SJP's Makeup Artist I Didn't Steal Anything ... I WAS SET UP

12/15/2012 1:45 PM PST

Sarah Jessica Parker's Makeup Artist -- I Didn't Steal Anything ... I Was Set Up!

Sarah Jessica Parker's makeup artist -- who was busted in Norway for allegedly stealing sunglasses -- is telling friends she didn't steal JACK ... and the whole incident was set up so airport authorities could shake her down for a bribe.

Leslie Lopez is telling friends she was shocked when authorities randomly questioned her at the Oslo Airport gate on Wednesday. We're told they asked permission to search her bag (which she allowed) and that's when they told her they found a pair stolen sunglasses and accused her of shoplifting.

We're told authorities accused then demanded she cough up a $1400 fine or else. Our sources say Lopez only had $700 in cash and offered that in an attempt to put the situation to rest. After some teeth pulling, we're told they agreed.

We're told Lopez believes the fact that her "fine" was negotiable proves it was a set up.

Lopez is also telling friends she had spent TONS of money on expensive goods from other airport stores before the "sunglasses incident" and claims to have the receipts (including one for lipstick she allegedly also stole) ... so why would she need to steal sunglasses?

Sounds like a good question for Winona.