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Mary-Louise Parker

I Did NOT Threaten to Kill

Antique Shop Owner

2/27/2013 11:03 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Weeds" star Mary-Louise Parker adamantly denies calling a New York antique shop owner a "f*g" ... and threatening to have him KILLED ... despite the shop owner's accusations to the contrary.

A rep for MLP tells TMZ, the actress visited the Saugerties, NY antique store on January 2nd with her friend, who was owed a check by the shop owner for selling one of her purses.

The rep says the shop owner refused to pay Parker's friend ... and an argument ensued, during which the owner tried to take advantage of Parker's celebrity status by claiming she had threatened his life. The rep insists Parker had nothing to do with the fight.

In fact, the rep says as soon as it became clear to Parker that she was being roped into the situation ... Parker left.

As for the "f*g" accusation -- Parker's rep says anyone who knows the actress knows she would never say that word.

The owner -- a man named Daniel Seldin -- had filed an incident report with police following the alleged altercation, accusing Parker of threatening his life, saying, "DO YOU WANT TO WAKE UP TOMORROW? I'LL MAKE ONE PHONE CALL." Seldin said Parker also called him a "f*g."

We spoke to Seldin who insists his story is legit, adding, "I felt totally berated and violated." Seldin says he has since paid Parker's friend her money ... despite the incident.

Seldin snapped a photo of Parker while she was in the store. He says it was taken during her homophobic outburst.


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603 days ago


I believe Mary over any antique gay, oops, I mean guy any day....

603 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

Its a consignment purse. Cut the check to MLP's friend and QUIT taking photos of clientele. That is not professional behavior. And, no, I don't buy the allegations.

603 days ago


What kind of a moron has an antique business with highly valuable merchandise, without having a video camera? I think it would be a guy who wants to take advantage of opportunities to tell lies.

603 days ago


No one ever believes anyone who isn't a celebrity.

603 days ago


The picture does not support his story. SHE looks like the one who got yelled at and not the one doing the yelling like he claimed when he took the picture.

603 days ago


I hate these stories because there is absolutely nothing good and no good publicity that such a store owner would even get from making such false accusations -- HEY THIS CELEBRITY HATES MY PLACE or alternative HEY I'LL JUST FILE POLICE REPORTS AGAINST ANY OLD CELEBRITY -- and yet everyone just immediately sides with the celebrity, because it makes sooooo much sense that this nobody has so much to gain from that celebrity.

603 days ago


The store owner tried to cheat Parker's friend from the get-go. So, to me he's lost all credibility. There's no truth to what he's accusing Parker of doing. He's just looking for his 15 minutes and a cash pay-out.

603 days ago

Barbara Shannon    

I'm calling BS on this story... I just can't see Mary-Louise using that slur - she has always been a wonderful ally to the LGBT community and appeared in numerous films with LGBT themes.

I think a big problem when you are a celebrity is that people will try to use you or try to find a way to make money off you anyway they can, which is just a shame.

603 days ago


She's not Chris Brown, so Harvey won't investigate this alleged gay slur. TRUTH!!!!

603 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

She called him a fig?

603 days ago

Mr E    

Pictures do tell a story. This is not the facial expression of someone having a rant/hissy fit or hurling threats. She looks imploring, as though she wants the situation to be resolved peacefully. This is compounded by her wringing her hands. If she was in threat mode, her hands would be fists.

603 days ago


She doesn't look like she is in the midst of an "outburst"---looks like just a normal pic

603 days ago


She doesn't look as if she's in the middle of an outburst. She looks as if she'd rather be anywhere but in that store. The shop owner is lying to get attention.

603 days ago


Well it's quite rainy and foggy in Saugerties today. Maybe she said fog????

603 days ago
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