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Paula Deen

Dropped By Publisher

6/28/2013 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The demolition derby known as Paula Deen's empire rolls on -- she's just been dropped by one of her publishers, which says it will no longer release her next project ... which was expected to be a best seller.

In a statement released Friday, Ballantine Books announced it has cancelled the publication of "Paula Deen's New Testament: 250 Favorite Recipes, All Lightened Up".

But get this ... even though the book wasn't set to come out until October, it's already #1 on Amazon with pre-order sales.

Ballantine adds its name to the long list of companies abandoning ship in light of Deen's n-word controversy ... The Food Network, QVC, JCPenny, and Smithfield Hams, etc ...



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baybomber why do rappers get a pass? they are not special oh I'm wrong most are black so it is allright to slur and degrade white people and women.

450 days ago


i say we boycott the companies that dropped her, this is just stupid now. i would like to see ONE rapper come forth and say they are sorry for constantly using the N word in their so called music!!!

450 days ago


Edwood you are an ignorant person to be proud of no education. Maybe if more blacks would get educated we would't have so much crime.

450 days ago


Paula can't say the N word, which is not illegal but our Prez can smoke a joint and get away with it even tho it's illegal

450 days ago


Im sick of her face and image.Take your butter and go.

450 days ago


Random House has also just cancelled Paula's contract that would have her writing 4 more cookbooks. This is not Paula just about you using the N word 30 years ago.

450 days ago



Paula can say anything that she wants to say. We all can. But it is wise to consider possible consequences before you speak. In my opinion, I think she should stop talking and go somewhere and find a PR team that give two cents about her and fire everybody around her that is poorly advising her. And if she's running off at the mouth on her own then she just need to SHUT UP and go away because no one wants to hear what she has to say. Paula has only herself to blame for this situation. All she had to do is address the issues that Ms. Jackson brought before them. SIMPLE.

450 days ago


Hey Paula - self publish your book. You'll make a lot more money and you can even sell it on Amazon if you self publish. I'd also suggest you look at creating a membership website where people pay a monthly fee. They can watch video episodes, get recipes, etc. You don't need the old media because you already have a huge fan base.

450 days ago

one world    

Paula Deen is the scapegoat for all of these companies pretending that they aren't racists by showing their disdain for her reported racial slur. What are these companies doing to help the impoverished Black Americans with jobs, education and housing. They are the real racists in this country blowing their smoke screen.

450 days ago


I could care less Paula used the N word, these days everyone does at some point in time. What chaps my ass is after having diabetes for years, not only hiding it but also teaching millions of Americans (both black and white mind you) these dishes to feed their families is inexcusable. Shes not sorry nor genuine. She has showed us time again her intentions are far from good. Money and family motivates Paula Deen and shame on anyone who has sympathy for this lady.

450 days ago


Ms. Jackson, a Caucasian, white female, was subject to racially discriminatory conduct every single day she came to work.

Paula Deen placed Ms. Jackson in charge of food and serving arrangements for the wedding of her brother Bubba Hiers in February 2007. When Ms. Jackson asked Ms. Deen what look the wedding should have, Ms. Deen replied, "I want a true southern plantation-style wedding." Asked by Ms. Jackson what type of uniforms she preferred servers to wear, Paula Deen stated, "Well what I would really like is a bunch of little ******s to wear long-sleeve white shirts, black shorts and black bow ties, you know in the Shirley Temple days, they used to tap
dance around." Paula Deen laughed and said "Now that would be a true southern wedding, wouldn't it? But we can't do that because the media would be on me about that.'' Ms. Jackson did not laugh, stating that "no, we can't do that;" a pregnant pause followed, and the meeting ended shortly thereafter. The same attitude prevailed with restaurant operations.
At Uncle Bubba's restaurant, African-American staff persons are required to use the back entrance for all purposes, including picking up their checks. They were prohibited from using
the front entrance.
African-American staff persons at Uncle Bubba's restaurant are required to use one restroom that is in the back of the restaurant and is not the customer restroom. White staff was allowed to use the customer bathroom.
African-American staff persons stationed at the back of Uncle Bubba's restaurant are not allowed to go to the front of the restaurant.
Ms. Jackson hired two African-American hostesses. Their position required them to be stationed in the front of the restaurant. Bubba Hiers complained repeatedly about one hostess being out front and she was later fired for allegedly stealing a white customer's purse. The police were called and the young woman was searched, but she was not arrested and no charges were brought. Mr. Hiers demanded that the other African-American hostess be moved to a position in the back of the restaurant where she could not be seen by customers.
Ms. Jackson and her employees were surrounded in the workplace with the most vulgar and obscene racial comments, including the following:
a. Ms. Jackson was meeting with a vendor in her office at Uncle Bubba's restaurant when Bubba Hiers entered the office and slammed the door behind him, stating "I wish I could put all those ******s [in the kitchen] on a boat to Africa."
b. On approximately Friday, July 20, 2010, Bubba Hiers confronted an African­ American male kitchen staff person and repeatedly screamed at him, and physically and violently shook him, as set forth in detail in paragraph 60, below.
c. In Ms. Jackson's presence, Bubba Hiers said to his African-American security guard and driver, "don't you wish you could rub all the black off you and be like me?" The security guard responded, "I'm fine the way I am," whereupon Mr. Hiers replied that "you just look dirty, I bet you wish you could."
d. In the presence of Ms.Jackon and an Uncle Bubba's restaurant manager and a vendor, Bubba Hiers stated that "they should send President Obama to the oil spill in the Gulf [of Mexico] so he could ******-rig it.''
e. In the presence of a vendor who traps wildlife (e.g., raccoons) and Ms. Jackson,
Bubba Hiers stated, "you also got a bunch of coons in this kitchen you can trap." The kitchen was primarily staffed with African-Americans.
f. Bubba Hiers told jokes using the word "******" in front of the coordinator of a fundraising event at the Bethesda Boys Home. The coordinator, not employed by Defendants, expressed to Ms. Jackson her discomfort with Mr. Hiers and his language.

