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Kim & Kanye

North West's Mug

NOT For Sale

8/11/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
and Kanye West are passing up several million smackeroos ... because they've decided not to attach a price to priceless baby pics of North West.

The pics could fetch a cool $3 mil ... but we're told K & K have already rejected such an offer. 

Our sources says Kim and Kanye toyed with the idea of selling the pics and donating the money to charity, but decided against it.

They've decided to go one of two routes:  Either release the pics to a fancy mag like Vanity Fair, or pull a Bey/Jay Z and release a crude snap on social media.

We're hoping they can still make ends meet.



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Don't forget that this is the same bimbo married 72 days refusing to return wedding gifts and "donating" the proceeds after selling them. No class, not a clue on etiquette. Which brings me to a pointless point. I just discovered why Disick calls himself Lord Disick, he purchased a title so that he isn't a peon anymore? UM, that title is worth just as much as the paper it was printed on, he is STILL a Kartrashian peon, he will ALWAYS be a kartrashian peon. Personally I have never had a desire to see that baby. I was more interested in seeing Prince George, simply because of the history of it. This baby? Just another baby. Big deal. I take exception to the BS "Royal Family Of America" crap. Got news, there is no royalty in the US., remember the American Revolution? This offensive family needs to just stop. I ONCE saw something the human urinal was on, Betty White's show, thank you for ruining THAT show for me. It was like watching a talentless little kid reciting lines in a school play. I truly resent those few minutes that I will never get back.

408 days ago

Kev the Realist    

News Flash.... It is only a metter of time. These 2 self absorbed, disgusting media whores will be anything and I am sure they are negotiating behind the scenes for the money shot. But I could care less as she is a disgutsing, fat, talentless tramp and he is an angry, self entitled, gay blackman who thinks he is better than everyone else on the planet. They both are disguting pigs.

408 days ago


is Kim still relevant? I saw the royal Baby and that is more important cause he's going to be the future king of England and when that time comes Kim Kardashian and her fame-whoring family will be wiped out from our memory.

408 days ago


again with this story? No ONE has offered this Vapid Sow and the Lunatic she had her baby with anyway near this amount of money... as for Vanity Fair? Seriously do you think you are Tom & Katie? Intouch, US or one of the other rags that publish your ever move will be "presenting' your airline baby... vapid woman.

408 days ago


Is there even a baby? I don't know of any mother who does not show their baby off every chance they get. Regardless of looks.

How come everyone else has their pohots on magazines taken within a few days maybe a week and this kid is 2 months old.

They have used fake babys before. Going to use a prop baby only in the background of that joke show. Seriously. Not one leaked photo of anykind whatsoever from anyone. Something is wrong.

408 days ago


No one wants to see the little Halfrocan

408 days ago


BTW, two sentences is considered going on and on about it? You are about as intelligent as the Kartrashians, bug off.

408 days ago


BS. Guaranteed these two fame addicted money grubbing losers are just trying to up the price...

408 days ago


Haha you know thats not a choice manager, Kris Jenner made. Donating baby shower gifts to a children's hospital, possibly donating millions to charity for photos...thats not a Kardashian thing, as crappy, egotistical and douchy Kanye is, he was the one pushing to donate. Goes against the Kardashian Creed, but fame hoe believes Kanye will make her as A list as Beyonce, sorry, Beyonce wasn't video taped being peed on.

408 days ago


Whatever happened to her going on the road with the baby and KW in Europe?

Willing to bet KW is nowhere around these klowns.

408 days ago


A bunch of dumb****s around here; even if they had taken the money and donated it to charity people would still find some reason to be angry. Just like a lot of you dumbasses were still pissed at the notion of them getting baby shower gifts, even though they said that instead of giving them baby shower gift, they should donate to an area children's hospital.

408 days ago


Wait till everyone finds out its not his kid. Going to rule!!!! I love this ****ty "family". Love laughing at their miserable lives. How they think the are stars and are famous. I wouldnt want to be them for one second. Kanye is such a d-bag. You cant even measure how much he is.

408 days ago


Does ANYONE care what their baby looks like? I don't. It probably looks like any other infant at that age, nothing special about theirs. I don't under peoples fascination with the Kardashian's! Name one positive thing this family has done for society!!

408 days ago


That must be the ugliest baby ever born for them to not plaster it's face on every TV show and magazine. I suspect it is black as Kanye and hairy as Kim. Maybe it looks like JoJo the Dog faced boy and they are trying to find a doctor willing to bleach his skin and electronically remove all the body hair.

Go ahead and google Jojo...

408 days ago



408 days ago
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