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Aaron Hernandez

Kicked Out of Bar After

Pounding Tequila

7/2/2013 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

Aaron Hernandez downed a ton of hard liquor, cussed out security guards ... and refused to leave when they confronted him ... in a Hermosa Beach, CA sports bar.

According to sources who were in Chelsea Pub & Lounge on April 19th ... the then New England Patriots star was drinking double Patron Silver shots all night in between glasses of Adios Motherf**kers -- a wonderful vodka, rum, tequila, and gin concoction.

We're told Hernandez repeatedly tried to walk outside the bar WITH his drink, and didn't understand why security wouldn't let him -- and began yelling and cursing at the bar staff.

When asked to leave ... Hernandez simply sat down (pictured above) and told security he wasn't leaving.

However, once multiple security guards surrounded him ... he paid off his hefty bar tab and left peacefully.

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BB not bb    

So this means that he is a killer? He was drunk and is allegedly not too bright, so maybe he thought he could hang out in front and keep drinking like at a sidewalk cafe. Maybe the guards were just rude and he yelled back. He paid his tab and left peacefully. That sounds like all you could want.

He drinks too much, parties too loud, breaks windows, and fights with his fiancee. Does that mean he is a killer though? They think that some smiling pose in red proves he is in the bloods. Are we ever going to hear his side of the events leading to the murder?

455 days ago


"SunnyAutumn" wins best post to this silly little, pathetic, desperate-for-attention loser. Give it up, Wax--you get more pathetic with each comment.

455 days ago


Is today Aaron Hernandez day? Sorry, but this guy is a real badass. More badass than the The Game (Sorry to disappoint you) I mean, he's connected to 3 murders.

455 days ago


He was at The Underground not Chelsea Pub so obviously if the "sources" are saying all this stuff happened and they cant even get the place he was at correct then all these stories are bs all these stories one after the other in one day come on how stupid do you think we all are to believe this crap

455 days ago


Good news everyone. I flagged all of MAXX6221 filthy, vulgar posts and his account is shut down. He may come back with a different profile, but he will think twice about what he writes. At least for now it's, ding dong, the lowlife's gone.

455 days ago


The same way the U.S. military uses,
Overwhelming force.

455 days ago


I bet they are glad he paid his tab BEFORE he was arrested for murder and put in jail.

455 days ago


This jerk*ff was bound to end up in jail!!! Disrespecting girlfriend with all night parties (4pm to 9am) - cant party that long without coke or meth, cops coming to the house multiple times, drinking like a fish @ the Hermosa Beach Sports bar, cursing Security Guards and thinking the Security Guards had no right to tell his immature, sorry a** to leave, and on and on and on. Thought he was a BIG MAN being a Patriot. Well the idiot big man screwed up and finally killed somebody and didnt do a very good job of covering his tracks (thank God for that poor guy he murdered)! Hope you ROT in jail you gang-bang wannabe LOSER. Nobody needs you around and I hope you get the holy sh*t beat out of you in prison. Bye-bye.

455 days ago


Haha sounds like one of my nights a little patron and a little AMF, let me tell you from experience he was FUBAR

455 days ago


Alcohol is fun.

455 days ago


The guy was probably a total ******* and a bad drunk....but its all conjecture in the court of law.The question no one has answered is did he have the gun in his hand when Odin was murdered. until then he's innocent of 1st degree murder. period.

455 days ago


That was at the Underground in Hermosa Beach

455 days ago


So why didn't this come out in April when it happened? Why all the fuss now?

455 days ago

BB not bb    

Legalized murder takes place on the part of the USA all the time. There are abortionists, soldiers carrying out police actions in foreign nations, drug companies releasing deadly poisons in the name of health, and on and on. These people are all considered upstanding citizens though. I guess they never got drunk at a bar or in a fight in their house or had a loud party.

They seem to be trying to assassinate this guy's character. Why try to hard? If he is guilty, let the facts speak for themselves.

He does look a little bit thug with all of the tattoos, but that does not mean he is a killer. Lots of people have tattoos now. I think it just shows that you are a joiner and a follower instead of a rebel with most of these people.

People will throw you out of a bar for any stupid reason. Maybe the security doesn't like you, maybe your friends are too loud, maybe the bartender heard a rumor about you or is jealous of you, maybe you insulted the bartender's friends, etc. Is every accusation made against someone an indictment against their character?

People are too judgmental any more. It is annoying.

455 days ago

Double Bubble    

Who cares. Unless he beat the sh*t outta someone, waved a gun around, or killed someone on this night, why does this even matter? A drunk guy at a bar.. how odd .. was this supposed to imply he was violent or out of control? big fail if thats the case

455 days ago
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