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Justin Bieber


... Or Definitely High?

6/20/2013 3:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

062013_justin_bieber_instagram_launchJustin Bieber just posted a video on Instagram ... and let's just say he appears a bit elevated.

Bieber -- with his shirt off and a chain around his neck -- is trying to deliver a message to his fans about his excitement over the new ability to post video on Instagram ... but can't get through 3 words without cracking up.

Plus, his eyes are super glazed.

Now, we're no weed experts ... (ok, some of us are) ... but it seems like Bieber's next move was probably a munchie run.

... not that there's anything wrong with that.


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He does know he's white, right????

492 days ago

4 SURE    

Yes Justin smokes weed, but to me he doesn't look stoned in this vid for the mere fact that his eyes are perfectly white and open the whole time. When you're stoned your eyes get so blood shot and your eyelids feel like they're 50 pounds. I think he's just laughing at himself because he knows this vid has no purpose, he realizes it's just a dumb video that he's posting on instagram

492 days ago


WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!! All he does is smile and enjoys life and you turn around and say BIEBERS HIGH!! omg really like STFU grow up and stop making rumors!

492 days ago


first of all maybe he was just laughing with his friends and seriously why do u have to do this every belieber hates u guys now on fb they HATE YOU !! ****in paparazzis **** u guys well we dont have a problem with the video because we love to see his smile and he doesnt smoke weed u ****in fake weed experts and now your giving him more haters wow u really want to bring him down and u dont bring other celebritys down so what he cant be shirtless and have a chain around their necks he does that in concerts do u even know how high looks like well honey i do and he is just laughing so let him be thats why i hate u ****in gossip websites because YOU RUIN CELEBRITIES CAREERS! so just let him be hes my world and hes never gonna bring me down !

492 days ago


yeah cause being high is the only reason somebody can laugh. honestly just stop TMZ. he's finally happy and you have to go make rumors.

492 days ago


yeah cause the only way to laugh is to be high ... tmz just stop.

492 days ago

Ronald RayGun    

The great James Gandolfini had to die and we are stuck with this golden nugget and the maggots in my Ktrash!

492 days ago


So has nothing positive to give this world!

492 days ago


He's nineteen. By twenty one he will be a burned out empty shell. Time passes so fast, sad to see where he is headed.

492 days ago


Or he could simply be as dumb as a bag full of used hammers.

492 days ago


And you losers ENABLE him and worship him and present him to the children of America... typical liberals.

492 days ago


He is laughing so it makes him high? You guys are ****ing ridiculous.

492 days ago


Video on Instagram that's awesome

492 days ago



492 days ago


I was gunna speed up.. the street.... but then I got high... I was gunna cause a fight... but then I got high..Now I'm trying to stay out sight because I'm so high... because I'm high, because I'm high, because I'm high...

492 days ago
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