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Andrew Bynum


Allegations of Guns, Drugs, Racism

11/29/2012 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

NBA superstar Andrew Bynum is suing his next door neighbors, claiming they're violent, racist hooligans -- but the neighbors have fired back ... claiming Bynum is the REAL a-hole.

Bynum -- a former member of the L.A. Lakers -- claims that ever since he moved into his fancy home in Westchester, CA more than 7 years ago, he's been constantly harassed by his neighbors, Ramond and Cindy Beckett.

According to his lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Bynum says ... the Becketts have objected to his "profession, his race, his friends, his cars and his taste in music."

Bynum claims the Becketts have behaved like petulant children -- throwing coins at his Ferrari (which chipped the paint), screaming at him about his music, and even banging the side of his house with "a long stick."

But the Becketts quickly responded to the lawsuit with a countersuiit of their own -- TRASHING Bynum as the neighbor from hell who only sued them to preemptively strike against the lawsuit they had been planning. 

In their legal docs, the Becketts UNLOAD on the NBA star -- claiming he's guilty of the following  misdeeds:

-- brandishing FIREARMS in an attempt to intimidate the Becketts
-- "apparently" using drugs and allowing weed smoke to drift next door
-- blasting loud, profane rap music (including the song "Currency" by Trina)
-- blasting his video games at "window-shaking volumes"
-- letting his dogs run loose through the neighborhood
-- constantly racing his luxury cars at dangerous speeds

Bynum has denied the allegations ... and according to docs filed by Andrew, the Becketts have sold their house since the lawsuit was filed ... so they're no longer neighbors.

We reached to both sides -- no word back from either.

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No Avatar


This guy is a total POS. Just ask any Sixer's fan.

657 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

Racism my ass. The guy moves into a neighborhood of nice homes and people who try to live a certain lifestyle. Along comes white trash/ghetto black/welfare bums ... whatever and brings down the entire block. This freak just happens to be black. Maybe the place will burn one of these days like the ghetto house in my neighborhood did.

657 days ago


he is a some sort of decent athlete who is just pure white trash.... I guess this way my comment is not racist hummm

657 days ago


He can't fault them for allegedly being "racist" when he's acting like one big walking stereotype (weed, guns, unruly dogs, drag racing, loud rap...).

657 days ago


The good news is we can all look forward to Mr Bynum's inevitable bankruptcy in the near future.

657 days ago


It's so funny my neighbor hates me to because I'm black the funny thing is that they are just like all the white people on here just a whole lot of mouth and scared to say anything to z black persons face you all are gutless s*** and you should go back to Europe or Great Britain.

657 days ago


Wow, a black person playing the race card...that almost never happens(eyes rolling). Is anyone else sick of this same old tired tirade?

657 days ago


Bottom line is they moved... apparently legally there's nothing they can do. if all the things they alleged happened was true I'm quite sure in this up standing I and prominently wealthy community

657 days ago


if he's any kind of decent neighbor they shouldn't know anything at all about his "profession, his race, his friends, his cars and his taste in music."

657 days ago

Workin my way to Trump status    

Someone in the Lakers organization should have taught Bynum how to behave like an adult while he was with Lakers, if the allegations are true.

657 days ago


Let's keep it real, he acted a fool at times... they got fed up. They both antagonized each other.

657 days ago

Obamais still aracist    

so if your black when you meet someone instead of hello do you say "your racist"oh and hi I am so and so

657 days ago

Spilled Milk    

This sounds like they were both *******s...racism or not, ppl are idiots and go to extreme lengths to show the world their stupidity...he never should have moved around whites if he wanted to live the life of a rocker..his behavior has nothing to do with being black..has everything to do with him being young, affluent and irresponsible...and maybe his neighbors are racist..seems like whites only like safe non-threatening negroes..idk..im just glad my neighbors are cool and my community doesnt have issues with my skin color..i see white dismiss disruptive reckless behavior from other whites by labeling it "oh they're just young" but if a black kid does the same **** they call him ghetto, and ****** an say he should be shot or something..i've seen it countless times..white guilt has turned into resentment

657 days ago

Throwback kid    

You can't live next to a ghetto boy, they don't know how to act because they were not raised properly. I feel bad for his neighbors, athletes make terrible neighbors, they live like they are still in the athletic dorm

657 days ago


Race has nothing to do with this it's called being disrespectful of everyone around you then blaming everyone else for your misdeeds!

657 days ago
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