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NBA Star Antawn Jamison

Let's Be Realistic

Not Everyone Will Accept Jason Collins

4/29/2013 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

042913_antawn_jamison_launch​Not everyone in the NBA is thrilled about having a gay dude in the league -- in fact, there are definitely some "closed-minded" haters who are gonna have a hard time with Jason Collins ... so says NBA star Antawn Jamison.

The Los Angeles Lakers player was hangin' out in Beverly Hills today when we asked about Jason's big announcement ... and the 36-year-old veteran had a lot to say.

Antawn -- who's been in the league since 1998 -- told us he's glad Jason came out ... and he's happy the guy can "be who he really is."

But Antawn says not everyone feels the same way -- telling us, "Of course, you're going to have some closed-minded people, let's be realistic."

"That's life."

We also asked Antawn about the ass-kicking the Lakers got from the Spurs -- and the guy had a pretty good explanation. Check out the clip.

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people should respect others and allow people to be who they are....after all this time i think its time to get over this and move on.....stop bullying and forcing others to be just like you. humans are different and its the differences that make us all unique.....just do what makes you happy and leave others alone.
grow up!... being judgmental is a disease that eats the soul and stops your own progress........

511 days ago


My problem why do people have to announce this, straight don't, so why do gays?? On my effing nerves.

511 days ago


Am I the only person that thinks its weird that everyone is really celebrating a mans decision to tell the world he likes to play with penises

511 days ago


And if someone doesn't like him before the announced gay thing, will now be called a racist against gays. Lets ask gays who they don't like, it doesn't work that way.. does it

511 days ago


being gay is wrong

511 days ago

Timmy Boy    

He's right! Not everyone will accept, unless he lived in an island where everyone is gay.

511 days ago


Does not dress like Magic J's son in OLD LADY CLOTHES AND HANDBAGS

511 days ago


i'm sure Jason Collins has Lots of Female Fans too, He Should've just say He is BISEXUAL But never say He is GAY, Because Celebrities or Famous People have Lots of Fans of the Opposite Sex................i know it would kill me if i hear for example Emma Stone or Taylor Swift or Katy Perry saying they are Gay, if they say they are BISEXUAL i won't be too happy but i would accept it but if they say they are GAY i would be devastated...

511 days ago


Gay or Straight.. Doesn't matter.. But what ticks me off the most.. Why feel the need to come out and say it? Bottom line.. Next time he doesn't get a the money he wants or his contract is not renewed.. He will claim.. "It's because I'm Gay".. I'm sick and tired of gay people "coming out" and admitting they are gay.. As if its some kind of disability! No one gives a crap about your personal life! Play the damn game and shut the hell up!

511 days ago


I liked it better when people stayed in the closet. I'm so tired of hearing all this b/s about people coming out like its groundbreaking.. TMZ stay bashing a black man but want to praise his rectum when he comes out the closet. The gay community is so annoying...

511 days ago

Tina A., Lakewood, CA    

I'm tired of people saying if you don't help the gay community get marriage legalized, your homophobic, if you don't accept this nba player as a gay nba player, your closed minded, to me their closed minded and bullies, if i don't agrre with it that's my business. I can careless but I am old school in believing in the bible, if it has passed and gays were able to marry and the people tried to have it overturned all hell would have broke loose, it would have been the people voted, leave it be, well the people voted, so leave it be, try again. Either you agree with them or your closed minded. This guy has his reasons for doing this, attention i believe, no one needed to know, that's his private business.

511 days ago


TMZ's comment sections is ridiculous when sexuality and/or politics are brought up.

511 days ago


I don't like people telling me how to live my life so y should I tell someone that is gay how to live theirs . If its a sin in gods eyes then he will b the one that judges and punishes them for it. Not god so not my place to say anything on what people's life styles r.

511 days ago

Blue Lake    

What an effin' idiot.

511 days ago


This guy has been in showers and locker rooms all these years...smh..

511 days ago
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