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'Sunday Night Football'

NBC Airs 'Bullsh*t' Chant

on Live TV

9/24/2012 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details


NBC may be in hot water with the FCC ... after the network aired a seemingly never-ending, crystal-clear "bullsh*t" chant that erupted in the stadium during the Ravens vs. Patriots game on "Sunday Night Football."

In case you were watching the Emmys last night ... things got pretty insane during last night's prime time NFL  matchup ... when the crowd in Baltimore was convinced the replacement refs blew another call and unleashed the most perfectly executed "BS" chant we've ever heard.

Even announcer Al Michaels commented, "It's the loudest manure chant I've ever heard."

The FCC often declines to punish networks when a "fleeting expletive" makes it to air during a live sporting event ... and it's unclear if they're even legally allowed to do so. But since this "BS" chant was so clear and went on for several minutes, it's possible the FCC could drop the hammer on NBC for failing to cut the sound out of the broadcast.

We've reached out to the FCC -- and a rep told us they were "looking into the matter."

A rep for NBC had no comment.

A rep for the Ravens -- Senior Vice President of Public and Community Relations Kevin Byrne -- tells TMZ ... "We’re certainly aware of it. Normally, our crowd is one of the most enthusiastic and respectful home audiences in all of sports.”

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No Avatar


And, what are they supposed to be . . . bleep it out? Who cares!!!??!! Unless you're . . . 8.

758 days ago

I am Spartacus    

The funny thing is they were chanting bulls**t during the 1 call they got right. It was an interception by the Ravens but only because Welker was interfered. They called defensive holding when it really should have been interference but either way it was a clear penalty.

Then the next play the head coach got a flag for berating the officials and the chants got even louder.

But i'm glad they were so loud and easy to hear, hopefully Roger Goodell heard them and will finally get the real refs back so these guys can go back to their day jobs at the local Foot Locker.

758 days ago


Thank god some tattle jew contacted the FCC. GTFO with this worthless garbage

758 days ago


NBC is going down the tubes...started with the TODAY show...blaming Ann Curry for Matt L
ratings drop......next Matt will be interviewing
Kanya West about his 2 sex tapes........

758 days ago


The refs got a number of calls wrong this week. the NFL needs to hurry up and pay the real guys so these can go back to the bowling alley

758 days ago


It's just the word bull****! I'm sure most kids heard worse coming from adults, if they were Eagles fans.

758 days ago


Sure the refs are incompetent. but screw that my Falcons are still 3 and 0. When they start messin with my games is when i'll start caring.

758 days ago


I wish the Fans would Boycott all NFL Stadiums until the real Refs come back I swear my biggest pet peeve is when bad officiating determines the outcome of games. Football Soccer and Baseball are getting worse and worse lately because of either idiot or corrupt refs

758 days ago

lord flashheart    

Go to a European football/soccer game , and hear what they chant... 90 minutes long of insults.

758 days ago


get mad at the refs that are holding out. if they cared for their profession they would be reffing games not listening to another useless union that just screws everything up. the average salary of an NFL player in 2011 was $1.9 million but they hold out because they want a bigger piece of the owners cut..refs make average of $8,764 a game. i dream of running up and down a football field for 60 minutes for $8,764. Unions suck! They make everything expensive. I dream of playing a game for a living. F the player..F the refs...Triple F the effing unions in America.

758 days ago


Can anyone blame the fans for there chant ?

These Replacement Refs don't know what the hell there doing out there I hope The NFL and Roger Goodell and come to terms with the real refs this week, Because some of the calls there's scabs are calling are bullsh!t calls.

When the announcers are questioning the calls as well as the coaches then there should be an end to the dispute with the real refs and get theses scabs off the fields once and for all .

758 days ago


i heard them chanting BS when i was in my kitchen..I thought they were referring to Obama making another promise about something.

758 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Heaven forbid the FCC might accept real life into their fantasy equations.

758 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Yeah, this will really corrupt me... hold everything! Let's prioritize this now, VERY IMPORTANT

758 days ago


So the FCC are going to fine NBC for showing reality as it is? The crowd was chanting that censor that is worse! And now day who get offended for a expletive that is used every day in a lot of conversations? Get serious

758 days ago
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