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Kanye West

Why He's Getting Prosecuted

And Lamar Isn't

9/17/2013 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West
is getting prosecuted for screwing with a photographer's equipment at LAX, but Lamar Odom basically did the same thing and he's not facing criminal charges ... and TMZ knows why.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... honchos in the L.A. City Attorney's Office cut Lamar a break because this is the first time he ever went on the attack against a paparazzo.  You'll recall Lamar went into a photog's car and chucked his camera equipment into the street, damaging it.  Lamar has been ordered to attend an informal hearing but will NOT face criminal charges.

Our sources say the reason they're going after Kanye is his history of attacking photographers.  Specifically, the City Attorney has zeroed in on another incident at LAX back in 2008, when he grabbed a photog's camera and threw it to the ground.  The case was filed, but later dismissed after Kanye paid for the repair.

We're told the City Attorney also factored in the various incidents where Kanye has lashed out at photogs ... incidents prosecutors have seen on TMZ.

It is unclear if the City Attorney will try to use prior incidents in Kanye's current criminal case to prove he has an M.O. -- i.e., ATTACK.

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No Avatar


Why is this under TMZ Sports?

Just because you put some green astroturf on the background doesn't make it a sports story.

It's more than a little pathetic.

368 days ago


I wonder what there dad would say

368 days ago


Those girls sure know how to pick them

368 days ago


Maybe because Kanye is an arrogant *******!

368 days ago


All Lamar done be on that pipe. Kanye, on the other hand, be a DOUCHE. Shirley that's against the law.

368 days ago


If you banned everything Kardashian for 2 weeks, this site would be a ghost town. And enjoyable.

368 days ago


Kanye West
Why He's Getting Prosecuted
And Lamar Isn't.....................Because You are an even Bigger AssHoIe than Lamar

368 days ago


Being Kanye or any other "celebrity", he/they have to live with the Photogs. It's all part of the business. Where do most of us hear about these celebrities.....from the media and many different outlets of media. For Kanye to act out against them demonstrates to me the type of individual he is. He marries Kim and what does he suspect? Peace and harmony???? Kim wants her body in as many pictures as possible all being distributed by the different media. Kanye clearly needs a "come to Jesus" moment that might help him understand that he is an individual who married into (something - not sure how to refer to the Kardashians) and is considered by many as a good/great entertainer. The PAPS come with the "job". He should be held accountable and include the past offenses to show his patterns.

368 days ago


Isn't it about time they started looking at the behavior of the paps as well? Too many incidents where celebs are corner and lash out. It can't just be 'because Kanye is crazy'

368 days ago


If this fkn idiot came near me while using a camera, he!d get a shot to the fkn face, stand up for your selves camera boys, when this idiot talentless ******* comes near you or threatens you..fk him up, grow some balls camera cupcakes!!

368 days ago



368 days ago


Such classy guys these Kardashian skanks chose but then again birds of a feather...
P.S. Advertising on some of these sites is so annoying - enough to make you quit coming back!

368 days ago


The City Attorney needs to get over to You Tube.

Watch some Pap-behavior at the height of Brit's despair.

- Right now he just doesn't understand.

Unless you're there -observe it personally?

... you just don't get it.

It's everyday, it's constant, and they're parked outside your damn home.

When you pull out of your driveway - the Paps start their cars - and the chase is on.

Why not at least study this - assign a group - consider re-writing the laws.

368 days ago


The laws as they're written protect the Paps.

However these laws were written at a time?

When there WEREN'T Paps.

At the present time - Paps hide behind an antiquated Law -

Thus the celeb gets stalked, insulted, arrested, pays up in court - all which encourages other Paps to do the very same thing.

Plus a lot of these Paps are repeat offenders.

It's worked for them time and again - why change.

368 days ago


Warner Bros. should front a study group that analyzes all of these incidents.

Make conclusions.

Implement regulations.

Where a celeb can drive down the 101 - even other freeways -

Without being legally chased.

368 days ago
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