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Melissa Etheridge's Ex

No Boobs and No Weed

When Our Kids Go on Tour

7/12/2013 4:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Melissa Etheridge's ex GF doesn't want their kids going on tour, living the rock 'n roll lifestyle -- specifically exposure to topless groupies and marijuana ... according to court documents.

Tammy Lynn Michaels went to court today in L.A. requesting an emergency hearing regarding the care of their 6-year-old twins -- because Melissa wants to take them with her on tour starting this month. 

According to court docs ... Tammy is worried the kids haven't been vaccinated against Diphtheria, Tetanus, Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox ... and a slew of other nasty stuff.

In the papers, Melissa claims she and Tammy agreed, when they were together, the kids would not get vaccinations -- and Tammy only changed her mind after they broke up in 2010.

Besides the medical issues ... Tammy also has beef with the kids being exposed to Melissa's rowdy fans and their ya-bos. In the docs, she claims "many female fans remove their shirts and bras and throw them on stage" ... which, we're guessing, she feels is inappropriate.

Further, Tammy is concerned about other people watching the kids while Melissa performs because "there is use of marijuana on the tour bus and in the dressing rooms."

Tammy's request for an emergency hearing was denied -- but a court date's been scheduled for August.


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Tammy comes across as a real vindictive bit**! She just won't ever stop. How sad for all involved.

376 days ago


Boob at an Ethridge concert? I just might be a fan.

376 days ago

Nun ja biz    

First of all I feel it is completely irresponsible to bring your kids on a tour bus no matter who you are. These two need to learn how to co parent.

376 days ago


She ha a point but since she mentioned wanting to force drugs than are WAY more harmful than pot I wouldn't let those kids out of sight for a second! I would no longer trust my ex to do the right thing and respect our health decisions and to do something awful behind my back. So No.. ef off

376 days ago


Melissa has groupies? *smdh*

376 days ago


Shame how these people have children just to make poltical points about their unnatural state of being. And it's the kids who suffer.

375 days ago


Why can't I score me a lipstick lesbian like Tammy Lynn?

375 days ago


I hate spiteful exes. Kill yourself c*nt.

375 days ago


wow not a good photo of Melissa...she used to look great.

375 days ago


I feel so badly for Tammy she is only wanting what is best for the kids and Melissa is just being mean. Tammy gave up everything to raise those kids and now that Melissa doesn't want her anymore she just dumped her. She did the same thing with her first wife, traded her in for a hotter newer model. WOW Melissa I used to have so much respect for you as a woman but in reality you are worse than most men. Give Tammy what she is asking for b/c these are your children too and 6 year-old twins should not be hanging out on tour buses w/o proper supervision and how can you do that if you are the star? IMO

375 days ago


How ignorant not to vaccinate your kids!
Do what you want with your kids which you have a right but I hope they do NOT send them to school with kids who's parents are responsible enough to vaccinate their own kids to avoid them from getting sick!

375 days ago


Yeah right. Like there are topless groupies at Melissa Etheridge shows....

375 days ago


Melissa Etheridge beat cancer, let her enjoy boobs and weed. But please don't bring the kids along, for God's sake!!!

375 days ago


I am getting tired that TMZ slants this domestic story, to Melissa's side, guys have never cled Tammy and hear what she has to say. After the very ****zzy way Melissa treated Tammy, Tammy should have more than she has gotten. Melissa in her OWN self glory,promised Tammy the moon,.....she's is a liar and ugly to boot. Tammy Lynn Michaels is a good woman, stood my Melissa ihe worse possible time, a great parent,.....and she is long overdue for 'her' time,....and this hagged out aged rocker needs to just shut the f**k up,'s a hint,'re not as good as you think you are.

374 days ago


oh my gosh i think its sick that Melissa needs to give her that kind of money here in the UK we don't even see that much if Tammy cant live on that money that melly is giving her Tammy has a big prob she needs to pitch in and stop getting melly to just keep them

367 days ago
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