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Lamar Odom to Dad

I'm Done Paying Your Rent!

9/29/2013 1:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hit the road Joe ... and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more -- cause your son just stopped paying the rent.

Lamar Odom has had it with his dad and will no longer pay his rent ... and the clock is ticking before Joe is thrown out on the street.

Joe Odom tells TMZ ... Lamar called him earlier this week and went BALLISTIC over the comments Joe made about him and the Kardashians.

Joe claims Lamar has been paying his rent for 4 years -- a hefty tag of $2,900 per month -- but Lamar made it clear to Joe ... he's on his own now.

Joe tells us he can't afford the rent ... so he'll be out at the end of next month -- barring a reconciliation.

Don't hold your breath.


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No Avatar


Joe wasn't around so Joe wouldn't know anything that was happening in Lamar's marriage. Joe sold a story for a check simple as that. Same thing he has his mother an 80 year old woman do a couple of years ago.

392 days ago

King of TMZ    

This guy is Kardashian-Possessed. Won't be surprised if Kris Jenner did some Voodoo **** on him! how can you drop your father just because he said bs to news maybe for money. Seriously.

In the same time any Kantyay updates? This is a question to ask that King of Mofos: Why do hate the paps so much? somebody should slap him when they ask them to shut up that they live in a free world and they have freedom of expression if anyone its you Kanye who should shut up if you choose to.

392 days ago


He's burning a lot of bridges.
He could find himself not only strung out but alone well.
Just like Lil Biebs, no one but hangers on for company.

392 days ago


Oh, I'm sure Kris threw a fit bc she's still trying to hold on to what little dignity (if any) her family has so she can continue to make a profit. She's probably still reeling from her show being canceled. Everyone knows the truth about her ways. It sucks bc I really thought she was cool, like 8 years ago.

392 days ago


Hit the road Joe ... and don't you come back no "more, no more, no more, no more -- cause your son just stopped paying the rent."

Sounds Like A Jackson Story.

392 days ago


I think Joe just got another check for a story because I don't believe this.

392 days ago


All celebrity drug parents end up getting some type of TV/Book/interview spinoff ANYWAY..so im sure he'll be fine..After this

392 days ago


Someday when you're old, Lamar...the same thing will probably happen to you. When you lose all of your money, you'll remember how frightening it is to have none. I hope Khloe has the decency to pay Joe's rent then. You will be very sorry you did this.

392 days ago


Wow...kicking your old man to the curb for a Kartrashian...I thought Lamar had a bit more class than that. Guess I gave him too much credit. The world is going to hell in a handbasket....

392 days ago


Lamar's own daughter called out the Grandfather and said he was a terrible person for saying what he said about her dad and Khloe and her family, even the kids know the truth, Joe should not have fallen into ROL trap, I hope they will set him up in an apartment and pay his rent, because they paid him for those lies, so they could continue their assault on the Kardashians and it backfired, now this man will be without a home and everyone knows that ROL is no better than the Enquirer anyway so it sure wasn't worth it.

392 days ago


Mo' money, Mo'crack!

392 days ago


When will this guy finally die of an overdose?

392 days ago


4 years Lamar's been paying his rent? Oh so from the time he married Khloe she made him pay his dad's rent!

392 days ago


won't or can't pay it....spent a lil too much on drugs ??

392 days ago


Sooooooooooo sick of all this skank Khloe trash and her husband. Move on TMZ.

392 days ago
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