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Kris Humphries

It's Not My Fault

Kim's Pregnancy was Unplanned

2/5/2013 3:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kris Humphries
just filed legal docs saying he doesn't understand the urgency for a quick divorce, and he shouldn't have to jump just because Kim Kardashian got accidentally knocked up.

Kris' lawyer, Marshall Waller, says in the docs, "What is really going on here is that an 'urgency' in the form of an apparently unplanned pregnancy, something [Humphries] had nothing to do with, is perceived by [Kim] as an opportunity to gain a litigation advantage by trying to force this court to prematurely set this matter for trial."

And get this ... after the word "pregnancy" there's a footnote that reads, "Indeed, why would [Kim] plan to get pregnant in the midst of divorce proceedings?" 

Translation -- Waller thinks Kim is putting a gun to his client's head, which is bizarre because the divorce has dragged on for well over a year for a marriage that lasted 72 days.

Waller says Kim shouldn't worry about the legal presumption that Kris is the father of Kim's kid because she got pregnant while they were still married -- Waller says Kris is happy to stipulate he's not the daddy.

Kris says in the docs he wants to be present for Kim's deposition and has a right to be there, but due to his work schedule he's unavailable until mid-May or June.

We're guessing the judge is going to lose patience at the trial setting conference and set the divorce trial for March.


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He is working so she should f*cking wait. She is the one that has been dragging this on, not him. But figures TMZ is so far up her big nasty @ss. She is the one that doesn't want to give him an annulment. They were married for 72 days, so why even consider it a marriage? It's because she has something to hide, they always want to get their way. They don't care about anyone else. They have also been avoiding getting disposed, so f*ck her, she faked it and this is what she gets. It's obviously not that important to her if she can get knocked up while she is married to another man and not even solve this problem by getting the annulment WAY before this sh*t ever happened.

562 days ago


He once again proves what a major jack ass he is!

562 days ago


Eventually she will be divorced whether he allows it or not!!! Bet he will trying to come with all sorts of ways to bring her down. Your marriage didn't work because you weren't right for each other! Get over her !!!!!!! Stop holding such a grudge

562 days ago


Maury a/o Steve'll enjoy these two.

562 days ago


Just from watching the show, I never saw any love or accectionate reaction between the two of them. It was clear Kim just wanted to show the world that someone actually loved her and wanted to "have a wedding", and settled for less than love, which is one of the ways she deceived Kris.
She knew good and well that HE was in love, at least up until the marriage. He was absolutely and totally duped, just in my opinion, again from watching their "reality" show. BUT, if she truly wants this to end, the ball is TOTALLY in her court.
Is it that hard a decide? Agree to an annulement, which Kris deserves, or having a baby with one man while married to another.

Sadly, I don't think Kim truly has a problem with that, obviously she knew their was the chance to get pregnant while still in a marriage with another man. She denied Kris' suspiscions about Kanye West WAY before the two fame whores even started their VERY obvious affair very quickly after, or perhaps before, she and Kris parted.

I think Kris is well within his right, religious or otherwise, to demand an annulement. If she truly wants this baby to come into the world the way she wants, then Kim clearly knows how to make that happen!

562 days ago


Kris is an idiot, he asked her to marry him. He could have backed out, even before they got married he should have seen the signs that it wAsnt gonna work. Dummy didnt even know she was married before.

562 days ago


Kris Humphries raises a valid point, he's in the midst of his NBA season. With his team the Brooklyn Nets in second place in the Atlantic division his team is bound to make the playoffs and could be playing into June.

The court should wait until his NBA season has concluded.

562 days ago


Man you guys need to stop acting like dr. Phils. What goes on in their lives doesn't even concern you guys or affect your lives either. But its good entertainment LoL.

562 days ago


I'm thinking that him dragging his feet in this divorce proceeding is his way of saying he didn't want to give up on their relationship, and also a way to get back at Kim for using him. He has to work, there's no reason to not put off the deposition until he is able to receive the necessary time off.

562 days ago





562 days ago


something about KimK....?.....she looks like a walking billboard for STD's......I hope i'm wrong & she really isn't like that.....if she is......then I wouldn't recommend a vaginal birth for her baby.

562 days ago


If the WIDE LOAD was in the driver's seat, which she really isn't, you can bet KH would have to wait until after she pumped out the kid and she was good and ready. Lost the baby weight ( a ton probably ) etc etc etc...

So, she can eat sh*t and die. He'll get around to it once the season is over.

In the meantime she can squirm and hope her gay fiance is still around come the spring. Wouldn't that be a hoot if he left her.

562 days ago


Why is Kris humphries trying to hold up on divorcing Kim Kardashian.. she is clearly not getting back with him why hold on to her any longer.. especially now she is pregnant. With another man child.. get over divorce her so u both move on.. why not rush the divorce what else is he waiting for??? Get over it Krishna she has moved on so should u!!

562 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Well Kim the skank kept delaying her depo saying she had a heavy schedule out of town then you would see pics of her all over the place shopping and posing at events she has nothing to do with she's a no class no shame trollop

562 days ago


I'm no fan of big butt but this doofus needs to jump of a bridge

562 days ago
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