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Khloe & Lamar


8/26/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian
and Lamar Odom are separated, but neither has taken any step toward divorce ... sources  tell TMZ.

Multiple sources familar with the situation tell us Khloe "effectively" declared separation when she threw Lamar out of the house Wednesday, after he refused her attempt at an intervention. TMZ broke the story ... Lamar has had a crack addiction problem for at least 2 years, and Khloe simply couldn't take it anymore.

We're told Khloe made it clear if Lamar did not get help -- the point of the intervention -- she wanted nothing to do with him anymore.

But we are also told neither Khloe nor Lamar has consulted a divorce lawyer ... at least not yet.

If and when they do file for divorce -- which we're told is likely -- there won't be much to fight over. Sources connected with the Kardashians tell us the couple signed a hard-fought prenup before they married.

We're told Kris Jenner was right in the middle of the prenup battle because she wanted to protect her daughter -- who tied the knot after a 4-week courtship.

Short story ... the fat lady hasn't sung yet, but she's warming up.


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OVERKILL.....OVERKILL.....OVERKILL......TMZ when will you learn there is a thing called over killing or overselling something and you kill what you are selling....Kris and Khloe have cried wolf to many times on this and NOBODY is believing it.......this is back lashing on them and It couldn't happen to a more deserving Klan......I hope it finishing them off.....Kardashion Klan bullshyt spin......trying to destroy what Kris can't control......stay hinkered down and lawyer up Lamar and Make them sweat !!!!

424 days ago


Why crack...... when the nose gets stuffy from powder preparation H helps temporarily the next step is the needle, the pipe or controlling yourself. The problem with control is you might convince yourself you have no problem and go for years as a closet addict.

424 days ago


The Kardashian's are the worst people on earth.

424 days ago


Stem fast diet.its that the best they have to smear this moron?

424 days ago


Life is not all about fame and money...

424 days ago


Please get this family off T.V.!!!!!!!! Marriage in 30 days, Divorce in 72 days, mom and dad live in separate houes, and bastard kids everywhere. This is not a judgement, this is the TRUTH! No more popularizing these people. It's one thing to have them, but to put them on magazines is down right degrading. Especially if Kourtney is on her third one! Come on people! Stop acting like this stuff is okay. They may have money, but look at what cost. Kardashian's, if your reading this, put your checkbook down and PICK UP A BIBLE!

424 days ago


Wow I wonder how much Ryan seacrest productions and the kardashian/Jenner empire paid to conjur up this story. I can imagine once Lamar refused to cooperate with their marriage or reveal more truth about the kardashian Klan with their final attempt to silence him on Wednesday instead all of a sudden he's a "serious" drug abuser yet he never failed any of the 6 minimum required drug tests in the NBA since 2001?? No one not his children's mother or even his recent mistresses ever mentioned one crack rock!! Its amazing that with absolutely no proof no pipe no failed drug tests no one other than the kardashians admitting this "deep dark secret" that now his portrayed as an uncontrollable drug abuser so he is deemed unreliable. Lamar I hope you get through this once it blows over and tell your story Dont let them intimidate you and simply ruin your name without a fight TMZ has lost credibility for not even researching this allegation just multiple sources who refused to be named because they do not exist...wake up people lol

424 days ago


lessoned learned i hope that you never know someone after just 4 weeks... be smarter

424 days ago


I don't believe this story for a minute

424 days ago


Chemical dependency is never easy. If this story is legitimate than he needs professional guidance. I always thought he looked a bit "crack headish" anyway, but you never know these days. If this is true, then expect to hear a statement from the Clippers any day now.

424 days ago


Lamar is shacked up with his skinny bitch, wake up girl if you haven't already.

424 days ago


Kris - I beg of you not to waste too much time on this story. I know you just want to avenge your daughter, Khloe but you still have two more to exploit and they're only young once.

People aren't believing this so stop throwing good money after bad and start making some off your teen daughters!

If you don't you'll have to turn to the toddlers and newborn and you know they just aren't as bankable until they're old enough to do porn.

424 days ago


Twitter is flooded this mornng with Miley comments...almost all mention Blo as the standard for loser, skA nky behavior.......QUUUAAACKKKK!!!

Footie ‏@footie355m
Lindsay Lohan is happy today for 2 reasons: she is no longer the sk*nk dejour, and pretty soon she'll have a new rehab partner #MileyCyrus

Ash Mae ‏@Smashley_Adams5m
Miley Cyrus is one Twerk away from sharing a room with Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes

Ian Robert Bunting ‏@Ian_Halifax45s
Looks like Miley Cyrus went to the Lindsay Lohan school of etiquette. Coke fueled cr* tch shot to follow soon.

424 days ago


This has Ray Donavan written all over it!

424 days ago


I HOPE Kanye get's the same treatment. No wait, his will be worse. He has a kid!

424 days ago
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