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Emma Roberts & BF

Ice Cream Date Night

Months After Dom. Violence Arrest

9/30/2013 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Seems that alleged bloody fight between Emma Roberts and Evan Peters is just water under the bridge ... 'cause the two went out for ice cream last night ... and flaunted some serious PDA in the process.

TMZ broke the story ... Julia Roberts' 22-year-old niece was arrested for domestic violence in Canada back in July after someone called to report a fight in the couple's hotel room.

We're told ... when cops arrived to the scene, they observed Evan -- who stars in "American Horror Story" --  had a bloody nose. Days later, Emma was photographed with bruises on her arms and legs.

But last night, it was like nothing ever happened ... when Emma and Evan hit up Sprinkles Ice Cream in Beverly Hills for some late night ice cream and couldn't keep their hands off each other while waiting in line.

So, why is it cool for these two to reconcile ... but people STILL get pissed off when Rihanna hangs out with Chris Brown?


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What makes TMZ think that people think it's cool for these two to stay together? If TMZ had any class, it wouldn't portray them as a normal, affectionate young couple; they're not.

396 days ago


Guess the little tart likes the way he licks it.

396 days ago


Aw..... nothing like a little ice cream to mend an azz whipping. Next time, don't bother us with their crap. They deserve each other.

396 days ago

Dily Dee    

When did anyone say it was cool for this couple to be together? They are toxic to each other just like Rhianna and Chris Brown. Emma and Evan should not be together because domestic violence is not okay for any reason. For anyone to dismiss both of them having bruises is just wrong. They're also in some sort delusion about their relationship as they go out for ice cream as if nothing happened.

396 days ago

Ozzie X    

Women in a drunken rage is never good, keep her away from alcohol.

396 days ago


It's not cool. Not cool at all. Domestic violence is a horrible problem and part of the solution is for the fighting parties to part ways. This is no different than Rhianna and Chris Brown.

396 days ago


why? because they are insignificant nobodies who are irrelevant to everybody on planet Earth but TMZ.

396 days ago


Personally i don't care about any of the four mentioned in this article, but really you wanna compare the two situations... Rihanna is much more influential then mega-b!tch's niece is, and chris brown straight beat the breaks off that girl. the other situation seemed to be a mutual combative situation where mega-****s niece laid down a beating on that goof

396 days ago


Blonde dude in pic looks like my grandma, without boobs. BAD hair!

396 days ago


The press ran with the Rihanna beating. These things don't get out there unless the media puts it out there. So take a look at your own kind, not at us. NO one thinks domestic violence is acceptable unless they are disturbed. This isn't a race issue or a gender issue, this is a media bias issue. You know miedia bias TMZ, you use it all the time.

396 days ago


Because Chris Brown is black and most people on these boards lean towards racist double standard views!

396 days ago


Because by all indications she attacked him and he was holding her back from more damage. Plus she has Aunt Julia to run interference for her.

Not fair at all in my book.

396 days ago


If it happens once, it will happen again.

396 days ago


CB & Rihanna have reconciled numeroous times since their unfortunate incident.... "WHY", TMZ asks "why is it okay " for Emma & Evan to reconcile without the public butting in? Could it be, TMZ, that you made a media frenzy out of CB & R & kept them in the headlines daily for months on end giving them all the negative attention you could find?! Whereas these two haven't had to endure the public frenzy for the media lays off them due to who their related to & you def' don't want their wrath coming your way!!! Yep, we've got your number for you bed over for the 'K's' as well.... Further, this is an old story. Appears desperate times call for desperate measures, draging up old stories......

396 days ago

Jamie Press    

Er there's a huge difference. A) She attacked him and B) They weren't nearly half as badly beat as Rihanna was and C) Neither of them have been bad people in the past or present, they had one minor set back compared to Rihanna and C.Brown.

396 days ago
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