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'MasterChef' Finalist Josh Marks

I Suffer from Mental Illness

8/5/2013 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Before Josh Marks was arrested for allegedly attacking a campus police officer, the former "MasterChef" finalist revealed that he suffers from bipolar disorder ... TMZ has learned. 

Back in February, Josh recorded a video for the "Make a Sound Project" -- an organization dedicated to helping people struggling with suicidal thoughts -- in which he talks about his mental illness.

"Me personally, I have bipolar disorder," Marks said ... "I get a little anxious sometimes, and you know how I cool out is I listen to music ... and just listen to the words and just relax, you know, find my melody."

Sources connected to Marks tell TMZ ... the chef may have been in a manic state associated with bipolar disorder during his encounter with police last week.

One source tells us, "He may not have even understood that the group of people approaching him were in fact police."

Marks has been charged with aggravated battery on a peace officer and attempting to disarm a peace officer stemming from the incident. If convicted, he faces a max of 14 years in prison.

We're told ... Josh's Chicago lawyer, Bart Beals, is gunning to have the case thrown out for lack of probable cause.

As one source puts it -- "The Josh that you read about in reports last week is not the Gentle Giant that we know, and we now know for certain that bipolar disorder symptoms were involved."


No Avatar


"He may not understand - that the bars surrounding him - are those of a cell."

408 days ago


"I Suffer from Mental Illness."
No, Jeffrey Dahmer suffered from mental illness. He killed people and ate them. You, you have a problem with self-control. Try harder not to be an asshöle.

408 days ago

Jamey Hunter    

So because he claims to suffer from mental illness, he and his attorney think he should be released? What happens the next time he gets violent and possibly kills someone next time? I'm sick and tired of everything being blamed on mental illness.

408 days ago


Everyone has a mental illness these days. Must be something in the water.

408 days ago


New break-through four-step treatment for bipolar disorder: (1) listen to music; (2) listen to the words; (3) just relax; (4) find your "melody." Tom Cruise would approve...

408 days ago


Love when TMZ just hands us stories like these.

On a big silver platter ... all the fixin's/trimmins'?!

Saying, go ahead guys, have at it !!!

408 days ago


Next time Police approach Josh?

Maybe they can help him understand.

By playing some of Josh's favorite music.

Hand him like a lollipop.

408 days ago


To everyone who is saying "Who cares about a mental disorder, throw him in jail". YOU are what is wrong with society today.

408 days ago


Alcoholism is a disease, too, but you are still held responsible for your actions. Same applies to mental illness. If you are really insane, then they confine you to a psychiatric facility. Mental illness is a diagnosis not an excuse.

407 days ago


Roughly 2% of the population actually has bipolar disorder as defined by the DSM IV. Yet actors, politicians and celebrities use the illness as an excuse for when the are arrested or get caught exhibiting bad behaviors. Also, docs can't diagnose bipolar with one examination or evaluation.

This sounds like a cop out excuse for anger control issues or some other issue.

407 days ago


I loved him on the show, he could cook his butt off. I remember him saying he had been in the military, maybe that has contributed to it. Either way, I pray for his health, mind and body.

407 days ago


H eneeds help, not a stint in prison. Funny how a lot of you think Amanda Bynes should be put in a hospital, but you think this guy should be thrown in jail. Same sickness, but different people. He obviously has a talent for cooking and was not at all crazy on Master Chef. He just needs a good group of people behind him to make sure he is sticking to his treatment.

407 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I don't know about this. His symtoms seem more severe than something you see from bi-polar disorder unless he has the worst case known to man. Most bi-polar people I have met are still functional even without meds. Their feelings and reactions are off kilter, but they don't do things like this. I think it's something more serious.

407 days ago


umm ohkay this story is bull**** cuz i'm bi polar & i understand everything thats going on & i don't ever think im somewhere else or that other things aren't what they seem. i been off medication for about 2/3 years now & feel better then i did while i was on my zombie medication. when your bi polar what happens is when you get mad/sad you become a different person & act out in a way you normally wouldn't. so if he's trying to get away with **** & say he doesn't know what certains things are thats total bull****!

407 days ago


Wow, you don't say! We would have never guessed.

407 days ago
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