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Reese Witherspoon


'You're About to Find Out Who I Am!'

4/22/2013 7:00 AM PDT UPDATED: 4/22/2013 6:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Reese Witherspoon Mugshot

6:33 AM PT --
Reese and Jim won't be in court today ... they had their cases continued until hearings set in Atlanta for May 22 and May 23, respectively.

9:40 PM PT
-- Reese has just released a statement, saying,

"Out of respect for the ongoing legal situation, I cannot comment on everything that is being reported right now. But I do want to say I clearly had one drink too many and I am deeply embarrassed about the things I said. It was definitely a scary situation and I was frightened for my husband, but that was no excuse. I was disrespectful to the officer who was just doing his job. The words I used that night definitely do not reflect who I am. I have nothing but respect for the police and I am very sorry for my behavior."

Reese Witherspoon
 pulled her celebrity card out while her husband was getting arrested for DUI, telling the officer who ended up busting her, "You're about to find out who I am."

The arrests went down in Atlanta early Friday morning. Cops say they spotted Reese and her husband Jim Toth's car -- a silver Ford Fusion -- weaving in and out of lanes, so they pulled them over. 

As officers dealt with Jim, Reese allegedly started acting up, telling cops, "Do you know my name?" The officer answered by saying, "No, I don't need to know your name."

Witherspoon then came back with, "You're about to find out who I am ... You are going to be on national news."

During Jim's arrest, Reese allegedly became ornery, demonstrating visual and verbal frustration over how long it was taking to arrest her husband. At one point, she got out of her car and the officer ordered her back inside. When she got out a second time, he arrested her for disorderly conduct, a municipal ordinance.

They were both taken to jail, booked, and released a short time later. 

As for Toth's part of the arrest ... the officer in the report described him by saying his "eye lids were droopy" and his eyes were "blood shot and watery." The officer said he smelled a "strong odor" of alcohol coming from Toth.

The officer stated that Toth told him he only had one drink, but -- as first reported by Variety -- when given a Breathalyzer test, Toth's blood alcohol level was .139.

In Reese's defense maybe she played the celeb card because she had as much to drink as her hubby. Just sayin' ...



No Avatar


Thats what you get for dumping Jake, you fool!!!!

515 days ago


Can anyone say Entitled?

515 days ago


Bravo to the cop that wasn't fazed by the whole "Do you know who I am" BS. I'm so glad he arrested her as well as her drunk-ass husband for having a big mouth. What a pair of tools they are.

I love, love, love that she was inconvenienced by all of this and that it will cost her time and money.

With the drunken celebs, the fine isn't what matters, it's doing community service and/or jail time that bugs them. For this reason, I hope she has 1000 hours of community service picking up trash alongside the 405 with her hubby. That would be awesome!

515 days ago


She looks like a moron - wow she should be embarrassed she acted so stupid and her drunk azz husband could have killed someone. I can't look at her the same.

515 days ago


How disappointing. Reese has always been level headed and classy. What a shame, I hope this isn't going to occur again.

515 days ago


So, uhhh, where are all you dimwits that were BASHING Kevin Hart for his DUI a few days ago?? Are you all in hiding, ashamed that Murphy's Law is now knocking on your door?? Hmph, are there no harsh words for Whitherspoon's indiscretions?? At least Kevin was cooperative!!
Are your passes only reserved for America's Privileged, Prissy, Pretentious, Blond-Haired-Blue-Eyed Darlings?? tsk, tsk, tsk... you people need an an eff'ing enema.

514 days ago


Sounds like they both got hammered at a club in a downtown club in Atlanta. Doesn't sound like she was acting like a proper Southern belle.

Un-ladylike Reese! I wonder what she's gonna say to her kids. Momma was a bad, bad girl last night. Step-dad was even worse.

514 days ago


"Do you know my name?"

I would have arrested her immediately after this question. Obviously she was too impaired to know who she was so she was asking the officer!

514 days ago

Snowman with a Turnip Nose    

Today's conceited wannabe divas are so lame. Zsa Zsa Gabor would have gone to fisticuffs with the cop.

BTW, doesn't Reese love to go on and on about how she wants to be a positive role model for young girls and how disgusting it is to act like a spoiled useless brat in public and Paris and Lindsay and blah-blah-blah... RIGHT?

514 days ago


What kinda ****box lets her husband drive drunk?!? They have money they could have called a cab or car service

514 days ago


Mmm wonder if she was blowing him and he went all crossy eyed

514 days ago


No SHE is the one on national news for acting a fool.

514 days ago

Donaldo Davisini     

In the REAL WORLD, in the Halls if Power known by few, movie stars, recording artists and athletes are nothing more than ENTERTAINERS. They may be "rich" but they're only here to amuse those who control world governments. Drug Dealers have more power than she does. Some, more money.

514 days ago

Wow ...    

Oh those pesky officers, keeping a drunk driver off the road. What ever was this officer thinking?

514 days ago


Two thoughts: If police officers pulled over everybody in Atlanta that was "weaving in and out of lanes," they wouldn't have time to do anything else. Secondly, unless you've acted in a Tyler Perry movie, it's highly unlikely an Atlanta police officer will know who you are, which is somewhat ironic considering Tyler Perry himself got pulled over by the Atlanta police last year, and they didn't know who he was either.

514 days ago
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