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Simon Cowell

I'm Crazy About Lauren

And the Baby!

8/2/2013 4:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Simon Cowell
is solely focused on Lauren Silverman and their unborn baby -- despite allegations of betrayal from her estranged husband ... sources close to the couple tell TMZ.

We're told Simon is saying privately that his baby will "want for nothing."  He will gladly provide for the child, and not just financially.  Simon is saying he will be a committed, fully-involved parent and says he wants a big role in raising the child.

As for Lauren ... people who know Simon say he's never been happier than when he's with her.

Simon is telling friends he knows the situation is "complicated," but he's very confident it will all pass and his relationship with Lauren will endure this situation


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Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Welcome to the REAL reality, ass-stain. I just don't understand how a woman would want to screw him, he's so gross.

346 days ago


Was it wrong? Yes. Does it really matter? No. It's not really our business. The only thing that matters is that the unborn child is grows up happy, healthy and loved.

346 days ago


No turning back now. It is what it is ! Good luck Pops.

346 days ago


What's wrong with her nose? It looks like she had the same plastic surgeon Michael Jackson had.

346 days ago

Tammy LM    

Uhhg! I can't stand his smug conceited face. Every time I see that face he looks so stuck up and condescending I want to drive something blunt into his skull. I wonder if he truly knows he has that effect on women?

To those who have said it's a real stand up thing what Simon says about the's called spin control and he knows what he's doing. He's manipulating the public because that's what celebrities that have been busted do when they want to spin the controversey somewhere else.
He doesn't mean a word of it. He's been in two other relationships with women who looked just like this woman, and she's simply Number Three..
He's a player and this time he got CAUGHT like a pig in a trap. She got knocked up. So now he's stuck. S_T_U_C_K.
He's not going to really marry this woman or be a step father to her 7 yr old. One word.... AWKWARD. His former best buddy and he cheats with his wife, gets her knocked up, and then he's going to be a step "daddy" to the guy's own child alongside his own little bastard. Oh I think not! lol

Can you see that house at Christmas!!!

He's going to pull an Eddie Murphy Scary Spice deal and completely abandon the baby and send a fat check every month. The husband may wind up taking his wife back if for any reason but that guys are so jealous and competitive, he'd try to steal her back just to get back at Simon.
And since the wife and the husband have more history together he'll have that as an advantage and probably succeed. Simon's gone anyway. If he wanted to settle down and have a family, he'd have done it already. As old as he is and as many different women he's linked to, and he doesn't have children or has been married.....Please, it's clear he's never wanted children or a wife. He just knocked this woman up accidentally and she decided to keep the baby, and he's got nothing he can say about it. So he's putting on the biggest tap dancing act that's ever been performed by a fox caught in the hen house. He's pathetic, and there's no explaining his way out of it. Player got nailed. I hope she takes him for everything he's got in child support..

346 days ago


Class act! Banging his "friend's" wife. Piece of trash!!

346 days ago


I guess the "bros before hoes" saying doesn't go in the UK. Apparently, the "the grass is always greener on the other side", though. He could have a lot of other women but chose to destroy a friendship. The baby may want for nothing but I doubt the relationship will last.

346 days ago


Simon who doesn't like kids will be a father and a STEP FATHER to her son. How is Simon going to handle two kids at once.

346 days ago


"Never been happier?" . . . People just babble without listening to their words.

346 days ago

Keyser Söze    

So tired of this disgusting story...

Andrew - you poor sap. 'Should have married a woman who valued you for yourself and not for your bank account, right? Doesn't at all excuse her, but man, she's,. objectively speaking, 3 levels hotter than you... the hell did you expect to happen!?

Lauren... you slut. Certainly hope you becomes a pariah in the NYC upper-society scene - pretty much the only thing 'of worth' to mention about you (except maybe being an actual semen bucket.) Man, do I wish Andrew actually grew some balls and genuinely go for full custody of your son, just to take away one of your meal tickets... but he won't, which, ironically enough, is probably one of the reasons why you ended up cuckolding him, right? If you had any class, you would ask for the minimum in your settlement with your ex, giving that your new paramount is just as, if not more wealthy. But you won't... cause you're a gold-digging slut. Seriously hope your kid resent the hell outta you when he's a teen.

And, as for you, Cowell... it's one thing to have the persona of a jerk on television, but it most definitely another thing to be an actual one in real life.Breaking the Man Code will make you a hate-target for people who weren't complete indifferent about your existence just a week ago. The only thing people like myself can hope for is that this mess you willingly put yourself in end up somehow affecting your professional life. Don't know how Britain will react during the filming of UK X Factor", but, man oh man, will you be LEVELED during tapping of US X Factor" - people WILL call you out on your sh*t, BIG TIME. So get your ass ready, your pathetic excuse of a man - you bet your ass the rest of us will.

346 days ago


People always say "never been happier" during the first weeks, months or year of relationships.
Afterwards, they're trying to convince us how bad the person is while attempting to destroy their credibility.

346 days ago


Do you think Simon will breastfeed?

346 days ago


How can anyone be happy when they leave so much heartache and misery in their wake. That would be impossible for anyone with a conscience or a heart. The betrayed, humiliated husband. Then there's the seven year old son who I'm sure is suffering by having his home broken and his father taken away. And now he'll be subjected to Simon and his harem of "friends"
Let's see how long before the knocked up one gets fed up with being part of the harem and gives Simon an ultimatum. (Let's see how happy Simon will be then) Or maybe she'll put up with his crap just for the money like the Hussein woman. Either way, it will be interesting to watch.

346 days ago

I See Deaf People    

It must be nice to be rich. No matter how hideous you are, a supermodel will blow you

346 days ago


Wasn't he also involved with Carmen Electra over the past few months?

346 days ago
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