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Jerry Sandusky

Interviewer Says ...

I'm OUTING Victim #2

3/25/2013 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

032513-siegler-tmzlive-launch-newThe guy who interviewed Jerry Sandusky in prison actually believes the disgraced Penn State coach is not guilty of raping victim #2 in a locker room shower-- and he loudly and passionately stated his case on TMZ Live.

John Ziegler -- who is making a documentary he hopes will clear Joe Paterno's name -- claims the boy, known as "accuser #2" in court docs, told authorities on numerous occasions he was not molested by Sandusky ... and only changed his story years later.

Ziegler was talking about the incident when Mike McQueary says he witnessed Sandusky raping the boy in a Penn State locker room shower.

Most shocking was Ziegler's claim the victim was really 14, and not 10. You have to see him explain why that makes any difference.

Ziegler tells us he plans to reveal the identity of "accuser #2" ... because he feels the man basically exposed himself by writing an editorial about the case.

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Sandusky was found guilty in a US Court of Law. He had his right to a trial and he LOST. Joe Pa also had his chance and after an in depth investigation is was proven that he do NOT do the moral deed of reporting the heinous crimes. He looked the other way all in the name of FOOTBALL. NOTHING is going to convince anyone that these 2 POS didn't get what they had coming to them. Anyone who thinks either one is innocent simply does not want to believe that they are guilt....so dream on. The verdict is in. GUILTY! Now have a nice day. :)

548 days ago


I think it's obvious that John Ziegler is not trying to clear anyone's name, he's trying to get his own name out there --he wants people to know him, and look at him, in a word "attention". This was his only means. No talent or ethics.

548 days ago


Ziegler was just on Piers Morgan and just got slammed hard. His claims and his story is total BS and he was just discredited 100% by Piers and the other CNN Reporter and guest speaker. Sandusky will never see the light of day again and Jo Pa's statue will never go back up on campus. End of story.

548 days ago


Jimmy Savile needs an attorney, too.

548 days ago


Does this man understand that, even if it was consensual, at age 10 (or 14), it is still rape?

548 days ago


What a POS!

548 days ago

Kim Davis    

It's sad when protecting children is not the number one priority. What is this world coming to when a man can try to justify the molestation of a child? I feel like we shouldn't have to hear from Sandusky any more. Let him rot under the jail or hopefully he is Bubba's girlfriend by now. These victims need healing and to be able to move on. Not keep reliving this over and over.

548 days ago


I have a sinking suspicion that this idiot was hired by either Sanduskys wife/partner in crime, or his lawyer, to try to put out there that old Jerry-the-pedophile isn't guilty. Even Paternos family want's nothing to do with him.

548 days ago


What a dummy

548 days ago


Sickening. He believes he is not guilty...is that what Jerry told him while in Prison. Does he realize that Jerry was sentenced to 45 convictions of rape and he did it over a time frame of at least 14 year. Clearly this John Ziegler is not dealing with a full deck and most definitely has some issues.

548 days ago


Are we attacking victims again?

548 days ago


This is why people hate Republicans, they are inherently ***** and completely soulless.

Outing a rape survivor especially one that was victimized so young is defiantly grounds for a special place in hell for this guy.

548 days ago


Just cut his ba**s off and be done with it

548 days ago


What a piece of sh*t. This loser should go peddle his crap elsewhere. Sounds like he may be a pedophile himself.

548 days ago


10 is innocent while 14 is an adult? Right... Ziegler how many lil boys did you rape too? Or did Sandusky paid you for helping him?

Underage is Pedo RAPE NOTHING ELSE ABOUT IT. The way he talks in TMZ Live sounds like he is paid to talk nonsense.

548 days ago
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