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Allen Iverson

Sorry to Break It to You ...

I'm Not the Millionaire I Used to Be

9/14/2013 12:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former NBA star Allen Iverson -- who raked in more than $140 million during his career -- says he's a pathetic shadow of the man he once was ... at least financially ... and he wants his ex-wife to drop her child support demands.

TMZ broke the story -- Allen’s ex-wife Tawanna Iverson went to court last month, asking a judge to force Allen to pay $1,272,000 into a trust fund for child support.  She wanted the money in a lump sum because she was sick of chasing him every month.

Allen has now filed court docs scoffing at her demand, because he doesn't have the dough.

Allen says the only steady source of income he has is a Reebok deal.  We don't know exactly how much he pulls in, but he claims it's nowhere near enough to meet his ex-wife's demands.

Allen also says he resents his ex's claim that he's a deadbeat dad, boasting that he paid more than half-a-mil in support this year alone.

The judge has yet to rule.

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Pay up you deadbeat.

374 days ago


Allen’s ex-wife Tawanna Iverson went to court last month, asking a judge to force Allen to pay almost $1.3 MILLION into a trust fund for child support......................nail him hard!

374 days ago


You mean buying a new Bentley every month and brushing your teeth with Cristal was dumb? Shocker!

374 days ago


He must be hiding his money. He should sell his jewelry so he can support his children.

374 days ago


1.2 Million for what? How much is actually going to the kid? I'm guessing $20,000 while she keeps the rest of the millions. Get a job

374 days ago


What did he do with all that money, invest it in real estate?

374 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

You porked her, You baby for the baby. Be a damn father. Enough with the fatherless babies. Be a MAN for once in your life. Stop being a chump

374 days ago


Any moron who blows thru $140 million does not deserve any breaks. The kids did not ask to be born.

374 days ago


gents, child support is a racket. NEVER get a woman pregnant - it makes you her slave, and if you ever fall on bad times, you will be thrown in jail if you can't make the payments.

her body = your responsibility = BS.

NEVER trust a woman who says she's on the pill.

374 days ago


Another loser who used to have money who didn't prepare about tomorrow when the gravy train stopped whose baby mama is a golddigger. Wonder where all his loser friends are now.

Maybe TMZ should have a whole category of these people so the young people of today will learn a lesson about when the popularity stops or the talent goes away or when the user friends are really not friends.

374 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

black dudes pay more for hos and crystal and hennessy and bitches, for sizurp, weed and 'kicks' than they do for their own freakn children. i mean i'd really be curious what is going on in their minds, that they almost systematically refuse to pay for their kids, but have a brand new pair of jordans like every month. trippen. go buy some payless shoes. absolutely no sense of responsibility whatsoever. it's like they are bragging about destroying their own women with 'children/child rearing'. like they are freakin boasting about it, forcing her/them to fruckn beg them for some money. crazy. it's MONEY not helpless lives. must mean that much to them.

374 days ago


Yes he blew his money (dumb) but the guy has no job and the woman is asking for a million dollar trust fund to be created??? Why didn't they create that when they were happily married and he was still in the NBA. That's the first thing you do when you hit it big as a family. Now he loses his job, money and they are divorced, she decided this the best time to start a trust fund. Maybe it's time for his wife to face reality.

374 days ago


Much like "rappers."
The perception of having millions can't stand up to scrutiny.

374 days ago


Oh come on... You can't make it "RAIN" on your own kid?

374 days ago


He spent his fortune on his hangers on and booze. He also has millions in some sort of trust fund which he has no access to for many years. I'm surprised he is still alive considering he is such a raging alchoholic.

374 days ago
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