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CBS & 'Big Brother'


Our Racist Houseguests

7/2/2013 4:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The honchos at CBS tell TMZ ... they were certainly OFFENDED by several racist and homophobic comments made by the current "Big Brother" houseguests ... but hey, that's live programming for ya.

The houseguests have been under fire from what appears to be the ENTIRE INTERNET over the following comments:

-- GinaMarie referred to welfare as “n**ger insurance”
-- Aaryn called gay contestant Andy a "queer."
-- Spencer referred to Andy as “Kermit the F**" ... and praised Hitler as a gifted speaker.

CBS has released a statement to TMZ ... saying, "We certainly find the statements made by several of the Houseguests on the live Internet feed to be offensive."

However, The Eye points out that 24/7 live programming can sometimes reveal some bad things about people ... saying, "At times, the Houseguests reveal prejudices and other beliefs that we do not condone."

There have been rumors that Big Brother will be 86ing some of the offensive cast members -- but it certainly doesn't appear that's gonna happen.


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Ryuga the Dragon Emperor    

They deserved it.

479 days ago


What's wrong with "queer"?

479 days ago


86ing the offending cast members? How? By rigging the votes? Their mute button always seems to work exceptionally well so why not just use that?

479 days ago

Spunky Funk    

lol...this is normal...who cares?

479 days ago


But Hitler was an amazing speaker. That is true.

479 days ago


It can also be white trash insurance. Her name is Gina Marie.

479 days ago


I LOVE Big Brother, have not missed one ... however, I think this year's houseguests have to be made an example of ... get rid of GinaMarie, Spencer and Aaryn asap; we ALL know one bad apple can spoil the bushel, but three can contaminate the entire show; please CBS kick their asses to the curb!!!

479 days ago


Finally spoke out about it and in the end, said nothing. The issue that I have is that they will continue to cover up their actions, instead showing Aaryn or should I say Aryan, as America's sweetheart when she is anything but. There will forever be bigots but if you're going to have them in the house, and with a group so BRAZEN and forward as this group is about their racism and homophobia, show it and out them for who they truly are. Especially in a season where America is voting.

479 days ago


CBS is going to get Paula-ed!
That's the reality of LIFE folks.
The people your work with, sleep, fellowship, party with COULD BE PREJUDICE and you just don't know it.
It's very common.

479 days ago


Let's see how much integrity Julie Chen really has. I really want to see whether or not she is going to be chumming it up with the same people who talked about the Asian houseguest, Helen, saying: "Shut up and go make me some rice." and "Maybe hitting her will make her eyes go straight." "She's the first Asian lady I met that didn't do nails." This'll make for an interesting Wednesday night.

479 days ago

The Real JJ    

They'll be gone soon anyway because the game is rigged. These guys are dumb! They should know that the world is watching and hearing their every move.

479 days ago

The Real JJ    

Yall left out the part where that aaryn girl told the Asian woman to go cook rice.

479 days ago


Good luck CBS.
I'm offended that this trash show is still on their schedule. A prime example of how the dumbing down of american entertainment continues.

So they're offended by some language being used?
Cry a river Les, your wife hosts the program..tell her.

479 days ago

Jericho Morton    

How dare they say what they see in front of them.

479 days ago


I watch BB every season. I have never heard such hate being thrown and racial slurs in any BB season as this one.
I believe when BB asks someone to be a houseguest ,that is what they are a guest of CBS..CBS has every right to tell them to stop with the racial comments.
It is not like they made one comment and no others its a daily thing.. 86 the house guests that disrespects people and is racist, and just can not keep from offending people ..Aaryn should be 86ed. It is totally mean spirited, and cold hearted,and disgusting to listen to..
CBS- houseguests are just that GUESTS. They should not be able to get away with comments and foul mouth talking about others with racist undertones. If this does not stop I will not be watching any longer.

479 days ago
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