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SJP's Makeup Artist

I Didn't Steal Anything ...


12/15/2012 1:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1215_sjp_makeup_artistSarah Jessica Parker's makeup artist -- who was busted in Norway for allegedly stealing sunglasses -- is telling friends she didn't steal JACK ... and the whole incident was set up so airport authorities could shake her down for a bribe.

Leslie Lopez is telling friends she was shocked when authorities randomly questioned her at the Oslo Airport gate on Wednesday. We're told they asked permission to search her bag (which she allowed) and that's when they told her they found a pair stolen sunglasses and accused her of shoplifting.

We're told authorities accused then demanded she cough up a $1400 fine or else. Our sources say Lopez only had $700 in cash and offered that in an attempt to put the situation to rest. After some teeth pulling, we're told they agreed.

We're told Lopez believes the fact that her "fine" was negotiable proves it was a set up.

Lopez is also telling friends she had spent TONS of money on expensive goods from other airport stores before the "sunglasses incident" and claims to have the receipts (including one for lipstick she allegedly also stole) ... so why would she need to steal sunglasses?

Sounds like a good question for Winona.


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Poor Leno    

Oh man how stupid is it allowed to become in this free land of America, bitch you got held back because you "stole something" and after i have seen the security cam from another store where you "stole" some makeup i can åut 2 and 2 together. You're nothing but a simple thief and now when the rest of the world knows it you try to play innocent and claim the Norwegian lawenforcement is corrupt. I would given you some credit if you took this as a grown up and not like a whining little ho_e, the Norwegian goves out fines to thiefs no matter who the hell they are or how little or much they earn.

But as you are an american that is blinded by the fake light of a spotlight, and thinks that the world would drop to their knees because some annoying person like you enter their country then you are dumber than i ever though was possible. If i cough you steal from my store i would also send security after you, have to understand even that Norway is one of the riches countries in the world we don't give out free stuff to people that does not deserve it.

I tell you this if you was as much of a woman i would like to think you would make an announcement and tell the world that you are sorry for being such a low life thief, that live your life thru your "friends" and even that you don't have a lot of money you need to steal **** in every country you are lucky to go to just to keep up with your fantasy lifestyle.

If you where caught steeling in any Arab country they would throwed you in jail, and then you might would have to sit there for over 1 year to find out you had to stay there for 5 years or more. Celebs and their ass licking employers need to get this stealing is not something you can do in other countries, i have no idea how it works in the US but here in Norway we punish even the filty rich no matter what your nationality is.

674 days ago


What cn be expected from one so gullible. Look at whom she held fund raisers for

669 days ago


those corrupt norweigians.... i'm more likely to think she wasn't set up. though... it'd be nice if tmz spent some time on the phone at the airport to ask if they did have a procedure for addition to calling leslie's friends. i can see not keeping track of a receipt...but apparently she still has it...and if there's ever a time to sort through everything on your person, it's when faced with a charge of stealing and a 1400 fine...

5 days ago
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