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Packers T.J. Lang

Curses Out Refs

Dares NFL to Fine Him

9/25/2012 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Green Bay Packers
guard T.J. Lang must love throwing away money -- 'cause after last night's disastrous ending to the Packers-Seahawks game, he blasted the refs with a tweet that's gonna cost him a ton o' cheese.

In case you missed what EVERYONE is talking about ... Monday Night Football ended with the biggest blown call in NFL history -- the Packers intercepted a Seahawks Hail Mary pass in the endzone, but the replacement refs (unbelievably) said Seattle's Golden Tate simultaneously caught it ... thereby screwing the Packers.

Lang immediately hit up his Twitter page after the game, saying ... "Got f**ked by the refs.. Embarrassing. Thanks nfl"

Knowing full well that tweet would cost him ... Lang followed up with, "F**k it NFL.. Fine me and use the money to pay the regular refs."

No word yet from Commissioner Roger Goodell's office on just how much Lang will be fined -- it WILL be a lot. 

But considering how badly the refs blew the call, we gotta ask ...


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No Avatar


This is getting old. The NFL Players union is to blame. The idea each on field element must have their own union has the American union founders rolling in their graves. Let's call it what it is, scabs on the field with scabs.

737 days ago

Spicy mag    

More importantly, what is Amanda Bynes doing right now?

737 days ago


Anyone knows that couldn't have happened. Seahawks never catch *anything*, whether it's intentional or accidentally. (Yes I'm in Wa and can say this- they suck!)

737 days ago


AH, football. Who cares.

736 days ago

Toasty J    

TJ Lang-
Less Tweeting.
More blocking.
Seattle had 8 sacks in the first half. That might have had something to do with the loss, don't you think?

736 days ago


Lets over turn the game and review all the bad calls. Lets start with the 2 very serious bogus calls on 3rd and long for pass interference that gave GB that field goal....hhmm, eleminate that and Seattle still wins!

736 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

This NFL Referee Crap is getting out of hand!!! Football is one of the most important issues in this country!!! Well, Next to what Justin Bieber is up to, OR How important is President Obama meeting with his "CHIEF ADVISORS" Whoppie Goldberg, Joy Behar and Barbra Walters- , where he gets most of policy Issues to act on!!!!!

736 days ago

Markie Mark    

Sigh, I still think it's complete bull**** he is getting fined for a OFF THE FIELD thing he said on a Social Network smh....That's on his own time why the fugg?? Is their a rule on this or something, if someone could clear this up??

736 days ago


I am from The great state of Wisconsin and that call was some messed up ****, c'mon those refs had no idea what they were seeing. This entire thing pisses me off. that call was a waste and the GREEN BAY PACKERS SHOULD HAVE WON!

736 days ago


Those refs were drunk or something. The GREEN BAY PACKERS SHOULD HAD TAKEN THE WIN! I AGREE WITH TJ LANG AND HE SHOULD NOT BE PUNISHED FOR IT. maybe the NFL shouldn't of hired such bad replacement refs.

736 days ago


He shouldn't be fined for telling the truth!

736 days ago


This was the right call. Not sure why everyone is so pissed off about it. There IS a rule about simultaneous catches, which this clearly was. Both had possession when their feet hit the ground. In this case, the "tie" goes to the throwing team, not the defense. Suck it up Green Bay. Thems the rules, and if it happened the other way, you'd all be lauding the refs for their great call.

736 days ago

william grant    

TJ sure was not in position to make this call, they both came down with the ball, joint custody belongs to Offense, Touchdown,.....who in their right mind could say for sure who was pushing off prior to the catch as everyone was.

736 days ago


They won't fine him. The NFL has already messed up with the all alternate referee thingy this long + they have also officially confirmed that it was a bad call. If they fine him, they know (or should) that they will be drown in hate tweets and emails.

736 days ago


NO WAY IT WAS A BLOWN CALL! Having watched in slow motion I can say the call was made correctly. It wasn't simultaneous possesion. Jennings clearly had his hands on the ball first, BUT both his feet were in the air. While his feet were still in the air Tate got both his hands on the ball AND both feet on the ground. Jennings only had one foot on the ground by the time that happened. BY RULE, the only time they can call it an interception is if Jennings had both feet on the ground. There were plenty of bad calls that night, but that last one absolutely was not one of them.

736 days ago
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