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Justin Bieber


... Or Definitely High?

6/20/2013 3:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

062013_justin_bieber_instagram_launchJustin Bieber just posted a video on Instagram ... and let's just say he appears a bit elevated.

Bieber -- with his shirt off and a chain around his neck -- is trying to deliver a message to his fans about his excitement over the new ability to post video on Instagram ... but can't get through 3 words without cracking up.

Plus, his eyes are super glazed.

Now, we're no weed experts ... (ok, some of us are) ... but it seems like Bieber's next move was probably a munchie run.

... not that there's anything wrong with that.


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smoke weed and enjoy it...dont act like pozer Bieber with highdogs doin douchey this on camera...

instead, turn it, burn it and chill in a chair watching the game!

Ans someone tell him he is about 30 years to soon for them tank tops. rippin em off maibu Ken is just wrong

498 days ago



498 days ago

Jericho Morton    

Justin, a Canuck who sings,
Claimed his mind was on higher things.
Hiding his desire, a boy in the choir,
With an ass like a jelly on springs.

498 days ago


He'll be dead one day from a drug overdose and everyone will say how they tried to help him but he wouldn't listen. He's a teenage moron who needs the crap beat out of him to wake his sorry butt up!!!!

498 days ago


As a kite...

498 days ago


Kay! You need to stop trashing Justin Bieber! Just because you don't like him we don't need to hear about it. Justin has done some great things for charities. He is just going through growing pains. He has a good mother. He will turn out good.

498 days ago


Its called being happy you dumb****s. Go find something else better to do. Arent you guys like, 40 already?

498 days ago


Kay...chill out and smoke a joint.

498 days ago


Bieber is obviously high but guys, let's stop defending TMZ, especially when you all (as well as I) are the first ones to call them out on their positive stories about the Kartrashian clan. TMZ does indeed have its favorite celebrities just as they have their celebrities that they choose to demean at every chance they can get. Don't support TMZ and ignore their antics when they choose to target someone you hate as well. I agree with Kay in that TMZ is extremely obvious in who they support and who they don't. Do I like Beiber? No, but these negative stories, just like their bias stories towards the Kartrashians show just that. Anywho, I don't think this story is necessarily negative. Justin Bieber is known for smoking weed and in the video, he is behaving just as someone does when high so it's obvious that TMZ or any sane human (aka not a Belieber) would come to the conclusion that he was smoking weed and therefore high. Not a big deal.

498 days ago

Bubba Bafflor    

Weed shmeed...why does everyone think this punk gangsta wannabe with unlimited money and a feeling of invincibility is just harmlessly smoking pot?

Isn't it much more likely he's sampling the "cool guys" drug of choice...cocaine?

It's a myth that weed turns you into a giggling goof. It's a depressant. It makes you incredibly mellow. This video is much more indicative of someone high on coke.

If so, atta boy, loser. Way to f*ck up your life. Yup...a coke head loser will surely endear you to your 12 year old girl fan base.

Tick tock...this tool's extended 15 minutes of fame are winding down.

498 days ago


@Kay Why are you yelling?

498 days ago


Who cares, the guy likes to smoke weed, I did it as a teen but then I grew up. People need to leave him alone, and no I am not a bloody beliber!

498 days ago


Do any of you idiots below have anything better to do then hate on someone who did NOTHING to you for him to deserve it? He's obviously not high in this video, every time someone acts silly doesn't mean they're high. It surprises me how narrow minded and ignorant you all are. Why don't you all try looking at the good things that he does, like him helping with charities and the fact that he visits sick kids, requesting no cameras, for free because he wants to!? I could go on and on, but he's on top of the world while you aren't! so why don't you all find something better to do then put someone down who is a hell of a lot better then you all are.

498 days ago


I really wish this little a$$hole would get ran over by a bus. So hate seeing his face on TMZ every f'ing day

498 days ago


Why do people still Care about Weed!?

498 days ago
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