Mr. Schumacher, on multiple occasions, told jokes or ridiculed the President of the
United States, using the word "******."

In addition to being the personal target of sexually harassing behavior, Ms.Jackson suffered from having to experience the same degrading and humiliating behavior directed at her staff. Ms.Jackson also suffered from having to experience the racially discriminatory humiliation of her African-American staff. During her tenure, Ms. Jackson built a family of committed staff for whom she cared deeply. She was their supervisor and was responsible for providing them a safe work environment free from sexual and racial harassment. Despite many efforts to provide such a work environment, she was unable to do so. Bubba Hiers' conduct interfered with Ms. Jackson's relationships with the staff she called family and upon whom she relied to accomplish the business of running a restaurant, causing her immense personal emotional and physical distress. Employees came to her to complain and for help-help which
she was never able to fully provide despite seeking such help from managers and the attorney for the Paula Deen Family of Companies and from Paula Deen herself. Ms. Jackson was personally aggrieved and injured by the discriminatory harassment and abusive treatment of her employees.
During a meeting called by Bubba Hiers in the Uncle Bubba's restaurant kitchen one afternoon, Bubba Hiers began beating on his chest and challenging anyone and everyone in the kitchen to fight him. He screamed so loud that spit was coming out of his mouth, as he said "Come get some. Come on, you want a piece of me? Meet me on the dock you mother ****ers."
Ms. Jackson scanned the room in horror and saw her staff, recognizing the look of fear, disbelief, and helplessness in the eyes of individuals from the lowest working socioeconomic stratum of
the community who know personally outside the workplace the feeling of intimidation, violence and berating behavior. Mr. Hiers then stumbled out the back door to his truck and he was gone. Ms. Jackson's job was then, as it was many times after this incident, to control the damage so
that she could both comfort her staff, but also retain their services for the benefit of Paula Deen, Bubba Hiers and the restaurant.
On July 20,2010, Ms. Jackson's report of a sexually harassing comment by a white staff person toward an African-American kitchen staff at Uncle Bubba's restaurant brought two African-American witnesses to the small office Ms. Jackson was required to share with Bubba Hiers. Seething with anger and red in the face with concern that the African-American male kitchen staff person might speak to someone about this incident, Mr. Heirs repeatedly screamed at him asking him what he saw. The witness' answer was "can I plead the 5th Amendment." Unsatisfied with that response, Mr. Hiers physically and violently shook him and stated, "**** your civil rights ... you work for me and my sister Paula Deen," saying further "you're not going to get me sued over some little bitch." Mr. Hiers proceeded to physically and violently shake this individual. Ms. Jackson was in the small office with both Mr. Hiers and this witness at the time. She and others nearby and in the kitchen feared for their physical safety, not knowing how far the physical violence might be taken by Mr. Hiers.
The staff of Uncle Bubba's restaurant was in a constant state of fear awaiting Bubba
Hiers' arrival at the restaurant and any required interaction with him.
The stress of repeatedly taking on the role of anticipating Bubba Hiers' violence, moderating it to the extent possible, and playing the go-between role with her staff caused Ms. Jackson enormous stress- stress that caused chest pains and evolved into panic attacks that
would often begin when Bubba Hiers' truck pulled into the parking lot or upon appearance of the white cup-the styrofoam cup poured almost full with whiskey at approximately 10:00 a.m. whereupon Bubba Hiers began his day of drinking and abusive behavior. When the truck pulled up or the white cup appeared, staff would scatter, leaving Ms. Jackson to manage Bubba Hiers.
The outrageous and unlawful conduct thrust upon Ms. Jackson's staff was extremely distressing to Ms. Jackson and others. After cleaning up UncJe Bubba's restaurant upon her arrival, she staffed it with individuals who were poor but they were honest, hard-working and committed to making the restaurant a success. Ms. Jackson was responsible for providing them a safe and lawful work environment, but despite Ms. Jackson's repeated complaints to every level of management and ownership, she was unable to provide that environment.
For over five (5) years, Ms. Jackson made numerous and frequent complaints of racial and sexual harassment and abusive treatment to the highest levels of corporate management and ownership, including: Defendants Paula Deen and Bubba Hiers; Paula Deen Enterprises Chief Operation Officer (COO) and Director of Operations Theresa Fueger; the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for the Paula Deen Family of Companies, Karl Schumacher; and to the attorney for Defendants, James P. Gerard. The conduct was universally known and tolerated
within the ownership and management levels of the corporate enterprise, and by corporate counsel and no remedy was offered.

