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Chad Johnson

Ripped By Judge

for Slapping Lawyer's Ass

6/11/2013 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chad has just filed a motion asking the judge to reconsider the ruling.

10:46 AM PT
-- Chad is currently at jail and is being booked.

10:30 AM PT
-- We just got video of the love tap. Check it out.

7:55 AM PT
-- Chad was arrested in the courtroom and has been ordered to serve 30 days in jail.

7:45 AM PT --
Chad and his attorney are back in front of the judge ... apologizing ... and desperately trying to convince the judge to accept the original terms of the deal.

Chad Johnson
was just kicked out of a Florida courtroom ... after the former NFL star playfully slapped his male lawyer's ass -- a move that ENRAGED the judge, TMZ has learned.

Johnson was in court in Broward County, FL to face the judge for his recent probation violation in his domestic violence case.

During the hearing, the judge and Chad's lawyer were about to finalize the terms of Chad's punishment -- terms that were pretty favorable to Chad.

But the whole thing fell apart at the last minute, when the judge asked Chad if he was satisfied with his attorney -- and the ex-NFL star reached back and playfully slapped his lawyer's ass.

Chad smiled ... the court erupted with laughter .... but the judge wasn't amused.

In fact, the judge found the move disrespectful -- and lashed out at Johnson ... asking him if the whole proceeding was a "joke" to him.

Johnson replied, "I had no intent to make this a joke, because my life is in shambles right now."

The judge -- who lost her patience -- suddenly announced that Chad's deal was OFF ... and kicked him out of the courtroom.

Story developing ...

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No Avatar


Jeeeeezzz, what is her problem? Perhaps is it because she looks like Brittany Speer? Anyway, she certainly got bitchy about something that obviously takes a sense of humor to deal with. Yikes!

500 days ago

News Flash     

Florida don't mess around! Take Lindsey and Biebs there.

500 days ago

Techie Chick    

In my opinion, the judge's actions were excessive and unnecessary.

500 days ago


omg, so he slapped on the rear!! I think the judge went a little overboard on that call!! The people in the courtroom should feel bad about laughing!! I'm not a big football fan, but even I know that a slap on the butt is a good thing!! There are worse crimes out there in our world and she gets upset about that - well today is the 1 yr anniversary of a young man brutally murdered in Sebring, Fl, that to me is something to be upset about!!

500 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

judge is out of line. she misunderstood and when the dust settles she's going to either have to apologize, or end up losing her seat.

500 days ago


I think that was a little extreme. I'm all for celebrities being treated like normal people but, I honestly don't think he did that to get a reaction out of anyone.

500 days ago


So now the courtroom is a locker room or football field? I dont understand the condoning of disrespect. Hard or not the fact of the matter is our justice system is a joke anyway. This entitled piece of **** can slap someone in the ass is a courtroom and she's a bitch? Wow. Hope nunna ya'll ever need a judge to be a bitch when you need her to be.

500 days ago


can we say moron...

500 days ago


That judge is a real BITCH... Accept the offer then put him in jail for praising his attorney she just spoke highly about. WHORE

500 days ago


Apparently, Chad still thought he was in a hearing IN California.

500 days ago


She only did that cuz the courtroom laughed. She didn't even see the slap on the ass, smh. He's lawyer laughed about it. So why is she tripping?

500 days ago


Wow, she really over reacted.

500 days ago

Queen bee     

She was just Beening a bitch to a BLACK man stupes

500 days ago


I can't help but wonder looking through the comments in this story whether the popular opinion would still be the same if it was a male judge who gave him the same punishment instead of a female judge who "overreacted because she's a b*tch and is on her period and blah blah blah". It doesn't matter whether its a football gesture that guys use to say others have done a good job - its a court room. She didn't think he was taking his probation seriously up until this point so she decided to give him a wake up call. Its not a power trip, its not a woman overreacting, its not her taking offense to what he did -- it was him being disrespectful.

500 days ago


That's bull****! He is an ex football player. That's how they show their excitement.

500 days ago
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