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Justin Bieber's Pal

I'm No Coke Smuggler...

I'm Just a Mogul!

9/5/2013 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

090513_pooh_bear_launchJustin Bieber's pal --and prolific music producer --Jason "Pooh Bear" Boyd is blasting reports insinuating he's involved in international cocaine smuggling and corrupting the Biebs.

Boyd tells TMZ ... he's NEVER been a drug seller in any "way, shape, form or fashion."

As for what Boyd was holding in the Instagram pic Justin posted Tuesday ... he's scoffing at reports that it's white powder.  Boyd says it's actually a piece of FRUIT -- a slice of LIME.

And one more thing ... Photos surfaced this week showing Boyd with government officials in Suriname. One of the officials had a drug conviction.  Boyd says it was all just a photo op connected to a Rick Ross rap concert in the country ... a concert he produced.

Check out the video and judge for yourself.


No Avatar


Yeahhhhhh, rightttttttt!

383 days ago

All Heart    

Of course he's innocent of corrupting little Justine. She's been trouble long before hooking up with "pooh bear".

383 days ago


I bet he pimps the little gay Canadian freak out.

383 days ago



383 days ago


He looks like a big turd, and I'm sure he smells like what he looks like, but then again they all smell like that.

383 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

Yeah, Im sure he's a outstanding role model.. Look how well he's doing with Bieber.
Side not that made me laugh when looking at the picture. I bet he banged the bieber. Young hairless white boy looking so close to a little white girl. I bet he hit the bieber in the behind

383 days ago


Noooooo, of course Not, and you're not black, overweight or wearing glasses!!! Irregardless, you could be in Some major CACA after opening that gob!!! At least one of your "clientele" could be looking to SYTFU, before you blab for cash, about THEM. I'd be looking for a moustache to go with the rest of that "fashion" you are sporting and a bus ticket Out of town.

383 days ago


is TMZ the police now? stay out the mans business.

383 days ago


And I'm the Prince of Peace.

383 days ago


This ugly predator is a talentless liar. Keep talking fat boy.

383 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Probably has 1 kilo of coke tightly packed in his keister that's why his face looks constipated.

383 days ago


if justin wants to get corrupted surely he can do that on his own does not need po bears help. and one should not just accept that he is proably a drug dealer till he winds up reported here as arrested . though limes are not white.

383 days ago


Wow, what a bunch of racist low lives you commentators are!

383 days ago


Sewer rat hanger on.

383 days ago


Oh haters u all need to grow a pair instead of acting ignorant, and putting out hatred when u don't even know this guy or Justin. The whole gay and opposite gender jokes about Justin isn't funny it's disturbing, and strange. Justin is clearly neither one. If he was gay though why would u care? u are obsess over Justin being gay even though he isn't hmm. Honestly I wish people would raise their children better to have manners. It's sad how cruel people can be to others even if the person there picking on has done nothing to them! They'll still treat them like crap just to a few laughs or likes, but is it really worth it? No it's not. TMZ and the so called haters I feel bad for u guys honestly u have nothing better to do but bash a celeb u don't even know or have taken the time to get to know. Creating rumors...hating... convincing yourself Justin is a jerk just to fit the hate trend. Smh what happened to real men?

383 days ago
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