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Amanda Bynes


Car Accident

8/21/2012 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Amanda Bynes was involved in yet another car accident Monday night ... TMZ has learned.

Bynes was driving in the San Fernando Valley at around 8 PM when a car rear-ended her rental.  The driver of the other car claims Amanda made a reckless maneuver that triggered the collision.  Cops showed up but no one was ticketed.

BTW, Amanda is in a rental because her Beemer is in the body shop.

In the last 6 months, Amanda has been arrested for DUI, and accused of 3 hit-and-runs. Cops also say she skipped out on them last March when they were writing her up for driving while yakking on her cell phone.


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Skippy La Rue    

Did ANY of you retards read the story? She was rear ended! 100% NOT her fault...TMZ just dragging her name through the mud again...FOR NOTHING!!

795 days ago


OK before I was defending her her but now I think everyone's right her license needs to be taken away. Its not a joke anymore she is going to kill someone or herself if shes allowed to continue to drive. Make her do her test again. Am a learner and I have never been in a accident or hit anyone's car actually maybe a few times lol but it wasn't because I was driving recklessly it was when I was parking and I hit the car behind me.

795 days ago


A normal person would have had their license revoked 2 accidents and 1 DUI ago. But she's had 3 hit and runs, 1 accident, 1 DUI, A ticket of talking while on a cell phone AND what amounts to evading police by taking off... yet she still drives. I'm so sick of star worship where people are afraid to punish them. All they do is play make-believe for a living. Yeah it entertains us... but it just amounts to getting paid millions for doing what every little kid across the world does. Pretend. Very few have run into real, non CGI burnin buildings to save kittens, or chased down non-actor armed robbers, or put their lives on the line every day to protect people who don't even know their names in foreign lands. They're just big kids who get paid too much money. Stop treating them like heroes. Maybe Linsday Lohan would be less F'ed up if she were treated like anyone else would have been in her situation, and put in jail the 2nd time around. (Give her a 2nd chance sure, but if she screws that up, throw her in jail.) but because she's a star, she spent 15 minutes in the slammer. it's ANNOYING

795 days ago

o rly    

It's not "Beemer", it's actually "Bimmer".
Beemer == Motorcyle.
Bimmer == Car.

If you don't know the difference, simply say BMW.

795 days ago


To all the people who are blaming the accident on Amanda Bynes should learn how to read. The other driver hit her not the other way around.

795 days ago


FYI - A "Beemer" is a BMW motorcycle. I don't think AB drives a motorcycle. The correct term for a BMW automobile is "Bimmer." Now you know.

795 days ago


Too bad she's not a Kardashian, it would explain a lot. The Whole cult could gather around her and put her on her own reality show. If she were a Lohan she'd be disciplined after only another dozen instances and her mother could deny any of it was her fault.

795 days ago


Silly little girl. I would lke to "rear end" her!!! spank, spank

795 days ago


This girl is going to end up, killing someone.

795 days ago


this bitch needs her license revoked..

795 days ago


if she wasn't rich, she wouldn't be able to afford to drive! d@mn. but, it could happen to anyone. ya know, driving isn't second nature to all of us...obviously. lol

795 days ago


Beemer is the term for a BMW motorcycle you ****s. You mean Bimmer .

795 days ago


Oh God! Another Lindsay Lohan in the making!

795 days ago


Somebody get that B**ch off the road!

795 days ago


What the hell is this girls problem? Some one must take her license away from her.

795 days ago
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