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Shaq & Lamar Odom

Power Balance Agrees

To Cough Up $287K

8/11/2013 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

and Lamar Odom have scored a huge victory over the snake oil salesmen at Power Balance -- the company that duped athletes into believing its hologram bracelets could provide super-strength -- because it just agreed to fork over $287,000 to get the NBA stars off its back.

TMZ broke the story ... Shaq and Odom filed legal docs in PB's bankruptcy case, claiming they were owed money for their involvement in the company. Lamar was an investor. Shaq was a paid spokesperson.

Shaq originally demanded $308,961 and Lamar $133,870 -- but according to new court docs, they both agreed to take a little less after settlement negotiations ... Shaq got $200,310 and Lamar $87,015.

But they could get even more -- under the deal, if PB's bankruptcy estate collects more money than they anticipate from ensuing litigation, Shaq and Lamar could get an additional payout.

FYI, PB has virtually gone belly up in the wake of the $57 million class action lawsuit filed against the company over its bogus scientific claims. The lawsuit forced PB into bankruptcy.

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No Avatar


can they make somthing that causes kardashians to flee?

415 days ago


The bracelets that claimed to give you super strength turned out to be fake? I bet their magic beans are fake too!

415 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Holograms DO provide super-strenghth. You losers don't have a PhD like I do so you don't understand the science. Ha ha, just kidding. These idiots got scammed because they're so dumb and gullible. It'll happen again to these flaming retards, just wait....

415 days ago


just what they need. more freakin money

415 days ago


Anyone stupid enough to have believed the claims behind these bracelets deserved to be parted with their money. That said, so too should the snake oil salesman be parted with their profits. It would be nice if the money won in these lawsuits, at least the ones lodged by rich athletes, be donated to appropriate scientific research and/or education of the public in critical thinking skills, to better navigate the world of health fraud.

415 days ago


so shaq was a paid spokesperson for a product that didn't work and he never tested and he wants money from them?????

415 days ago


I guess I'm suprised at how (I don't want to say stupid, but am struggling to find another word) simple these pro athletes are. To believe that a hologram (something printed) can have ANY affect on their performance amazes me. I think it is a shame the guy who sold these to them lost the lawsuit because if these people are so ignorant to believe it, they should lose their money. As the saying goes...."A fool and his money are soon parted".

415 days ago


Well that's nice for Lamar, but Khloe will probably spend the money faster than he gets it. It's costs money to go breaking down doors at the Roosevelt!
OR, if Kim makes her pretend she hasn't seen her nephew, which isn't the big deal. Kim is so nassacistic that she doesn't want her body seen until she is a perfectly slim goddess! She never was before, so why would we expect her to be now!
I know she must be bustin her ass to look "perfect" when she finally emerges. YOU JUST HAD A BABY!!!! It was obvious she hated every minute of pregnancy, but is she NOW going .....nevermind! Why doesn't she just do as Kourtney did. Go through the transition from pregnant to Mommy, and lose the weight slowly and naturally.
Look at Kourtney now! She's beautiful! I don't know if she's where she personally wants to be, but she's perfect at the stage she's at now! One hot mama!!

415 days ago


Maybe Odom will put that money into the charity he created in his mother's name, Cathy's Kids. Oh wait, he has yet to put any of the money he's fundraised into the actual charity? I guess that fake super power bracelet was a little more important.

415 days ago


Lamar invested in a company that sell hologram bracelets AND married a kardasian? He gets my vote for most ignorant human being alive.

415 days ago

Norma Desomd    

Now maybe Odom can understand how it feels to be duped....like he has done to all the people who put thousands, maybe millions in to his phony charity! How stupid can you be? Oh wait he married a Kardashian, never mind.

415 days ago


Lamar will invest any amount if theres a sliver of hope that he will be able to play well again as dislodge from the the Kardashian teat. He bought the beanstalk seeds, investors invest KNOWING the risks. Had they did research, got medical evidence this would never had happened, why they, as investors, were allowed repayment is beyond me. But famous rich people have their own set of laws...douches

415 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Wow. Now they are rich.
Phishie from Philly

415 days ago


Anybody stupid enough to believe the load of crap PB was shoveling does not deserve a dime back. The $$ should go to fitness scholarships to get physical power the smart and right way.

415 days ago


That was chump change to both parties- it was just paid so that these two guys could look like they weren't in on the BS, since they still have images to protect.

415 days ago
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