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Kris Humphries

Presumption Is ...

He's the Daddy!!!

1/2/2013 12:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

They've been separated for more than a year, but that don't matter much in California, where the husband of a pregnant woman is PRESUMED to be the father.

Translation -- Kris Humphries has the edge going in as Kim Kardashian's baby daddy.  If he were to lay claim to the kid, Kim and Kanye would have to present "clear and convincing evidence" to a judge that Kanye did the dirty.

Fact is ... it wouldn't be hard to prove, since Kris hasn't gone near Kim for a long, long time ... and it appears the baby was conceived while Kim and Kanye were in Rome 3 months ago.

Nonetheless, there is a rebuttable presumption in Kris' favor, and Kim of all people should know a thing or two about re-butts.


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Kim and Kanye seem to have been trying to act like Kim's pregnancy was planned by projecting how happy they are about it but if it was planned it would seem like a dumb plan to for her to get preggars before Kim's divorce was finalized.

662 days ago


Stupid, triflin' ass WHORE. Nothing but a *** dumpster. She's a pig.

662 days ago


He should make 'em prove it's Kanye's.

662 days ago


Hahahahahah!! Kayne you are not the father!!Kim, you might want to get divorced BEFORE you have a child by another man.

662 days ago


Well....all have black blood in them...so no big deal. and ya...don't bring racist **** here...it's 2013.

662 days ago


I find it interesting that Kim only likes men who's name start with the letter K..i dont even know why the Kardashians like the letter K so much..anyways i think Kim & Kanye's relationship is a lil bit weird..lol

662 days ago


So does this mean that Kris would be on the hook for child support? If so, it could turn out he's the one on the losing side.

662 days ago


Don't come down on Kim that loser kris didn't get a chick pregnant people always so fast to make the women out as a whore or a slut he to me kris is no better.....What are the men who are married and knocked other chicks I don't a problem wit Kim having kayne baby hell to each is own

662 days ago


I'll bet he has gotten down on his knees and thanked the good lord above that he never got her pregnant. Team Kris H.

662 days ago


i read about the legal **** claiming the 'daddy' cause of the ongoing divorce. didn't think youd go that far for the story. there's no lower than that. sorry. -_-

662 days ago


Octomom's first few kids were born when she was married, but Octomom got the state to pay her bills instead of her ex-husband. The law must not be that tough to work around!

662 days ago

Kev the Realist    

I think this is fantastic. Now if Chris Humphries has the balls, he can haul Kim's huge fat, disgusting ass into court and charge her with Adultery and then slam herr all over the media for being a tramp ( not news) and get all kinds of bad publicity for the tramop and the whole KRAP TRASHIAN family. They will never let that happen so he can score a HUGE payday. Revenge is ever so sweet. Time to take all those KRAPTRASHIANS DOWN... Hit them where it hurts most, in the wallet. they are nothing but money grubbing tramps who will do anything for a buck....

662 days ago


Ok seriously. If Kim had gotten preggers by Kris at least the kid would have been kind of cute. But, umm, have you seen Kanye? That poor kid will have to be born into a family of rich people.....cause he/she is gonna be one UGLY kid!.....doesn't stand a chance....just plain old UGLY with a capitol U!

662 days ago


AAHAHAHHA! IF Kris H gets stuck with paying CHILD SUPPORT (doubt he will) HE can "FIGHT" for custody since Cali PRESUMES he is the "father". POOR Kimmie birthin' a baby then losing partial custody to someone who is NOT the father......BACKFIRE!

662 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Could be any black man in the NBA, NFL, TMZ.... Hey maybe it's Charles Latibeaudiere at TMZ.

662 days ago
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