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Justin Bieber

Bodyguards Accused of Battery ... Yes, Again

6/9/2013 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0605_justin_bieber_tmz_2Justin Bieber's bodyguards are under investigation YET AGAIN for allegedly roughing up someone who was trying to take his picture ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Bieber and co. were at a hookah lounge in Hollywood when someone -- not a paparazzo, just a regular person -- tried to snap a pic of the Biebs. We're told one of Bieber's bodyguards tried to stop the person from taking pics and some sort of scuffle ensued. 

The would-be-photog eventually called police, but when cops arrived on the scene ... Bieber and co. were gone.

We're told cops have opened a misdemeanor battery investigation. Bieber is not considered a suspect and it's unclear what role (if any) he played in the incident.

Bieber and his bodyguards were accused of three similar incidents in Miami just this week alone. In one of the incidents, Bieber directed his crew to try and steal the guy's camera.


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Never cared enough to comment on Justin Beiber, but after watching him get aggressive with people taking pictures says too much. Get out of the business if you can't handle fame with grace. Don't let it steal your soul and make you forget you are just a man, not a God. Get a grip before you become Alec Baldwin, an arrogant F.

440 days ago


When is law enforcement /da going to something about this guy? He needs to be deported, he's a danger to every American citizen.

440 days ago


This is getting way out of hand. The police should arrest The Bieb's bodyguards. It looks like they're all thugs. Is The Bieb going to sue this guy for $5 million for trying to take his photo? Here's an idea, everyone just ignore The Bieb. I bet he'll hate that even more.

440 days ago


This wigger is becoming a bigger ***** wipe with each passing day.

440 days ago

Suzanne Smith     

TMZ this is getting ridiculously old! TVStop milking this kid! Any problems he has with the law, he will address. You're pathic TMZ; just like realty

440 days ago


I'm waiting for the picture of LiL beibs bodyguards laid out in the gutter and LiL beibs running down the street, screaming for help

440 days ago

Poor Leno    

If i went to the US and got me some bodyguards and instructed them to prevent people from taking my picture, or anyone that came close to me i would been arrested, fined, sent to prison, jail then after all that i would been deported to Norway and would never been allowed to set my foot in America again! Why the **** is this little prick getting away with this ****, the answer is easy he is a celeb and a milk cow to the music industry. And to be honest he can't sing for ****, he has no talent all he can do is look like a fool and act like an idiot. I am sure Bieber was harassed at school so this is his way to get back at those who did him wrong, by having his bodyguards do the dirty work. I did see a picture of him trying to go after a photographer and the guards had to hold him back, he would not last 10 sec in a fist fight he is skinny and just a tool. If the american jusitice is ever going to raise it self from where they have sunken its about time they take legal actions and threat this little ****er like normal people would been threaten and deport his ass back to Canada, with a 20 year ban or more. He is a disgrace to every Canadian and i feel sorry for them that they have this little **** make them all look bad.

440 days ago


haha, this little queer is gonna get burnt eventually sending out goons to do his dirty work.

440 days ago


Why out of all the photos TMZ could use they use a horrible quality bad photo?

440 days ago


This twit is getting really annoying. He's way to up himself.

440 days ago

Professional Party Animal     

well thats because Justin Beiber is very wealthy and so you know, he can do anything he wants, he is above the law and all of us too, oh and he is an artist too so anything anyone says doesn't matter. He should really just have his own church now so we can all worship him, because he is a wealthy artist..

440 days ago


Question is...... What were to happen if my body guards take out his body guards and he is just left standing there? Anyone smell pee? LOL!

440 days ago


He clearly condones this behaviour from his employees. Maybe it's in the job description 'to b my paid biatch'

440 days ago


Biebs can do anything and get by with it. Police will do nothing. Are they afraid of him? Come on LAPD....what are waiting on....someone to get killed because of his actions?

440 days ago


Yarn..same old-same old...investigating and nothing will come of it. Baby Face Gangland thug

440 days ago
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