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Paula Deen

DRUNK On 'Today'

... Or Just Goofy??

2/22/2013 8:12 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


10:28 AM PST
:  A rep for Paula tells TMZ ... the notion that she was drunk is ridiculous, because Paula's not a drinker.
She INSISTED the morning mojito she sipped on was of the virgin variety ... but Paula Deen's goofy, salsa-dancing, chicken-ball obsessed appearance on "Today" had the Internet asking ... was she drunk??

Deen and her son kicked it with the morning show gang in Miami this morning to talk food -- but Deen was taking the conversation all over the place ... and people on Twitter began to question her sobriety.

She started with an impromptu hip-shaking salsa dance ... before talking about a run-in with a skunk that went down before the show began. Deen also tried to make the hosts smell her hands.

Then came a round of mojitos (Deen asked if they were virgin) ... and then a cooking segment, in which Deen professed her love for "chicken balls" ... prompting Al Roker to comment, "Set your watches, that's where it all went wrong."

Doesn't seem like she was hammered ... just her usual loud, uninhibited self. 

Still, we gotta ask ...


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609 days ago


She's not drunk. She's always like that.

609 days ago


Hi, Bill! I agree 100% My husband and I were very fortunate to have owned homes in several southern states. My sons were raised in southern schools and universities, however, I had never, never heard such an exaggerated twang and distortion of the southern accent. It is a lovely accent from very lovely people. Aside from being a born and bred New England Yankee which, I am proud of, my happiest years were among southerners. I do not know if this Paula person is looped or not, but , I wish she would cut the falseness and become a credit to her heritage. THERE, I said it and I'm GLAD!!!

609 days ago


That was noise pollution. Notice she has lost a lot of weight though,good job.

609 days ago


I've heard that diabetics ned to watch their blood sugar level in case it gets out whack and the body transforms the sugar to alcohol.

609 days ago


The way her son was reacting to her, I think she was drunk which is bad for her since she's a diabetic, but could have been her diabetes talking.

609 days ago


I live in Savannah, we all know she drinks like a fish and swears like a sailor

609 days ago


Today Show on NBC? Only Grandpas and Grandmas watch NBC. So no I didn't see it.

609 days ago


They should bring the Japanese version of Iron Chef to Food Network, American version is cool but the original is best

609 days ago


She was just having a good, fun time! From one southern lady to another I love Paula! BUT she looks like an Oompa Loompa. Lay off the spray tanning sweetheart!

609 days ago


Still love her!

609 days ago


Not a fan but she does have a bit of a flamboyant personality to begin with. Add that personality to blood sugar issues as a diabetic and there you have it. I have diabetes myself and when my sugar gets too low I'm a major road rager.

608 days ago

John Doe    

Not drunk... maybe. Loud, greedy and obnoxious... definitely.
I stopped watching her because she hid her diabetes, while continuing to make food diabetics should never eat, until she got an endorsement deal. Dean's $10 million dollar a year empire has made her greedy and unscrupulous.

608 days ago


Obviously, it must be a slow news day for TMZ. Paula always acts that way. She isn't slurring her words, she knows what she was doing when she was adding the ingredients, she followed the conversation. Seems like TMZ never tuned in to her TV show. I see nothing unusual about how she's acting. She's always that way. As for the person sniping about her makeup, what does that have to do with the subject at hand? Get a life! Also, losing credibility over not sharing she was diabetic? I'm diabetic and I don't go shouting it from the rooftops. I think perhaps people need to reassess their own attitudes. A celebrity is not under any commitment to reveal every secret, health condition, etc. about themselves. If she didn't cook for her condition, that's her business, not anyone else's. Want a diet cooking show? Tune into one!

608 days ago


Paul Deen is LOUD, obnoxious, bawdy, and inappropriate. She's ridden on Robert Irwine's back with a glass of wine in one hand (Google it) and licked his bare chest; she recently unbuttoned the shirt of a young man who was a guest on her cooking show and asked him to bend over so she could look at his butt. She's always licking her fingers while she cooks. She is DISGUSTING.

608 days ago
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