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Tommy Morrison

Death Certificate

No Mention Of AIDS

9/5/2013 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0905-tommy-morrison-certificate-doc-tmzBoxing champ Tommy Morrison -- who starred in "Rocky 5" -- died from a blood infection ... so says his death certificate which contains no mentions of either HIV or AIDS, TMZ has learned.

According to his death certificate, filed in Nebraska, the 44-year-old died from cardiac arrest ... stemming from a blood infection known as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Septicemia.

FYI -- back in 1996, Morrison announced he had contracted the HIV virus ... but later recanted and questioned if the disease even existed in the first place.

According to the death certificate, Morrison's body was cremated. An autopsy was not performed.

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412 days ago

michelle crockett    

What people don't know is that type of infection appears in 50 % of AIDS cases. So he probably was HIV positive.

412 days ago


Robot sheep brains will always believe whatever the media feeds them like monkeys and peanuts. Rest assured there is always an agenda and it is almost never honest. There's no money in telling the truth.

412 days ago


Derrrrrrrrrrr....his immune system was weakened therefore attacking his body in different ways it couldnt fight off infection & disease

412 days ago


Wasn't he also John "The Duke" Wayne's nephew???

412 days ago


Like a lot of people are saying, septicemia due to Pseudo infection is very common among AIDS/HIV patients. P. aeruginosa is a fairly common species that can survive in higher temperatures relative to other bacterial species. Ever get a UTI after going into a hot tub? You can thank Pseudo for that. Fortunately for most of us, our immune system can take care of it pretty easily, but when someone is immunocompromised, it's trouble. Pseudo can be extremely resistant to antibiotics, so if it's found in a blood culture, that person is pretty much done-zo.

Fun fact: in a culture, Pseudo smells like grapes! (and sometimes corn chips)

412 days ago


Tommy and others had a special test done and HIV was not found in anyone. You may be wondering,, how can that be? Quite simply, there isn't a standard test for the HIV virus, only "antibody" tests that come with disclaimers that these"antibody" tests are not to be used to diagnose HIV; doctors use them anyway and ruin peoples's lives just the same.

If you want to learn what the mainstream isn't telling you about this subject, go to rethinking AIDS websites and YouTube!

411 days ago


AIDS isn't what killed him, Pseudo did, which is why it appears on the death certificate...it doesntean he didn't have it, it means it wasnt the cause of death

411 days ago


Just so you know, this is not me who is posting on these boards. But someone who is cloning me (and others) and posting on all the boards.

411 days ago


According to that do***ent everything that led up to his death all happened with 24 hours. That can't be true. Tommy's mother gave an interview to ESPN in late August. She said he was in his final stages of "full blown aids". If anyone were to wish it wasn't so I would think it would be his own mother. I believe her and her statements more than that inaccurate do***ent.

411 days ago


Tommy and others had a special test done and HIV was not in anyone of the participants. In fact, HIV has never been found in anyone. There is no standard test for the virus, only antibody tests which all have disclaimers that they are not to be used to diagnose HIV but doctors use them anyway and ruin people's lives just the same.

To learn what the mainstream isn't telling you about tis subject, go to rethinking AIDS websites and YouTube!

411 days ago


Tommy's mother gave an lengthy interview to a reporter at ESPN in late August stating that he was dying from "Full Blow Aids" . As a mother I think she would know. If anyone wanted it not to be true I would think it would be his mother. MMADIRT ran an article about the same time saying that was not so. It shows a picture of an HIV Test result. It says it shows it as negative. If you look at the picture at the top it say HIV-2 is negative. If you look below at the left corner to me it says HIV-1 and after a bunch of numbers it says positive. I guess only the doctor could say for sure but that looks like a positive repot, not negative. HIV-2 traditionally is very rare in the US. HIV-1 positive to me is still HIV+.

410 days ago


His death certificates would read one of two things. It would have the illness he was being treated,example UTI, organ failure. The other would say the same and if the person who did autopsy if

407 days ago


Sorry presses wrong letter. Wanted his name in the paper he would include that what illness he was fighting at the time and in the end it was due to complications of HIV or AIDS ( if he did or didn't die of that. You don't die from AIDS OR HIV. You die from something like pneumonia, shingles or 100 other things. If you have no immune system the flu can kill you with out an immune.

407 days ago


hey geniuses, this is a bacterial infection that is prevalent in hospital patients and outside of the hospital in immo-compromised patients like you guessed it, people with AIDS. The report says no autopsy was done. Healthy 44 year olds don't just come down with Pseudomonas aeruginosa leading to septic shock and multiple organ failure.

384 days ago
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