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Paul Nassif

I Get to See My Kids

... For Now

9/26/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Adrienne Maloof
's estranged husband Paul Nassif will finally get to see his kids again ... because a judge just granted him two visits with them, before a massive custody hearing next month.

The judge agreed to let Paul see his children during monitored visits on September 29th and October 6th.

The whole matter will be settled on October 9th, when the judge has scheduled a custody hearing to decide once and for all whether Paul should get partial custody.

As we reported, Paul went to court today armed with a report from the Department of Children and Family Services that says he never abused the kids -- despite allegations from Adrienne, who claimed Paul choked one child and struck another.

In addition to the DCFS report, Paul filed a declaration addressing each of Adrienne's allegations.

Regarding the bathroom incident, when Adrienne claimed Paul struck one of their children for peeing on his brother in the bath -- Paul says it's BS ... he simply picked the child up and (gently) directed the boy to the toilet.

And the other allegation -- that Paul choked one of the kids in his Escalade ... Paul claims it's physically impossible for him to reach his children in the giant car from the driver's seat, so that's bogus too.

Paul also claims the declaration from the family psychiatrist Dr. Charles Sophy -- supposedly confirming the alleged abuse -- is a concoction of lies. Paul claims Sophy not only betrayed his trust by going behind his back with the declaration ... but never even tried to get Paul's side of things.

And there's this too -- according to Paul, Adrienne is now threatening to fire any family employee who supports Paul in the divorce. Paul claims Adrienne's already fired the family's head of security for saying Paul's a good dad. 

Adrienne's rep Howard Bragman says she is "happy that Paul will get to see the children with supervision."


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How messed up is that. He is accused of something he didn't do by a vindictive fame wh*re soon to be ex-wife and a charlatan shrink, and he gets a measly two monitored visits with his children. What a crock of crap!

756 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...I feel sorry for all kids of these nasty divorces...just shapes them into people who they wouldn't be if all this trauma didn't exist in their young lives...SELFISH ADULT " PARENTS"!!

756 days ago


Men...Don't get married and have children in California. You are guaranteed to lose more than half your assets and will have little custody of your children without a long court battle.

756 days ago


I'm still confused about this case. Didn't TMZ tell us that a CIA agent swore to the court that he/she was a witness to the abuse? What happened with that? WHO IS LYING?

756 days ago


I just hope both parents put the children first here. Stop thinking about the mirror, the cameras, the bank account.

756 days ago


In the end, Paul will end up with primary custody. He's playing it perfectly: putting the children's needs ahead of everything else. Adrienne has already lost. California family courts don't play anymore.

756 days ago


Get her Paul!!! Make The Maloof eat her lies, and sue that chef for slander, liable and deformation of character. How about the DEA agent, go after that badge, since he painted himself in a corner with lies. She treated you like CRAP on TV for 2 or 3 years. Now it's YOUR TURN.

756 days ago


Who are these people? And an even greater question, why should we care?

755 days ago


Could these 2 people be any bigger attention whores? Why does TMZ feel the need to cover every single tidbit about their divorce? I don't think so.

755 days ago


He wouldn't be the First psychologist to have lied. Check out the Special Master which the Board of Psychology did nothing about. And while you're at it, be sure to click on Child Custody Evaulators and Therapists too. It's all a giant con. But judges support the custody and litigation industry, rather than speaking to the kids. In this regard, therapists seize control of the case. (And media seldom reports their lobbying efforts to become more entrenched.)

755 days ago


I hope those kids wear a neck brace so he cant choke...sorry i believe the azzole choked his kids....We need to listen to what a child says and not what some adult who wants to get out of trouble says!

755 days ago


The Maloof Mare deserves to lose custody of the kids for the disgraceful stunt she pulled..

755 days ago


Wonder what kids feel like when they're taken away from their father?

755 days ago


Paul, call Usher's lawyers(s)!! He/She knows a thing or two about getting primary custody from unfit mothers. Furthermore, I hope the security guard, and anyone else she fires for supporting you, file a suit against her. BIOTCH!!!

755 days ago


If the mother made those awful false accusations, she is the one who should have monitored visits! This is just so sad and awful.

755 days ago
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