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Paula Deen

Food Network Gives Her


6/21/2013 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

5:10 PM PT -- Paula has just released a statement, thanking the Food Network for 11 "great years." She said, "Because of the gift the Food Network gave me, I've had the pleasure of being allowed into so many homes across the country."

Paula Deen
's goose has been cooked at the Food Network.  Officials tell TMZ they are not renewing her contract, which expires at the end of this month.

Paula apparently was done in for her comments during a deposition in a civil lawsuit, in which she freely admitted to using the N-word in the past.

Deen issued an apology this morning that bordered on ridiculous -- it was heavily edited and frankly insincere.

She issued a second apology shortly before the Food Network said it would not renew her contract.



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I heard she is begging Oprah for a job on OWN.

489 days ago


Good. Now maybe she will learn to keep her filthy mouth shut.

489 days ago


She is not to be blamed for her past up-bringing coming from south - it is not very easy to change what was official back then - good old days !

489 days ago


Whatever! A racist is a racist! Begone with you racist!

489 days ago


This is CRAP!!! Won't be watching food network anymore!!!

489 days ago


Are all the holier-than-thou idiots happy now? An elderly woman who struggled to make it in life is done in because of a stupid f(u)2king word that doesn't mean anything? As if blacks don't call whites and latinos EVERY name in the book. Once upon a time, there was something called free speech. Now that only exists for blacks, hispanics and most importantly, illegal aliens.

489 days ago


i bet shes the only one at the puke network that ever uttered the n work better than thou pieces of **** their stuffing down their throat

489 days ago

Albert Melendez    

Ya'll need to get over that B.S. .. Who is keeping count of certain black people call white people white trash, honky, cracker or I have been call spick or wetback from black people... Ya'll need to get a life... those words are being thrown around by a lot of people.. is it right??? maybe.. maybe not... there are more important thing going on that petty bull**** like that... GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!

489 days ago


So next time a black person says it, honky, cracker, or whitey will they be banned from all media? What a load of crap.

489 days ago


Yes black people do use the word *****. I don't think they should use it. However the context of black person saying it is total different when a white person says. You morons need to realize that

489 days ago


She admitted to somethingshe said or did in past,sowhat?How many people can say they have never used the"N" word.Blacks are applauding this and they are more guilty of this than anybody.When blacks on TV and in the public say these things other blacks say "It was a mistake",But don,t let a non black say the same thing the blacks want them fired or shot..What a joke,I applaud Paula Dean at least she,s not a liar or a phony like so many others.

489 days ago


Off with her head !

489 days ago


I have never liked her since I think she is a fake form the beginning, but after all these happening to her, I think TMZ blew the matter way out of proportion. What does it take for her to get the good press back? Give her liver to a random N..sorry, black person???

Poor woman next appearance may be a mug shot for DUI, and then a sudden death like Gandolfini with her weight and heart problem. Then TMZ will have all the good praises and rip on her!!!

Paula, walk with your head held high, that's what you need to do, just retire and be a good southern lady in private, that's the price of fame, you can't make everybody like you for life!!!

489 days ago


I was one of the first to applaud Paula for her honesty in her deposition, but Food Network is a company and they have to make business decisions. The fact is, they will face less backlash from viewers and advertisers by not renewing her contract than they would if they did. It's not a violation of her freedom of speech. It's not disrespectful to anybody. It's a simple parting of ways based on what's best for them as a network. Simple.

489 days ago


Enough of the "blacks say it all the time" comments. Not all blacks say that word. Stop stereotyping. And if you know anything about law and history, you know that there are exceptions the freedom of speech law. Don't believe me? Go yell bomb in an airport.

489 days ago
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