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Paula Deen

DRUNK On 'Today'

... Or Just Goofy??

2/22/2013 8:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


10:28 AM PST
:  A rep for Paula tells TMZ ... the notion that she was drunk is ridiculous, because Paula's not a drinker.
She INSISTED the morning mojito she sipped on was of the virgin variety ... but Paula Deen's goofy, salsa-dancing, chicken-ball obsessed appearance on "Today" had the Internet asking ... was she drunk??

Deen and her son kicked it with the morning show gang in Miami this morning to talk food -- but Deen was taking the conversation all over the place ... and people on Twitter began to question her sobriety.

She started with an impromptu hip-shaking salsa dance ... before talking about a run-in with a skunk that went down before the show began. Deen also tried to make the hosts smell her hands.

Then came a round of mojitos (Deen asked if they were virgin) ... and then a cooking segment, in which Deen professed her love for "chicken balls" ... prompting Al Roker to comment, "Set your watches, that's where it all went wrong."

Doesn't seem like she was hammered ... just her usual loud, uninhibited self. 

Still, we gotta ask ...


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Diabetics are often incorrectly accused of being drunk. Perhaps she forgot to monitor her blood sugar.

504 days ago

BB not bb    

They just try to make her look stupid. She is a big ham and they want all the attention on themselves. She didn't look drunk. She did her salsa moves okay. She might be on meds that make her loopy.

It is very immature to keep interrupting her because she said balls. That is like Beavis and Butthead. Just let her explain her dish and stop trying to make her look like an idiot.

504 days ago


Momma got in the bath salts again!!

504 days ago


Truly, one of THE most obnoxious women on TV. Can't stand her and I am from the South. What a phony!

504 days ago


i am so over her fake hillbilly accent and her 'y-all's.
used to really like her cooking shows. not so much anymore.

504 days ago


She's gross.

504 days ago


I've always liked Paula, lots of fun, though Rachael Ray will always be my favorite TV chef, perky happy and positive and sweet...and she can cook!

504 days ago


Sorry folks she was way too energetic and wound up for low blood sugar, they can seem drunk but that is when they're blowing ketones and by that time they can barely stand let alone dance and converse. She's a bit full of herself as a rule but she sure seemed drunk. I thought better of her. The only people who think they can get away with being drunk in public are people who have had lots of practice. I do love her recipes,though.

504 days ago


TMZ, you have to check out the episode of The Chew that aired on 5/21/12 called (Dixieland Dishes). Paula was clearly out of it on this show and I was waiting for entertainment news to report on it. What is she on??

504 days ago


Phat phkn phony azz bitch! She was drunk...!

504 days ago


She is more sickening than ever. That exagerated redneck drawl of hers makes me want to puke. It's her schtick. Her need for attention embarrasses the people around her and today was another example of that. Even her own son looked embarrassed. If you want to cook, Paula, then cook and stop trying to be a comedian because a comedian you ain't y'all.

504 days ago


There's a strong possibility that she was hypoglycemic and was unaware. Hypoglycemic unawareness can be life threatening. Stop judging.

504 days ago


MOONSHINE IN THE MEATBALL! She is loaded & her son knows it.

504 days ago


She's diabetic, and when their sugar is uncontrolled, they can seem drunk but haven't had any alcohol. She should check her blood sugar & nmaybe call her dr, it can be dangerous.

504 days ago


Seems like regular Paula to me.

504 days ago
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