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LeBron James

Police Escort Now

'Under Investigation'

8/19/2013 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

081713_lebron_james_launchLeBron James has police departments all over South Florida throwing up their hands ... disavowing any involvement with the police escort LBJ got to a concert -- but TMZ has learned Miami-Dade PD is now officially investigating the matter.

TMZ spoke with four police agencies -- Miami City PD, Miami Gardens PD, Florida Highway Patrol, and Miami-Dade PD -- and all stated on the record that it was not one of their cruisers leading LBJ to the Jay Z/Justin Timberlake show on Friday night.

LeBron posted an Instagram video of himself riding behind the police car with its strobe lights flashing as they drove down the wrong side of the road.

However, several law enforcement sources kept pointing us back to Miami-Dade PD, claiming that would be the agency with jurisdiction at Sun Life Stadium, where the concert was held.

While Miami-Dade initially denied involvement ... an officer with the agency now tells us they are "investigating" because LBJ's escort would've been a break from protocol.

We're told dignitaries typically make a written request for a police escort before an event -- and that didn't happen with LBJ.

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en Todo Momento!!    

damn. this is straight up communism (socialist state). no one is entitled to any 'privilege' unless they are a member of 'the party'. let me guess, lebron james is NOT a member of the 'party', thus is not entitled to social (collective payment/taxes "police escort") privileges, regardless of his fortune? in other words? "you are NOT a king, sir. so don't expect to be treated like one. this is not a monarchy" ? i mean it's a fruckn lame asz police escort. not a plaque in the white house (yet) xD

408 days ago


Somebody's gonna lose their job.

408 days ago


Let's think about this...... Tax payers paying for a police escort - for an athlete who probably got VIP tickets. People who are coming home from work sitting in traffic and the people who PAID for the tickets who are sitting in the same traffic who probably don't have the next to the stage or behind the stage seat. Now, the tax payers will be paying man hours for the "investagation" ! the whole thing is WRONG... and someone should be writing a check!!

408 days ago


Let's think about this..... Tax payer monies paying for a celebrity escort - who makes millions - who probably was a guest and didn't pay for his ticket - who got VIP treatment - and this escort tied up traffic for the working people......What makes him so special? He's Jay - Z friend... ENTITLEMENT. Why not leave a little early and fight the traffice like the rest of us

408 days ago


If only someone can come forward from that area who can PROVE they were in distress and awaiting an officer to assist DURING THIS TIME, than they could potentially SUE THE F out of them and make them an example, but who am I kidding, look at our government, we have these boards to gripe and complain as a release and vent, nothing will happen, GOD DAMN I hate what the US has become, this was NOT the America I was promised as a child!

408 days ago


he had to brag about it. it's his own fault.

408 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

You know what the finding will be?... A large stack of cash to make this all go away.

408 days ago


The police involved should be disciplined and Lebron should be sent a bill for the entire cost, police salaries, gas, etc. If this pampered prince needs security, he can well afford it. And this guy HAD to BRAG about HIS special treatment and underpaid, over worked public servants could now lose their jobs because of their own stupidly yes, but it is on this spoiled brat.

408 days ago


Didn't JAYZ say he was boycotting Florida? Oh wait after he finishes making money off Florida, then he will boycott? What a hypocrite.

408 days ago


so tired of people wanting to be close to these low life thugs.... I do not want them anywhere near me

408 days ago


The shameful thing is that after this BS "investigation" nothing will happen. Just a slap on the wrist, at most. SMH!

408 days ago


"Jay Z was refusing to start the concert without LeBron present, so police determined it was in everyone's best interest to get LeBron there ASAP."

What a pathetic bullsh*t excuse.

408 days ago


of course the dumbass showoff has to post pics to rub it into normal people

408 days ago


The cops should be terminated and given jail time and Lebron should get some charges as well as a large fine. But my prediction will be that nothing will happen to Lebron of course and nothing will be found out in the police investigation or they'll throw a single patsy under the bus and simply suspend or fire the person to give a half assed appearance that they did something.

408 days ago


hahahha LBJ like he was a President he plays sports people he is nothing special certainly not a dignitary like Mandela...

408 days ago
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