Ms. Jackson's pleas for relief from the harassment to senior management also took the form of requests made to Ms. Fueger and Mr. Shumacher for a transfer anywhere in the company
-even if it required a cut in pay- but she was told by them that Paula Deen would never let her leave Uncle Bubba's restaurant.
The same request by Ms. Jackson was made directly to Paula Deen who told Ms.Jackson she could never leave Uncle Bubba's restaurant.
Corporate counsel James P. Gerard would frequently call Ms. Jackson at home in the evenings and on the weekend to discuss and sympathize with the discriminatory conditions and abusive treatment she confronted.
The harassment and abuse was severe in its form and pervasive in its application, and despite her numerous and frequent complaints and despite the continuing knowledge of the behavior by the highest levels of management, ownership and corporate counsel, and despite the patent illegality of the conduct, no remedy was forthcoming.
In the Spring and Summer of2010, Ms. Jackson's conditions of employment became intolerable, having complained repeatedly and for years of harassment, discrimination and
abusive treatment to the highest levels of management and ownership to no effect.
In March 20 I 0, the General Manager of Lady & Sons Restaurant General Manager Dustin Walls, who is one of the best friends ofPaula Deen's son Jaime Deen, threatened to fire all the "monkeys" in the kitchen, referring specifically to the African-American kitchen staff. Employees throughout the corporate enterprise became aware of the comment. Ms. Jackson's staff at Uncle Bubba's restaurant became aware of the comment, placing upon Ms. Jackson further significant personnel management challenges. At Paula Deen's direction, Mr. Walls visited Ms. Deen at her home whereupon she "slapped him on the wrist." She did not want to do that and she regretted it, but she was concerned that otherwise the NAACP would become involved. According to Karl Schumacher, "we have to show we are doing something."
The workplace culture created by Defendants is further evidenced by the initiative bringing in human resource consultants shortly after the "monkey" incident. Lady & Sons Restaurant General Manager Dustin Walls was so rude to the consultant that she stopped her interview with him. Bubba Hiers did not show up for his interview with the consultant.
She tolerated everything that went on and was a participant in some instances. She's racist, her sons are racists and sexists and that's WHY her sons did and said what they said. I'm glad her a** getting ripped to shreds

450 days ago


Deen and company are accused of sexual harassment and racial discrimination PUT INTO ACTION in the workplace
Ms. Jackson was subjected to violent behavior by Bubba Hiers, violent behavior that included sexual harassment of Ms. Jackson and other female employees and assault and battery ofMs. Jackson. Mr. Hiers' violent behavior also included racial harassment, assault, battery and other humiliating conduct practiced upon the employees managed by Ms. Jackson. The conduct described herein is no mere offensive utterance; the conduct was threatening, even physically threatening, and universally humiliating. The staff of Uncle Bubba's Seafood and Oyster House, Inc. ("Uncle Bubba's restaurant") lived in fear ofBubba Hiers.

Ms. Jackson began employment with the Paula Deen Family of Companies on or about February 2005 and continued employment until she could no longer bear the sexual harassment, racial harassment, and abusive treatment as described herein, leaving employment of the Paula Deen Family of Companies on August 19,2010.

