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Kim Kardashian

Excused From First Day

Of Divorce Trial

4/3/2013 3:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is not going to attend the first day of her divorce trial ... but it turns out she's not needed.

Kim has a commitment for an appearance in New York City for her perfume line on May 6, the opening day of her courtroom face-off with Kris Humphries

Kim's lawyer filed legal docs asking the judge to move the trial up to May 3 so she could attend, but the judge wouldn't allow it because of a schedule conflict. 

But sources say the solution is simple.  Kris has the burden of proving fraud in his annulment request, so he's first up in calling witnesses, and Kim won't have to take the stand until day 2 or 3.

Bottom line -- she doesn't have to see Kris' face as much as she feared.

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Kim likes money and her mother makes her millions, but she doesn't have a brain in her head about being pregnant , didn't her mother tell her you will put on weight, you will take care of yourself, and most of all you don't wear tight cloths to hide your swelling belly. Really this should be the happy time in her life. So get with Kim and be happy with or without Kanye. you big dummy Kim.

566 days ago


Perfume. Please stop buying the cheap, crap this bitch hocks. Once people stop watching and supporting their "empire", they will go away. I've never been a fan but once Lantern entered the mix, I lost the last iota of respect for this cow.

566 days ago


Wow... I take it nobody likes kim. Holy sh*t..

566 days ago


Her perfume will be called "KumDumpster".

566 days ago


Do any of you idiots know why TMZ & other outlets keep posting stories about her???
Here's a hint - look at the fugging comments!!!
Go to her blog if you have a problem with her, dumbfuks!

566 days ago


The Kartrashians totally miscalculated on Kanye. They thought by hooking up with him they would be guaranteed access to his friends, like Beyonce and JayZ. When things were cooling off late last year, in desperation she tried to trap him by getting pregnant. Sure he was excited when he found out about being a daddy and made the big announcement back late December. During January and February his friends kept telling him this baby thing was bad and that Kim and family was really bad news. Meanwhile, Momanger saw $$$ signs...with baby on the way and thought Kanye was in her control. Made him to do the show and photo shoots which he wanted no part in. Kim was thinking play dates with Blue Ivy.. But Beyonce and JayZ is telling Kanye, skanky Kim and baby will never be accepted in their circle of friends. Realizing his situation, Kanye ditched her March 3rd. And now she's stuck getting fat all alone and no Kanye around..

566 days ago


A good name for her perfume would be "J'Abwhore". Like J'Adore, get it?

566 days ago


does she never learn!!!!

566 days ago


I usually catch up on celebrity news over at ROL - lots of talk on this subject how TMZ is up her ass (not hard to do) and the complete twisted & biased reporting of the Kardashians so thought I'd come check it out....WOW!!

566 days ago


The last sentence shows TMZ in Kris Jenner's pocket.

566 days ago


"it turns out she's not needed."
I couldn't have said it better myself.

566 days ago


Body language of Kim and Kanye in Paris was appalling,Kanye was literraly hididng under a hoodie and the walking like five foot away from her.
Then he didnt even see her to the airport.
She spent about a day or two in Paris and Kanye sent her packing,what does she do when she comes back,straight to the nail salon,and wearing a horrendous dress with all her boobs out "trying to show Kanye what he is missing"
Kanye is a Gemini, and as a Gemini i know he is done with her,we hate vain people

566 days ago


Seems like a win for her to me, she doesn't have to sit through the crap, she gets to continue working and like he has been doing for months he will be fighting with himself. Suits him right. I love it, keep doing you Kim, make these haters lose their minds, he is about to make a bigger fool of himself than he already is, while you are out making your money. HA!!!!! Only a HATER would see this as a win for him.

566 days ago


check daily mail .co.uk for the Paris kick out and her desperate attention whoring,u'll cringe.TMZ only gives u modified and slated versions of the Kardashian Circus

566 days ago


Call it "Famous by Ray J"... A mischievous, sluttly scent composed of jasmine, red current, NBA, MLB, NFL players, rappers & r & b singers.

566 days ago
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