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Kanye West

Won't Be Prosecuted

For Photog Attack

7/25/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West must have a really good lawyer, because law enforcement sources tell us it's virtually certain he will NOT be charged with ANY crime in connection with last week's paparazzo attack.

Here's the way we're told it will play out. 

LAPD robbery detectives are investigating the photog's allegation that Kanye tried to steal his camera -- but our sources say that dog won't hunt.  The D.A. will NEVER charge Kanye with felony attempted robbery, because there's no proof he tried to pilfer the camera at LAX.

We're told cops will send the attempted robbery file to the D.A. and they expect it will be rejected within days. 

The next step -- the file goes to the L.A. City Attorney for a possible misdemeanor criminal battery prosecution.   But here's why that won't happen.  We're told Kanye is willing to ante up some cash to make the case go away, and it's perfectly legal.  It's called a civil compromise and it's done everyday.

So Kanye will skate ... and probably attack another photog.

The end.



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This is good. People can complain all day that "celebs get special treatment" but try living int heir shoes where they are always followed. Kanye wants to be left alone, so leave him alone. The media pursue him in hopes of getting this type of reaction so they can exploit it and get their hits on their sites. Bottom line: don't want to get hit by Kanye or any other celebrity, then leave them alone. Otherwise, you're walking into the lion's den and deserve to get your bit.

422 days ago


Hot damn! I need $250,000 (thanks for telling us how much it will cost, you, dumbass!), so I'm going to go buy me a fancy camera, wait at the airport, and go out of my way to piss you off, Geezus, and you can assault me in your ***** little bad acting way, and I can lay there and call an ambulance and pay my house off. Thank you SO much, bud! My friends and I are all going to do everything we can to make you assault us!

422 days ago


That photographer deserves everything he gets... they should spray something at him everytime he shows up....or flash things at him so he isnt able to take pictures... someone should sue his ass for harrassement and make him go broke... whenever i see a celebrity lose their **** over a photographer..i NEVER have empathy for the photographer... they are obnoxious s***

422 days ago


Great, once again, if you have enough money, the rules don't apply to you. Sickening.

422 days ago


This photog coud have been Obama's son. I hope Barrack has a news conference about this injustice.

422 days ago


Of Course He Won't! Those Damn Celebs Get Away With Everything!

422 days ago


Wouldnt it be funny if everyone just started ignoring him...... no body take pics, nobody talk to him...........and hey, nobody buy his $hit either! His life would then be great! And we would never have to hear of his dumba$$ again!

422 days ago

Glory Bee    

This ought to surprise you, because I totally can not stand KW, but here goes. See the smirk on the face of the photog being handled? Yeah, that one. Well, you loose a**h**e. You obviously set up an already unstable and emotionally immature man in order to get him to react in a predictable manner all to catch these photos. Ejuts.

422 days ago


you mad bro? hahahahaha bitch

422 days ago


Points and LAUGHS! TMZ needs to quit STALKING. If the fool said leave his ass alone then leave him the hell ALONE. DAYUM!

422 days ago


It's funny how Lindsey Lohan and Amanda Bynes acts a fool and the first thing people scream the should get help and rehab and you see that Kanye west is publicly mentally hurting and needs some help but the only thing (white america ) has to offer was put him in jail prosecute him but I guess if we are not entertaining them we should just be in chains huh ?

422 days ago


Simple solution: stop taking pictures of him. Get away from him. He has given several warnings. Leave him alone. Maybe other people who do not want to be followed should see this as the way to go.

422 days ago


Don't settle with parasites, sue them and have a few hard beating bodyguards to keep them down and at bay...

422 days ago


Score one for Kanye!! Meanwhile, TMZ is still butt hurt. Maybe you professional stalkers will leave him alone now.

422 days ago


about the only profession lower than a pap is a banker.

422 days ago
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