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Jason Collins

Twitter Death Threats

After Gay Announcement

5/1/2013 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's not all love for the first major (active) pro athlete to come out of the closet ... NBA player Jason Collins has also been the target of online death threats since announcing he's gay.

The homophobic threats began appearing on Twitter right after Jason's big coming-out interview with Sports Illustrated. Among the venom ...

-- "Yous a dead f****t talkn on tv Boy."
-- "Listening to Jason Collins describe his gayness as 'beautiful' makes me wanna puke. And kill him."
-- "Jason collins comes out the closet! Kill that biiitttchhhh!!!"
-- "First jason collins say he gay.. Now he on espn w lipgloss on  kill him now !!!"
-- "Jason Collins should get the death penalty lol how u a 7 foot gay dude lol the west is crazy smh"

In the S.I. article, Collins says he doesn't expect everyone to embrace him ... but it's unclear if he expected this kind of hatred.

We reached out to Collins for comment -- so far, no word back.


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No Avatar


Watching gay men have sex is like watching big azz Arnold Swartznagger do the Harlem shake.. looks real stupid and stink lol

540 days ago


To the bonehead who wants to harm Jason - Invest in some vasoline and learn to say please and thank you because the folks in prison are always looking for a new piece of meat.

540 days ago


Thinking MagikMarv is just beyond tore up.. how dare a gay guy get support for coming out... how dare a gay guy be a professional athlete.. how dare a gay guy make more money than him... How dare a gay guy live his life, be who he is , not hide.. while MagikMarv hides in his Mom's basement watching gay porn and reading the bible.. life is not fair... MagikMarv's life sucks how dare a gay's life NOT. Damn you tiny virgin.. member.... LOL

540 days ago


i bet you all these are from ignorant southerners

540 days ago


Someone needs some AIDS.....GOD WILLS IT!!!

540 days ago


Bunch of sick americans, why do you all care the man is gay, leave him alone.

540 days ago


Who cares if he's gay, leave him alone..If it bothers people that much, just remember, at least he's not a Kardashian, it could always be worse!!

540 days ago


Personally I can care less weather a man is gay or not that's his on personal business but there is one thing I can't stand though is someone who isn't true to themselves and who is in the closet I hope alot more athletes come out because that's a heavy burden to live with and it can't be healthy so be free and real and not fake so what if people don't agree people are always gonna hate and have an opinion your job is to keep doing what you doing and live your life the way you want too

540 days ago


WHY DO PEOPLE GIVE A FLYING FIG ABOUT ANOTHER PERSON'S SEXUAL PREFERENCE?? Death threats....seriously? Why do celebrities, or any one for that matter, have to make big proclamations and announcements about their sexuality? It's a person's business and if they choose to share it, fine. If not, fine too. WHYYYY are people so threatened??? I will never understand. Just be.

540 days ago


For everyone who accept gays, I suspect there are more that don't. This transition will be one for the history books.

540 days ago


Jason Collins has a TWIN BROTHER Jarron Collins, Also a Basketball Player, Is He G....... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jarron_Collins

540 days ago


Screw you Jason, while you were screwing guys, your fiance who is lovely and devastated when they interviewed her on TV HAD NO CLUE YOU WERE GAY. Be gay but don't use her as a front and waste eight years of her life cause now we don't like you at all. You are a liar and fraud and flake and have no feelings for her or you'd never have use her as a front for your being gay so many years. You are garbage and I only feel bad for the guys who have to play beside you for they good or bad, are honest and real and you are a user .. what you did to her is not forgiveable. I hope you fall from grace everywhere.

540 days ago

san rafael blue    

At this point, Jason, you need to shut up about your 'night moves' and focus on what will make you a good team player. OR, perhaps this IS what you're now doing. You will probably have the option of going on the lecture circuit. Don't let that guy D. Savage use you, he seems to have very cruel, bullying tendencies towards Christian teens.
Don't be a one trick pony, Jason. After your sexuality has been disclosed, discussed and dismissed, there has to be some other quality you bring to life's table. Not every one will even pretend to like your choice, that does not mean they are the devil incarnate.

540 days ago


Val... Ur a hater my dude... Is she related to u? No. Is he ****n u? No Let Da man be yo.

540 days ago

Richard Sol    

Meaningless. People say crap all the time on Twitter etc and I don't think Collins is in any real danger. People and organizations that don't toe the pro-gay line get threats all the time.

In fact, during the Chick-A-Fil brouhaha, a guy walked up to the FRC with a gun and shot a security guard before being subdued.

540 days ago
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