiction 'Inner Circle.' Oh and btw, this trick did invite women into their relationship...please go to www.ustream.tv/kandionline for details.

765 days ago


She made the right and smartest move. Kick his ass to the curb. No man, esp a pro football player, has any right to hit a woman.

765 days ago


I say kudos to her for having the wits to do this. Because we all know Chad will get another chance in the NFL, some team will take him, and she also could've easily tried to make a reality show out of this, like her and him going to marriage counseling to "work on their marriage". Maybe after her brother in law's death, she realized life is too short to be unhappy during the time you have

765 days ago

ll lush    

for better and worse right??

764 days ago

alice martinez    

Evelyn stop playing a victim. I seen how you are towards others on basketball wives and your always the violent one. we cant forget how you jumped on top of a table to get at Jennifer. also who you threw a glass at Royce. and than theres Keyshia the other 2 new girls one from last season which you ran off the show and this season you also gave that other new girl a bunch of ****. So your not so innocent yourself. how does it feel to be on the other side now? what goes around comes back around.

764 days ago


Evelyn...your girl Jennifer knew it all along, but your stupod ass didn't want to see it. Couldn't see past the money huh? Whose the dummy now???!!!

764 days ago


Evelyn...your girl Jennifer knew it all along, but your stupid ass didn't want to see it. Couldn't see past the money huh? Whose the dummy now???!!!

764 days ago


They only been married what couple months.

764 days ago


is he the same guy that has 4 kids by different woman too. he does not respect woman. and he has no respect for himself. someladies just do not care either. so that is wgy they go with him. soory. on both ends.

764 days ago


Hitting women Chad is bad news...what u get when try to make ho into housewife...career is over....

764 days ago


Now Jennifer told that nut that she jumped in the bed with Chad too quick and she turned on her like a rattlesnake. Karma is a B!!!! All that negative energy that she brought to everybody on Basketball Wives has come back to haunt her!!! All through that relationship, you could tell that she sleeping and falling "in love" with him because he was rich and she wanted a piece of it. She is a golddigger with a bump on her head now. Not everything shiny is gold, Ev.

764 days ago


Seriously people, chad is an ass.
Who marries a chick that you know is a hoe.
Now she claims to be a victim.
This is the same classless chick that was on tv acting like a low down bully to obviously someone who was fraud of you.
Evelyn all I hope for you is that you just leave.
You are an embarrassment, to real African American, Latina women world wide. I pray for your daughter.

764 days ago


"take the money and run"

764 days ago


Can someone tell me what's up with these dumbass athletes who marry women of no value and then ruin what little career they had left
See Lamar odom, the idiot that married the dumb white chick that use to sleepy with Hugh Hefner hank baskett and now this fool who screwed a chick the first time helmet her on national tv, watch her act like a low class ho on that same show but still married her.
What do these idiots expect??
Won't even talk about Chris humphries.
Kanye's dumbass is next...

764 days ago

be real    

This just shows how black manwill never get a fair chance. What happened to innocent until proven guilty all that crap. I could see if this woman was not as EVIL as she is. Alomst every clip of BBW she is tacky ghetto loud and a bully. Why did yt media always take the female side. Come on she found a recipt for condoms and you think she did not go offf on HIM? yt media hate black men period. They willalways be cruicified. Just saying yeah he is stupid. But before he even got release he was fired- Dolphins better do that to Everyone who has problem if they really want to show they are against problems or they were just again the black man problems. She was a j-z video h-0 nothing more or less. I mean come one TMZ if you gonna crucify Chad crucify her to. Is this the KArma of a bully. She was a EVIL BULLY ON BBW!!! would i bet she headbutted him or attacked him first yes- she is gutter that is what they do.

764 days ago
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