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Kim Kardashian

The Big Reveal

First Pics Since Birth

8/15/2013 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian
finally showed her face in public after birthing baby North West -- surfacing at an L.A. medical facility Wednesday -- and giving us a glimpse at her post pregnancy bod ... sorta.

These are the FIRST photos of Kim and Kanye West with their daughter since KK popped back in June, and everyone looks happy and healthy. Hell, even Yeezy was smiling as they walked into the doc's office ... with a nanny-assist, naturally.

No shot of North's face though ... she was fully covered in a car seat.

Mama K was all top secret too -- concealing her figure under a baggy button-down with another shirt tied around her waist and famous cheeks ... for extra coverage.

Hey, Kim knows her body is a cash cow -- and she ain't giving away the milk for free.


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Totally staged photos. There was no baby in that carrier. Neither Kim or Kanye's eyes ever looked towards the carrier. I mean if your precious baby was in there, you would be eyeing it. Kim's eyes were looking for the cameras (pic #16). Harvey must have sold out and got the exclusive on Kim's first shots. But I'm sure each pic had to be approved.

401 days ago


wonder if the doctor did a physical and measured weight, length and size of butt of nori with angry black man aremenian face who will speak so retarded in snetences or maybe just some adjectives with a bit of ghetto hood rap words mixed in there while she sipping out of diamond sippy cup and eating chocolate non stop and growing her butt on playstation so its becomes bigger than her mothers with a twist of that naturally large black persons butt or something..

401 days ago


Is that Kim carrying the baby?

401 days ago

Really? Nevermind,...    

KK couldn't carry the baby - she's still healing from surgery! Kanye could've / should've but when have we known him to be down to earth, let alone a gentleman *eye roll*

401 days ago


1. Are they both too good to carry their own kid? 2. she looks like crap with greasy lank hair. 3. Its been so good not to see their faces online every second of every day. Dont ruin it for us now!

401 days ago

Really? Nevermind,...    

I take it all back - sorry Kanye you weren't being a douche, you just needed your hands free to carry your handbag. SMH

401 days ago


My god she is a weeble. Weebles wobble and they do fall down. This has got to one ugly baby.

Kash 'kow' is right. When is Harvey going back on Jenners show. It's the only way TMZ got these.

401 days ago


Yawnnnnnnnnnnn!!!! Going back to sleep!

401 days ago


Could they be any more pretentious - carry your own baby for God's Sake - I guess all that bonding we've been hearing about between them and the baby is with the nanny and not Kim and Kanye. Go away!.

401 days ago


aaawww they are wearing the same boots. cute.

401 days ago


She looks awful! With the money they have, couldn't they have gotten the come to them?

401 days ago


A week after my c section I was carrying my own baby & leading his big brother around too! This bitch had no right having a baby, if u can't even carry it dont have it!!

401 days ago


OK so what bothers me about this is not how Kim K looks, honestly who the hell cares? But why is this nanny(I am assuming) carrying the baby carrier and then Kim and Kayne are off separated from the baby. Kanye is a man, he should be carrying that baby...what a jerk!

401 days ago


I have never known any mother who didn't show off their baby any chance they got regardless of looks.

How come everyone else shows their baby within a few days maybe a week. They don't show their whole body when holding their baby. This is been 2 months and nothing.

West and Kimmy face facts you're never going to get even close to the Joli-Pitt money they got. 5 million for Shiloh and 14 mil for the twins.

The only offer that's been reported was 3 mil from an Australian magazine. Now West is taken over from grannypimp trying to 'broker' a deal with Vogue.

C'mon, there is a bunch of US magazine espically the tabloid magazines and no takers. Nobody cares about you kimmy and the baby. Get over the fact that you are not gods gift to the world or anything else.

401 days ago


covered like a plate of food. "taadaa" style. but come on. stop making a big deal outta that freakin' baby face. even they taking that too serious. who we you think this is? yeezus?

it's a kimye. who cares.

401 days ago
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