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'Big Brother' GinaMarie

FIRED from Day Job

for Racist Comments

7/3/2013 12:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Big Brother" contestant GinaMarie Zimmerman is gonna have a rude awakening when she leaves the house -- she's been FIRED from her day job after dropping the N-bomb.

TMZ has learned ... East Coast USA Pageant, Inc. is cutting ties with the 32-year-old pageant coordinator ... claiming they were shocked GZ could "display such acts of hate and racism."

As we previously reported, GinaMarie referred to welfare as "n**ger insurance" ... and the comments were captured on "Big Brother's" uncensored live Internet feed.

East Coast USA says GinaMarie has been an employee for 5 years -- but insist, "We have never known this side of GinaMarie or have ever witnessed such acts of racism in the past."

The pageant says, "We are actually thankful that this show let us see GinaMarie for who she truly is. We would never want her to be a role model to our future contestants."

"In a business where we are surrounded by beauty every day we are saddened to see something so ugly come from someone we put on a very high pedestal."

A rep for the organization tells us they are especially upset because they encouraged their pageant girls to watch GinaMarie on the show and vote for her ... thinking she would be a role model.


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Angry black woman    

Another Zimmerman in the news

473 days ago

David Craighead    

In tough economic times and political asphere rage in some people comes out in ways that one and especially with one thats close can surprise you beyond awe. I'm sure that Ms. Zimmerman will come to her senses and realize the damage that she has done to her personality, trust and general attitude about herself has made a statement as to just where shes really at. I hope that she can come to terms with her demeanor and see the error or flaw in her personality and learn to accept people for who their are and not label people. We all come from different backgrounds and different cir***stances in life and need not over kill with opinions as to who's right and who's wrong, ain't your beef. Just Human cir***stance!!

473 days ago


All this N bomb is getting on my nerves I know 5millon people who say the N word and 99% of them are not racist if you look up N**** in the dictionary its white black pink purple orange poka dotted and sorry to say it 99% of people on welfare (at least every one I know that on it but maybe 2 people) are exactly just that the N bomb and guess what every one I know is WHITE they dont work they are dirty nasty ppl they dont take care of their kids the collect money from welfare to buy drugs their kids are starved while they sell their food stamps for drugs they give their free insurance cards to ppl for 100 bucks while there kids are sitting at home sick as hell needing to see a dr teeth rotting out needing to see a dentist yes some people use the N bomb because they are racist but not every one does I guess its ok for black people to rap about honkeys and crackers and wetbacks and that dont make them racist but as soon as a white girl says the N bomb omg she is racist as soon as a rapper who aint black drops the n bomb or says porch monkey their racist I can say N**** all day long and I am not one bit racist my black niece is my favorite niece but because a white women on tv said it she is racist

473 days ago

Angelia Johnson    

Myth: People on welfare are usually black, teenage mothers who stay on ten years at a time.

Fact: Most welfare recipients are non-black, adult and on welfare less than two years at a time.


According to the statistics, whites form the largest racial group on welfare; half of all welfare recipients leave in the first two years; and teenagers form less than 8 percent of all welfare mothers.


Here are the statistics on welfare recipients:

Traits of families on AFDC (1)

White 38.8%
Black 37.2
Hispanic 17.8
Asian 2.8
Other 3.4

473 days ago


Gina has secret aspirations to be in Playboy but she's too old. She could do cougar porn.

473 days ago


Good and I hope the rest of them get what they deserve for their disgusting comments

473 days ago


Maybe one day soon she will learn to enlighten herself instead of listening to her racist parents and who ever else raised her to say things like that. First off welcome to the "N" Club. ****** means an ignorant person. Look bone head, Black people only make up 12% of the country we live in. So it is impossible for there to be more black people on welfare than white's simply because the numbers can't add up. Once you begin to travel out of your racist cocoon you will see just how any white people are using welfare to get by. Think of how many states in the mid west where there are no black people but a whole lot of white people struggling to get by? So ignorant. But I'm not surprised, she looks like a piece of crap with limited brain matter to put together any rational thoughts.

473 days ago


you mother****ers sicken me literally do you think that every black person is on welfare drugs or cant keep their legs closed or dick in their pants. you are a racist moron if you do. so pathetic... quick to try and defend or condone peoples bad behavior as if there arent problems in asian white hispanic indian and every other community in this country on this planet. what she sai was racist pure an simple all the stats and stinkin ass opinions will not change that

473 days ago

Lisa Sepper    

I am so glad they got rid of her, if you can say something so STUPID why should you portray beauty, The fact that you are racist makes you UGLY

473 days ago

BB not bb    

Remember when they had that Smucker's grape jelly commercial where little kids would say things their parents said that were embarrassing? Like one kid said the neighbors are hillbillies. It was funny. People have ways of talking about other people. So what?

Did anyone bother to ask this lady if she even was a racist. Plenty of blacks are and they will tell you right to your face. People want to jump to conclusions about her why, because she is white? That is not fair.

Blacks even call each other Ns when they think they are poor and lazy. No one jumps down their throat for it. It is just a word, a comment.

It is like if one person was an evil slave master 200 years ago, that means all whites are just as scary and dangerous. This is just ridiculous.

I am not a fan of this show anyway, but no matter what stupid cir***stance someone puts themselves in, I don't think you should judge them by some casual remark meant to be funny.

473 days ago


No surprise the two BB house guest have been fired even though 3/4 of the people are still racist. All races use some type of hurtful word. They were just caught on TV. You should here what people say about some of the TMZ employees. Racism isn't going to stop. Freedom of speech. Being a Native American I can say this. We get called all kinds of words yet we aren't weeping about it. We turn the other cheek and have a GOOD LAUGH...

473 days ago

Love the skin you are in    

Good morning white America,

There are more white people on welfare than blacks.

473 days ago


Why no mention of all the racist comments and attacks done by Andy and Kaitlin? Andy is constantly making racist remarks about Asians behind Helens back. Kaitlin does the same about black people.

Andy whines about people making homophobic comments then calls Helen Kim Jung all the time.

Also why nothing on Jeremy attacking women all the time and spreading human feces on Ellissa property?

473 days ago


Conflict by design for ratings. Welcome to another poison pop culture train wreck show brought to you by Generation Suck George Orwell freakazoid media.

473 days ago


Well I am a proud African American and it doesn't matter what color you are, if you are a racist, you can't hide it forever. GinaMarie seems to just be a product of her environment. The sad part is that she probably don't know why she made that comment. Racism will never. Only a faithful few of us really and truly believe in equality for all.

473 days ago
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