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Steve Nash


Place to Raise Kids

5/30/2013 1:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

5:20 PM -- Both sides have rested their case, which is now in the hands of the judge. We're told a ruling could take up to 60 days.

4:30 PM -- Nash
just finished his turn on the stand ... saying his ex-wife has been making it EXTREMELY difficult to see his kids in Phoenix ... so it makes NO SENSE that she wants to move to L.A. so they can see him more often.

Nash said he sees the kids in Arizona at LEAST as much as would in L.A. ... and maintained that her only motivation for moving is so California courts can nail him for child support -- which he says would really only support her lavish taste.

“A major reason we divorced was her incessant spending, social climbing, materialism,” he said.

Nash testified about several occasions when Alejandra made it difficult for him to see 8-year-old twin girls Lola and Bella, and 2-year-old son Matteo Joel … including a Christmas homestand, when Nash wanted his girlfriend to escort the kids on a flight to L.A.

“She had none of that,” Nash said.

Nash said he can totally afford child support ... he just doesn't want it to ruin his kids: “I don’t want my high-privileged lifestyle ... to be an artificial environment.”

Steve Nash
-- who plays for the LOS ANGELES Lakers -- just trashed L.A. in open court ... claiming the City of Angels is NO PLACE to raise a family.

Nash slammed L.A. on the stand in his legal war with ex-wife Alejandra ... saying point blank, "I don't want my kids to grow up in L.A."

Nash said he would consider raising his kids in San Diego ... but only because "it's a different lifestyle."

Of course, Alejandra doesn't believe that -- she thinks Steve's trying to block her from moving the kids to L.A. because the Arizona courts aren't making him pay a penny in child support and he's afraid a California judge would nail him.

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No Avatar


Alejandra sucks...

520 days ago

Wow ...    

If he feels that way, he needs to LEAVE STAT! Stand by your convictions, be a full time father in Ariz.

520 days ago


Yeah he'll say anything to avoid child support.

520 days ago

Donka Do Ball    

Do her kids look strangely like KOBE BRYANT ?

520 days ago


IMO, he's trying to avoid paying child support. Plenty of other people have successfully raised children in LA, and there are enough suburbs and private schools to make this sound absolutely ridiculous.

520 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

How can you say that about LA? Just because it has lying, two-faced, backstabbing, manipulating, money-hungry, sleazy, shallow and Godless azzholes, doesn't mean it's bad. As a celebrity living in LA, you'll never be convicted of ANY crime!

520 days ago

Wow ...    

We have issues, but it isn't all that different than other areas. You choose the life you want, along with the friends you have. Whether you succeed or live a life of crime, the decision is yours. We have plenty of opportunities to go either way.

520 days ago


Where I would personally choose to raise my kids shouldn't dictate where she's allowed to raise hers. She's got primary custody so that he can keep raking in $1mil a month in the NBA. She should be able to live wherever she damn well pleases.

520 days ago


What divorced dad wouldn't want their kids to live near him?

520 days ago


Good for Steve. Standing up to the courts for ridiculous child support amount payments. These payments some of these men have to pay should be illegal. It shouldn't be based on the percentage of how much a person makes but how much that child or children needs! A child doesn't need $75K a MONTH you know that's going to the gold digging female! These females that go after athelets know what they're doing. They know exactly how long to stay married to get the most dough.

520 days ago


She looks so much like Minnie Driver! With a bad spray tan. Anyone else think so???

520 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

Then go back to were you come from.oh and don't forget to take your kids with you.

520 days ago


Steve is right about LA, but isnt San Deigo in Cali? Kinda blows that argument out of the water...

520 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Are people so stupid they don't know San Diego and LA are both in CA and the child support would still be under CA law? Kinda blows her whole argument out of the water. At least he's thinking about the kids and their life and what would be best for them not her. Sounds more she wants to be in LA to land another sugar daddy!

520 days ago


sure LA can be bad if you are poor, live in a bad neighborhood and have one of the bad public schools - but that would be the same in any state - and these aren't problems i think nash will have to worry about

520 days ago
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