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SJP's Makeup Artist

I Didn't Steal Anything ...


12/15/2012 1:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1215_sjp_makeup_artistSarah Jessica Parker's makeup artist -- who was busted in Norway for allegedly stealing sunglasses -- is telling friends she didn't steal JACK ... and the whole incident was set up so airport authorities could shake her down for a bribe.

Leslie Lopez is telling friends she was shocked when authorities randomly questioned her at the Oslo Airport gate on Wednesday. We're told they asked permission to search her bag (which she allowed) and that's when they told her they found a pair stolen sunglasses and accused her of shoplifting.

We're told authorities accused then demanded she cough up a $1400 fine or else. Our sources say Lopez only had $700 in cash and offered that in an attempt to put the situation to rest. After some teeth pulling, we're told they agreed.

We're told Lopez believes the fact that her "fine" was negotiable proves it was a set up.

Lopez is also telling friends she had spent TONS of money on expensive goods from other airport stores before the "sunglasses incident" and claims to have the receipts (including one for lipstick she allegedly also stole) ... so why would she need to steal sunglasses?

Sounds like a good question for Winona.


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where is the receipt for the sunglasses?

624 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

Sounds like prepubescent that wrote this is a smart ass. The whole thing seemed sunglass shady from the start. If she stole something, the police should have been called. Since when are fines for criminal behavior not related to travel paid at the airport?

624 days ago


Would not be a smart move to go back to Norway in this lifetime.

624 days ago


Where there's smoke there's fire.

624 days ago


This woman's full of SJP's HORSE SH!T.

624 days ago


LiLo called her and said "Psssttt...tell them a gypsy planted them on you!"

624 days ago


Of course she was set up. Thats what Norway is known for-shaking down people at the airport. Next time maybe she should go to a country known for their honesty like say Mexico.

624 days ago


"The whole thing seemed sunglass shady from the start. If she stole something, the police should have been called."

The police was called (and a police report filed for the incident in the city of Oslo). This lady might be delusional. She obviously paid the fine to _police_ at the airport - not some mercenaries. So she thinks police in one of the wealthiest, least corrupted countries in the world sought to scam someone for a lousy 1400 bucks...

Also, it doesn't make sense. It was someone from the airport store that reported this to police at the airport. So the people in the store and the airport police all worked together on some grand scheme to get 1400 bucks? And did they plant a pair of sunglasses in her purse? Is she really saying what it sounds like she is saying? Sounds...really...plausible....

And this all coincides with another shoplifting incident two days earlier? Or maybe the store in Oslo, the store at the airport, and the airport police all worked together? Probably it was all carried out by the devious Nobel Peace Prize Committee from the moment they invited SJP! ... Let's not forget that the video clearly shows that she takes the plastic off the lipstick in the Oslo store, so regardless if she stole it or not, it is ruined for the store, eh? And the store claimed she was going to "buy" one lipstick, but didn't have her credit card. She said she was back at the store the next day. Maybe she bought the same kind of lipstick then (so she'll have a receipt)? It's like a 2 for 1. Just illegal.

624 days ago


Sounding more and more like Lindsey.............

624 days ago


What is she the mexican LiLo?


Sorry Ms. Lopez but your story doesn't pass the smell test. You were not travelling alone, you were not in some dark back room, so why would you OFFER to hand over $700 ? ? ?


Because you stole the sunglasses and were quickly realizing they weren't believing your BS story.


You've just added more proof to everyone that was no isolated incident and SJP knows all to well about you're sticky fingers.

624 days ago


Set up my ass, why did u give gd cash if u did not steal and if u did not u should have receipt!!! so dont lie,and dont acuse europolice of bribe when we all know u STOLE them ****ing glases ,,u just missing lots of adrenalin filled action,and u thought hey im w celebretythey l let me go.,,wroong u pay like anyone else sweety,and thats the bottomline couse Serbian said so! ;)

624 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Oh what, is this dumb bitch taking lessons from the loathsome Low-han now? The disgraceful criminal Low-han is now telling her, "Oh good job with the complete denial, and good job deflecting the blame towards someone else. Just whine more, and louder...." These shameless rich celebrity a-holes all deserve to be imprisoned ha ha....

624 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

i'm not buying it.

but then again, neither did she!

624 days ago


I might snap and steal something too if I was the one responsible for trying to make that horse face look presentable... That's a lot of pressure!

624 days ago


No offense TMZ, but sometimes I use google to verify your articles so I don't look like an ass when I comment....

Strange thing is, Daily Mail did a report 3 days ago saying the make-up artist wasn't formally charged and she negotiated the 'fine' down to $700.00.

ALSO: The word 'HORSE' popped up on google selection #2 after I typed in Sarah Jessica Parker's name!

624 days ago
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