Ray J to Bad Azz Can't We All Just Get Along?

3/22/2013 2:38 PM PDT

Ray J
still has no idea why Bad Azz attacked him last night -- telling TMZ Live, he thought the two settled their beef a LONG time ago ... but from here on out he just wants peace.

As we first reported, Bad Azz said he used to be friends with Ray ... but that ended in a blood feud after Ray J told Suge Knight that BA had been trash-talking him, and Suge's people jumped him.

BA didn't say why he felt compelled to attack Ray ... and Ray doesn't know either, saying the fight completely blindsided him.

Ray said he had to defend himself, but he wants the fighting to end once and for all -- telling us, "I don't want this to get any crazier."

As for whether he called that woman a "fat bitch" ... you gotta hear Ray's excuse.