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Sean Kingston

Sued For Alleged Gang Rape

8/30/2013 6:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Kingston
and his bodyguard gang raped a drunk teenager in the singer's hotel room back in 2010, according to a new lawsuit -- but Sean says it's B.S.

Carissa Capeloto -- now 22 -- claims she was forced to have sex with Sean, his bodyguard and a member of Sean's band at a Seattle hotel in July, 2010, after she had smoked pot and downed 7-10 shots of vodka.

Capeloto -- who has sued all 3 men -- alleges she'd been invited to Kingston's hotel room for a meet-and-greet following a Bieber concert -- where Kingston had also performed -- but when she showed up ... Kingston was waiting naked on his bed.

Capeloto claims the bodyguard picked her up and placed her on top of Kingston, and all three of the men proceeded to gang rape her while she was "obviously intoxicated, incapable of consent."

Capeloto says her friend later entered the room and rescued her. The police were called and Capeloto was taken to the hospital where she says she was treated for physical injuries consistent with rape.

She says her life has been ruined ... she can barely sleep, has mood swings and panic attacks.  Capeloto wants $5 mil minimum. 

BTW ... criminal charges against Kingston were dropped in 2010 after cops concluded Capeloto wasn't credible enough for a legit case.

Kingston has filed legal docs insisting the sex was 100% consensual.

Trial is set for November.



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So another case where years later she decides to make payday? You are invited to a meet and greet and when you arrive you find the guy naked? And his bodyguards just pick you up and put you on top of him? Why not just leave? Or right she was drunk and high, how did she get to the hotel?? Did she just show up drunk and high because she makes it sound that way.. but he knows she is going to be drunk and high and ready to be taken advantage of because he's already waiting naked in the bed right? If you had injuries consistent with rape why weren't charges filed? You went to the police and they found her not very creditable and charges were dropped, meaning the must have done some investigating. With hospital records and a witness seems odd that the case was dropped. But hey she said rape so you can't question it, that would be 'blaming the victim' and we all know once the girl says rape it was rape and the guy is instantly guilty.

417 days ago


Guy does look like a creeper. Drunk, texting, Lamborghini renting creeper.

417 days ago


He could be Obama's son.

417 days ago


Since when do "meet and greets" happen in a hotel room and involve downing Vodka and smoking pot?

417 days ago

common sense    

these girls throw themselves at these rich famous men no matter how ugly they are what 17 year old is dying for a meet and greet with sean kingston?

417 days ago


Kobe Bryant case all over again. Her story is the best case scenario. More likely she was trashed, saying anything she could to meet a celebrity, and then 3 YEARS later is trying to monetize it lol.

417 days ago


Sorry - but this story reeks. Sounds like young girl gets stoned and drunk and voluntarily has sex with these guys - then decides to cry rape later. Sean Kingston was just in the news recently after no one heard crap from him for years. The timing is too perfect. Sick, sad, and unfortunately "the American way"

417 days ago

Bossy Potato    


417 days ago


Dear Celebs, I've told you once, and I'll tell you again. STOP HAVING SEX WITH RANDOM BROADS. i get it, ya got needs and what not, but seriously, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS every.single.time. it seems. For real, if you have money, don't sleep around with groupies cause eventually, they'll scream rape and try to sue you. Sucks for those women out there who really do get raped.

417 days ago



417 days ago


Bag of weed and 10 shots? What rape?

417 days ago


The women's movement have effectively created a culture of victims---women can be bitches, disruptive in the workplace---drink AT LEAST 10 shots of vodka, and I'm assuming it wasn't on her dime, make out with a bunch of ugly guys--that leads to sex, then cry VICTIM--and the emasculated American courts will pat her poor little head and blame the men. I blame the guys too and HER. The guys should be forced to pay and she should be forced to give it back.

417 days ago


Maybe when he is in Jail the two can make a new video? "Celebrities Gone Wild in the Slammer."

417 days ago


Ain't no fun if the hommies can't have none!

417 days ago


How do you think people like Sean and Rick Ross get laid? It's not their looks...

417 days ago
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