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Thomas Gibson


Hey Stranger, Check Out My Sexy Hot Tub Video

8/18/2013 12:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brace yourselves, this might be the most hilariously embarrassing video we've ever seen -- sent by "Criminal Minds" star Thomas Gibson to a random stranger on the Internet ... after he got catfished hook, line, and sinker.

Here's the full story: a woman contacted Gibson on Twitter roughly two years ago, using a photo of a scantily clad woman, and told Gibson she was a huge fan. Gibson took the bait.

The woman -- who refused to tell us her age or name -- is from North Dakota. She says she carried on a 2-year relationship with Gibson (who's married) exchanging multiple explicit photos and video with him, using images she stole from various pornographic websites (including

The result ... Gibson was smitten. Seriously, you have to watch the video, which he shot around Christmas last year in Utah. It's like the hot tub scene from "Austin Powers."

The woman says she actually developed feelings for Gibson too, and everything was going well until a few months ago, when she got a letter from Gibson's lawyers demanding she cut off contact ... because Gibson had discovered her pics were fake.

Shocker ... she says she hasn't heard from Gibson since. Too bad because the hot tub looked fantastic.


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Kari Ana Smith    

This could not have happened to a more deserving man. He is a good actor. From all I have read he is
an egotist who thinks of nothing but himself. Now he has shows his true color.

430 days ago

Rusty Shackleford    

the "woman" is probably 5'2 300 lbs and has a penis.

430 days ago


TMZ gets a "story" based on false pretenses. So what else is new? Gibson should sue the crap out of that woman.

430 days ago


TMZ ~ It would be one thing to tell his wife what he did, but you really are the sleaze skum-of-the-world without a single drop of humanity among the entire lot of you to take advantage of an opportunity to hurt people. When TMZ gets b*omb*ed by some American who is stupider than you, I will not feel bad.

430 days ago


Wow, really incriminating and totally jaw dropping journalism there TMZ. Such basic journalistic rules as confirming sources etc not a big thing in your sleazy world?
I wonder if this woman who developed such 'deep feelings' for him lol, was the same vicious troll who bombarded his twitter with threats to have his children and wife raped because he would not respond to her? I'm not exagerating on the bombardment bit, it was nasty nasty stuff. A relationship - what candlelit dinners by skype? He was really entertaining on twitter before all that crap. Oh and on that, dates seem a bit off. He's been off twitter for almost a year. Really decent guy and yes I know this for a fact. The guy disengaged his brain and makes a really epic and silly mistake. He should have known better for sure, but hey, hands up all you totally perfect people with totally perfect lives and totally perfect relationships...yeah not so many. People just think cause someone got money, they have everything and should be happy?? or that because they are in the public eye, they cannot make mistakes. Doesn't work like that people. Tough on his family and him, but don't see why this woman should get away with things. She nasty piece of trash but its just his name pulled through the garbage. Hardly fair IMO

430 days ago

tmz addict    

Salad fingers is less creepy than this ****

430 days ago


I have to say, I am disappointed in his behavior. I am not a starry eyed young woman, but, a man by nature being a hunter, will fall for just about any woman who pretends to be interested in him for her own selfish reasons. It must be embarrassing for his wife if she found out so publicly as this. Sorry for both of them. Hopefully, they can work things out.

430 days ago


I can tell you for absolute certainty he's not the only well known married male actor striking up secret "friendships" with women via Twitter. Kind of why I had to shake my head when I saw this. Was only a matter of time until one got busted. There are more of these type of "relationships" out there on twitter between married middle aged actors and fan girls than you realize.

430 days ago


Sooooo cringe-worthy! Eeewww

430 days ago


Sooo cringeworthy! Eeewww

430 days ago


It's one thing to post an embarrassing moment that happens in public (peeing in an airport) but altogether another thing to post something that was obviously meant to be private. This is low, even for you TMZ.

430 days ago

oh holland    

TMZ's headline is more salacious than anything in the video.

This looks like a man who has personal unhappiness and was vulnerable to a good liar. Thomas Gibson's in a big club of people who give in to their weakness.

I have a ton of animosity for the woman who did this to him and then sold the evidence.

430 days ago


Seems to me she's only being referred to as a nasty piece of trash because she turned out not to be good looking. Apparently not fvck buddy material after all. Hope his wife takes his pervy, creepy, disloyal ass to the cleaners. This reminds me of the LT movie "Tall hot blonde"

430 days ago

Blim Jameson    

This is STILL the site's lead story??!! Really? Do you just have it in for this guy? It's a nothing story about an actor who, W/O a script, cannot think of a single thing to say. Let it go already.

430 days ago


He doesn't look attractive in real life. It's been awhile since Dharma and Greg hasn't it? Nice touch putting down your kids. I know their are plenty of hookers in LA, why bother talking to one online?

430 days ago
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