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Kris Humphries

Presumption Is ...

He's the Daddy!!!

1/2/2013 12:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

They've been separated for more than a year, but that don't matter much in California, where the husband of a pregnant woman is PRESUMED to be the father.

Translation -- Kris Humphries has the edge going in as Kim Kardashian's baby daddy.  If he were to lay claim to the kid, Kim and Kanye would have to present "clear and convincing evidence" to a judge that Kanye did the dirty.

Fact is ... it wouldn't be hard to prove, since Kris hasn't gone near Kim for a long, long time ... and it appears the baby was conceived while Kim and Kanye were in Rome 3 months ago.

Nonetheless, there is a rebuttable presumption in Kris' favor, and Kim of all people should know a thing or two about re-butts.


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I had three pair of Re-butts back in school in the 80's, good shoes

629 days ago

C Ford    

First of all what in the hell is Kim Kardashians pregnancy being reported on in mainstream media>>>she is not even a star if you ask me much less a celebrity.. BUT MORE so she is STILL married to Kris ... Look its become common place to have babies out of wedlock BUT
R E A L L Y ??????
S E R I O U S L Y ????
I dont like Kanye but I think that he is even stupider, to get involved with a girl that cant even wait until the divroce is final with one to spread her legs and make a baby with another what is up with that?????

629 days ago


The decline of the US continues unabated.

629 days ago


This situation has become a hot mess! Kim Kardashian-Humpries should have handled her business with Kris way before she conceived this child. Now she will probably have to give Kris Humphries the annulment he wants and suffer more embarrassment by admitting their marriage was a fraud. If she does this, does that open up the possibility of her being sued by the networks and venues that gave her free services for her wedding?

629 days ago


LOL And he should execute his rights under CA. law ..roflmao..Only those in the legal field could understand..lol This is great! Kimye will never marry at this rate. Kris exact point.

629 days ago


Very smart that Humphries hasn't commented publicly, that I know of, on this pregnancy. I bet she's abt to find herself before a judge very soon. Couldn't find time to give a deposition but plenty of time to get preggers. I would love to know her lawyers reaction to this too.

629 days ago


Eeewwwww I mean barf, this bitch can't take care of a dog let alone a ****en kid.....Jesus man.... What this bitch will do for attention..... I'm sure that she will die soon since my little black magic book says soo...

629 days ago


Not true...presumption is rebuted by the filing for divorce....duh...

629 days ago


You commenters are evil, bitter , no life having ..... Lmao GO GET HELP !

629 days ago


If Kim wants to be free to marry Kanye, all she has to do is open up her financial records (as Humphries has already done) and tell the truth so he can get the annulment he wants and deserves. She lost interest in him during the wedding... And it's all on record, she never acted interested in being his wife, he was just a prop for her stupid show. He's not interested in her money, or else she would have been able to buy him off by now. He wants something much more costly and rare: truth.
Have to admit she's looking much more human than usual in recent pictures. Maybe Kanye has convinced her to go lightly on the makeup and stop the botox etc. on her face.

629 days ago


I really enjoy your show,!

629 days ago

Stephanie Rittel    

This deserves no comment. Sorry for you Kim.

629 days ago


Yeahhhhhh....Kris Humphries is the Daddy! Yep...it's Humphries' Immaculate Conception Sure is....

629 days ago


Well Kris is up a creek now, he played this game way too long. I guarantee you that Kim's attorney will file for a Birfurcation of Marital Status and it will happen, California is known for doing this especially with complicated divorces, basically they return both parties to single status and then work out the other details at a later date, it's the same thing that Les Munves of CBS and many other celebs have done when there were long complicated divorces. Eventhough Kris is claiming fraud, that would be a seperate case and if he wins then the divorce will be changed to an Annulment, but now there is a good reason for the bifurcation better than many others have used, with most of the hollywood people they use it because they want to marry someone else right away, but in her case she will get it because she is pregnant, it's the same thing that Kelsey Grammar did. I guarantee that she will be divorced within the next couple of weeks.

629 days ago


California law says you must be married AND cohabitating at the time of the conception to be the presumptive father, so Kris Humpries is off the hook.

629 days ago
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