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Adrienne Maloof

My Husband Has a Gun

And a Temper

9/7/2012 2:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0907_adrienne_maloof_tmzAdrienne Maloof is firing back at her estranged hubby by claiming he carries a gun, lacks sound judgment and has a violent temper ... a bad combination. And even worse, she claims the gun is often in reach of their 3 boys.

In a declaration -- obtained by TMZ and filed in family court -- Adrienne claims Paul Nassif is a danger to their children. She cites an incident last month in which she claims Paul was drinking while operating a Kayak and one of the kids who was in the watercraft fell into the water.

She also claims 3 years ago he lost one of their kids for 45 minutes in the wilderness during a camping trip, because he failed to supervise him.

And recently there was a fire across the street and she claims he did nothing to help the kids evacuate.

Adrienne claims Paul has been violent with the kids. She claims he has thrown the kids onto the grass in a fit of rage, spanked them with their pants down, violently yanked their arms and hit them on the head.

Adrienne -- who is fighting Paul for custody -- claims he has been repeatedly violent toward her, allegedly shoving her to the ground, pulling her hair and yelling at her.

Adrienne claims the kids have been present when Paul has shoved and yelled at her.


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Violence is always wrong...but some times you wonder what buttons did she push? Is she just making him look bad. Ive seen too many woman cry wolf when in fact they are they beater! Not the man.

778 days ago


Team PAUL. I liked him from the moment when Adriane brought in her framed picture of Obama, and and scoffed....what's that thing?! She got all indignant. No worries, she was always mean to him and he'll do just fine with someone less crazy, less plastic, and less from that CRAZY Maloof family - you can have the whole lot.

778 days ago


I don't believe her. It's pretty funny that their secruity guard is a witness for Paul and not her. He's stated that she was the violent one with Paul.

778 days ago


She is really turning into a nutbag, or at least letting her inner nutbag show.

778 days ago


Woman, shut up. Nobody believes you. You on the other hand treated him like garbage and you true colors showed and is showing more so now by how you are acting.

778 days ago


To all you women who watch this reality show, proud that you support a show which has had so far 2 divorces and 1 suicide?

You women disgust me.

778 days ago


Get a job

778 days ago


doesnt she have an nba team to sell

778 days ago


Men can be very duplicitous. From what I've seen of Paul, this sounds nothing like him but I wouldn't be surprised if he had another side to him.

778 days ago


Well, let's see now -- she accused Taylor Armstrong of telling 'stories' and lies about Russell's abuse, not believing her, not supporting her -- bc Taylor didn't "have any bruises". Guess what Adrienne? Neither do you! See how that feels now?

I bet if your reached out to Taylor now, she would have your back and support you - despite the fact that you treated her horribly regarding Russell's abuse. I suppose Taylor would do that bc she is a MUCH better person than you are.

If you are being abused, I'm terribly sorry for you and your family. But if anything good comes of all this - I sure hope it's you FINALLY finding some compassion for others whose experiences are different than yours.

778 days ago


If the fire was "across the street" why would he need to evacuate? Do you know how far "across the street" is from their mansion? Was it a wildfire? She's desperate which means she's got nothing on him. Best of luck Dr. Paul!!!

778 days ago


The house across the street is about 5 acres away.. why did she want her kids to evacuate if the house across the street had a fire?
She's grasping at straws and putting her kids in the middle of their battle. I cant stand it when adults use kids as pawns! Keep the kids out of the mess you choose to make.

778 days ago


In the first season, they showed Adrienne working out and said she was a black belt in karate or something like that. If that is the case, she should have had no trouble defending herself against Paul if he was hurting her or one of the kids. So, that part makes no sense.

778 days ago


Adrienne Maloof [says] "My Husband Has a Gun And a Temper"

So she kicked his a$$.

778 days ago


I think she just jealous of Taylor.

778 days ago
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