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Brittany Kerr

Shuts Down Twitter Page

'Whore, Skank, Tramp'

10/1/2012 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0928_jason_aldean_kissing_launchFormer "American Idol" contestant Brittany Kerr has shut down her Twitter page ... after a gang of angry Jason Aldean fans BLASTED the singer online -- calling her everything from a "skank" to a "homewrecking whore."

The cyber-hate came flooding in after TMZ posted the pics of Aldean -- a huge country singer who happens to be MARRIED -- putting the moves on Kerr at a crowded bar on the Sunset Strip.

Sources connected to Kerr tell us ... she had NO IDEA Aldean was married ... and if she would have known, she would have shut the whole thing down from the start.

Even though Kerr didn't go home with Aldean, people attacked her online ... writing terrible things on her Facebook page including:

"Disgusting homewrecking tramp!"

"what is wrong with you taking advantage of a married man while he was drinking."

"everyone thinks ur a slut!"

For the record, people have ripped Aldean on his Facebook page too. He has since apologized, chalking the whole thing up to a bad drunken decision.

We reached out to Kerr -- so far, no comment.


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Don't know her, barely know him, but hey Brittany how's that career advancement thing going for you?

749 days ago


This is crazy! People attacking her..umm hello people shes not the one who is MARRIED! I don't care if he was drinking or not, she didn't MAKE him do anything he didn't want to do. If this was some random chick nobody knew, the only one getting the heat would be Jason. (As it should be)

749 days ago


How did she not know he was married? She obviously knows who he is & I'm sure his marriage is publicly known & even if it's not, the wedding ring should have given it away. Unless he wasn't wearing his wedding ring which that makes him worse than her & makes his excuse of it being a drunken mistake bulls#!t

749 days ago


This is SO UNFAIR to do this to her!! How was she supposed to know that the cute guy that came on to her at the bar was married? She didn't know, but HE DID. He is the one who disrespected his wife by his behavior. I feel bad for this girl and everyone needs to give her a break. Aldean is the skeezer here, not that poor girl.

749 days ago


Why are women always given the short end of the stick in all of these scenarios. If a woman doesn't know that a married man is potentially cheating on his wife/girlfriend/significant other, how are they to blame, why are they the scapegoat. This man is aware of his vows, he chose to break them by kissing another woman, this woman is none the wiser. She should not be called any of the derogatory terms she was. What about this man...isn't he the true 'skank?'

749 days ago


"what is wrong with you taking advantage of a married man while he was drinking"

749 days ago


"Taking advantage of a married man who was drinking" ? I have honestly seen and heard it all now. Yet again the woman gets blamed for the man's doings. He is MARRIED and should be taking as much of the blame as Kerr if not more, seeing as though according to her, she didn't even know he was married. Absolutely pathetic.

749 days ago


Let's just be clear here. That man knew he was married even if he was drunk. That is just not something you forget. He was wrong end of story.

749 days ago

Wow ...    

Seriously people? Blame the woman? He was drunk and taken advantage of? How about, maybe she had been drinking too? How about, he is married and responsible for his actions. How about, this couldn't possibly be the first time he has cheated on his wife and children. He was far to comfortable caressing another woman, kissing her, and in a public place...he didn't think twice, regardless of how much he had to drink. If this had been his first time stepping out, he would have at least looked around the room in discomfort...wondering, who is watching? Any cameras? Etc, etc. To his wife, ask yourself...did he come to me before the pics came out or after? After, of course...that means he only feels bad for getting caught, not for cheating. What a sorry ass excuse, I was drunk...

749 days ago


I think they are BOTH to blame and I have no sympathy for her current online predicament. How does she think his wife and kids feel with this all over the internet? I do think he deserves the more blame because that was HIS own commitment and family he torn down by breaking his vows. If you can't handle being away from home and not control yourself then stay home or don't get married.

749 days ago


Blame it on the Al-Al-Al-Alcoholllllllll

749 days ago


Bullsh**!! Why is everyone attacking HER? HE IS THE ONE WHO IS MARRIED, PEOPLE! HE is the one who is the whore. I don't know who either of these people are, but I'm tired of women always getting attacked. She did nothing wrong. How would she know if he's married? I didn't! Feel bad for this poor girl.

749 days ago


Sorry guys, I dont know who this guys is but I dont see how its all on her anyway. Did she know who he was/is cant tell if he has a ring on in these pics. Ease up people. Let the people involved figure this mess out. Remember glass houses and stones make for a big mess.

749 days ago


I personally know someone who is friends with her.... they've been talking for MONTHS and she most definitely knew he was married. They're both guilty. The "I was just drunk in a bar" excuse is insulting to his friends, family & fans.

749 days ago

Misty Harlan    

HOW does she NOT know he is married? He wears a ring and has ALWAYS been with his wife at awards shows. Clearly she had NO idea WHO he was or she just wanted her 15 minutes of "fame" good or bad. They both are clearly in the wrong though. He is NO angel in the whole situation nor is she.

749 days ago
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