Ms. Jackson began employment with the Paula Deen Family of Companies on or about February 2005 and continued employment until she could no longer bear the sexual harassment, racial harassment, and abusive treatment as described herein, leaving employment of the Paula Deen Family ofCompanies on August 19,2010.
Ms. Jackson was first hired by Uncle Bubba's restaurant as a hostess. After six months, she was promoted to General Manager. She remained in the position of General Manager from approximately August 2005 until August 19, 2010.
Ms. Jackson replaced a General Manager that was allegedly sleeping with servers, a matter disregarded by Bubba Hiers. In a meeting with that General Manager and Ms. Jackson, Paula Deen terminated that General Manager and stated to Bubba Hiers, "if you think I have worked this hard to lose everything because of a piece of *****, you better think again." Paula Deen continued, "and now I am going to do something I have never done. I am going to put a woman in a man's job." Paula Deen gave Ms. Jackson six months to turn the restaurant from a failure to a success.

Upon her promotion to General Manager, Bubba Hiers stated to Ms. Jackson, "you're everything I've never wanted but everything I need-a woman to clean my business up." Mr. Hiers suggested that Ms. Jackson "take it (this comment] as a compliment."
Ms. Jackson's ability to perform was doubted with repeated comments and laughter from
Mr. Schumacher and other male managers commenting, for example, that "she'II be down in a month." In six months, Paula Deen's directive was accomplished and Uncle Bubba's was earning a profit.
For these money-saving management efforts, Karl Schumacher referred to Ms. Jackson as "almost Jewish," and Bubba Hiers referred to her as "my little Jew girl."
Now, you see mentioned Jews, let's see how you all feel about all of this now. Because when it comes to Jews you all would be praising what's going on. Whites are some real BS when it comes to their guilt and how they've treated Blacks. Since y'all can't deal with the embarrassment and responsibility you sit there and try and turn it on Blacks, when Blacks aren't even the one suing her a** lmao.

Cont'd with Jackson complaint file:
Read MFs Your business is run from the TOP DOWN.
The management staff of the corporate Defendants perceived a tightly integrated nature of the Paula Deen Family of Companies, evidenced in part by Lady & Sons Restaurant General Manager Dustin Walls communicating an apology across the corporate enterprise for threatening to fire all the "monkeys" in his kitchen, a reference to the African-American kitchen staff. Another General Manager communicated to a broader management audience his apparent apology for having exposed his fellow General Manager's racist comment and for having been too compassionate toward his employees.
Paula Deen further stated in a managers' meeting that the Paula Deen Family of Companies was "one in the same business," stating further that "I owe just as much on this ****ing restaurant, as I do on that ****ing restaurant, so you need to work together."
Ms. Jackson was subject to sexually harassing conduct by Bubba Hiers every single day Ms. Jackson came to work for over five (5) years. In addition to inescapable pornography he brought to the workplace, Bubba Hiers' harassing and abusive comments were often loud and without apparent concern for customers, vendors, staff or anyone else near him.
Bubba Hiers is a frequent customer of pornography Web sites and would download and view such sites at work. In the small office he shared with Ms. Jackson, it was impossible for her to avoid viewing the pornography. Alternatively, he visited those Websites on the kitchen computer, often forgetting to log out whereupon other employees involuntarily shared his pornography adventure. In addition, the one email address shared by Ms. Jackson and Bubba Hiers frequently received pornographic material transmitted to Mr. Hiers by his friends or relatives that was unavoidably viewed by Ms. Jackson or her staff.
On more than one occasion, Bubba Hiers requested that Ms. Jackson bring pictures of herself when she was young for him to view. He told her "you have nice legs" and that two other employees are "fat girls," commenting that (because of their weight) they did not need to be wearing capri pants or skirts; and commenting further, "I can't have them walking around like that." Neither did he approve of their arms which he considered fat, so he instituted a
requirement that female managers wear long sleeves.
Bubba Hiers frequently visits strip clubs and would bring to the workplace numerous stories told to Ms.Jackson and other staff regarding the highlights of his visits to those clubs.
Bubba Hiers commented to Ms. Jackson regarding a female employee who was married to a significantly younger man, 'lCan you imagine that man going to bed with her?"
In Ms. Jackson's presence, Bubba Hiers commented to another female employee after she received dentures, "I bet your husband is going to like that."
On another occasion, Bubba Hiers told a joke to the staff that described why men should have sex with women with flat heads because "you can sit your beer on top of her head while she is giving you a blow job."
Bubba Hiers commented to Ms. Jackson and others that he would like to replace the staff at Uncle Bubba's restaurant with "Hooter's Girls."

450 days ago


santana nyla dawn I'm only talking about language and not any other subject. What about my first admmendent rights? only rappers can claim them?

450 days ago


Black people, Paula supporters don't want to see the truth, all they want is to maintain White supremacy, which is why they cape for her so hard. Had this been solely about White Jews they'd be dragging her through the mud talking about what an atrocity it is and how we should never forget the holocaust.

Never forget the Holocaust
Never forget 9/11
oh, but Black people, please get over your history

450 days ago


so her publishing company hates people whose sales go over the roof overnight
where is the American Dream???

450 days ago
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