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Miley Cyrus


They're For Cuddling, NOT Twerking!

8/27/2013 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0827-miley-cyrus-bears-sex-gettyMiley Cyrus is CORRUPTING the cuddly, innocent reputation of teddy bears -- and she needs to be stopped ASAP ... so says a prominent teddy bear organization (yes, they actually exist). 

In case you've been living under a rock -- Miley's been under fire ever since she bumped, grinded and twerked her crotch through an army of seemingly drugged out teddy bears during her VMA performance.

Now, a rep for the Teddy Bear Fund -- an org. dedicated to giving out stuffed animals at abuse shelters -- tells TMZ, "Miley made a poor choice to use a universally loved children's teddy bear in an offensive way."

"There is always good art and bad art -- unfortunately ... this was bad art," the rep adds.

"Hopefully she might consider reversing this situation by giving lots of teddy bears to children in need of comfort."

We tried to find a rep for a foam finger organization -- but apparently, that's not really a thing ... yet.


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I have not seen any one reporting on this, but apparently teddy bears are one of the symbols of the pro-pedophile movement. Just google pedo bear.

422 days ago


She embarrassed herself big time anyone who.says that he show was anything but an embarrasment is exactly why this county is so messed up

422 days ago


She's grosa. ..

422 days ago

BB not bb    

It looked like Drake was too ashamed to look at her, Rihanna was thinking "and they call me sleazy?", and like a lot of people were just in shock and didn't get it. Yeah it is kind of offensive to take a toy that kids go to for comfort and make it into a nightmare of sexual abuse type fantasy.

It doesn't look like she is having any real fun or expressing herself. She seems like a robot like the bear in the beginning with the robot eyes. Did someone turn Miley Cyrus into a sex robot? I don't think all of that bad girl stuff is what is really in her soul.

422 days ago

Karvey Kardashian    

I'm so sick of tmz and their bs against the first amendment. It is funny that Slimey views this as sexy. @Monica, You obviously aren't old enough to watch Mtv, and have lousy taste in what is entertainment. The show Catfish is entertaining, Girl Code entertaining, Guy Code entertaining, Ridiculousness entertaining. Slimey leaving snail tracks everywhere is NOT entertaining!

422 days ago

Your mom    

She swears she has a body, she looks like a 14 year old boy lmao she needs to stop trying so hard

422 days ago


My favorite part about this story is they act like they made a statement when really tmz called them for a statement to create a story.....pathetic journalism

422 days ago


im sorry, but those look like pedobears. the bear is a common symbol for pedophilia. sick.

422 days ago


The average modern pop icon has as much talent as a porno star. But I respect smut sluts a lot more because they put out but are not just putting us on.

422 days ago


Sorry Mom, Molly's Hot. I would love to meet her. And I'm hot myself and 28. She may not Kim K. Body, but she's got body.

422 days ago


Whats up with Disney kids they just snap lol so sad tho :0(

422 days ago


Finally watched the performance. I was kinda grossed out when she kept sticking out her giant tongue. Too bad she didn't attempt to go the classy route after leaving Disney.

422 days ago


Some role model. She is better placed on the strip hooking in Vegas. Trailer trash!,!!!

422 days ago


she's turned into a NUT JOB

422 days ago


People are always telling me, your kids are so cute. U should try to get them into modeling or something! & I always look at them in horror & say no, I want my kids to have a chance of being normal!!!! A childhood is priceless!

422 days ago
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